Chapter 552:After Those Years of Misery

Chapter 552:

It was Fang Shiqing, who was eavesdropping outside the door, and the corners of her lips curled up with a strange arc. Chun Yuchen actually wanted to do a paternity test. This is his style, but it was his aunt who had miscalculated him. Will do this, fortunately for the long time to provide Cha Yanxiu drunk Chun Yuchen sperm, so that she can be artificially conceived, this child is still Chun Yuchen in essence.

"It's really clever instead of being clever. I'm waiting to see Tong Wenya look in pain."

When the two people in the room were happy to have such a good solution, they didn't know that Fang Shiqing had already heard them.

When Che Yanxiu stayed in Chunyu's house and prepared a separate room for her and the child in her stomach, she involuntarily tutted twice.

"It’s still good for these upper-class people to survive. They really know how to enjoy. It’s not like we used to live in such a good room, eat such good meals, and even small things that don’t look very good. Such exquisiteness."

Cha Yanxiu stroked her already bulging belly. It seemed that this child was really a blessing to her. Otherwise, if she didn't have this child, where could she find her current rich and beautiful clothes.

Fang Shiqing had just walked in from the outside, and when she was sure that there was no one outside, she closed the door like this and looked at Che Yanxiu with her back to her, which was endless mockery.

"Come on, you, stop dreaming, this child will have nothing to do with you in the future. I will be the mother of this child in the future. At that time, you can walk as far as you take the money. , Never come back, or I won't let you go."

Cha Yanxiu naturally understands what Fang Shiqing meant. This woman has always been cruel and can do everything to achieve her own goals. Fortunately, although Chun Yuchen is handsome and has a good family background, she does not want to follow him. Fang Shiqing is an enemy, not to mention just relying on someone with no family background and no background to fight against Fang's eldest lady, that is a big joke, plus it's overwhelming.

"Okay, I know. My Miss Fang, I have a few catties and a few taels, can I still not know? When this child is born, you only need to give me a generous sum of money, and I will disappear immediately In front of you, I promise you will never come back again."

Fang Shiqing let go of what Che Yanxiu said. After all, Che Yanxiu is nothing more than asking for money, and Fang Shiqing is still willing to spend some money on her.

"Chen just said that after a few days, I will take you for a paternity test, and you have to prepare yourself."

Of course, Cha Yanxiu doesn’t matter. After all, the child in this belly is actually Chun Yuchen’s species. Even if it’s a paternity test, the result won’t change. When I think about it, there is nothing to worry about. .

What makes Che Yanxiu envy is that Chun Yuchen is really an idiot. In order to get Tong Wenya's understanding, he can actually do this step.

"The man you love is really extraordinary. It's just that the one he loves in his heart is called Tong Wenya. You just managed to grab it, and he still doesn't love you, why bother?"

Fang Shiqing was still smiling at the corners of her mouth. Now looking at Che Yanxiu in front of her, she feels unreasonably irritable. She also knows that Chun Yuchen is not in love with herself, but she is not reconciled. Since she is not reconciled, she must go. Grab and fight.

"Take care of you. You don't need to worry about the rest. You just have to think about how to stimulate Tong Wenya when you do a paternity test. I believe that that day will be extraordinarily beautiful. . I can’t even wait."

Cha Yanxiu curled her lips noncommittal. She had already said something. Since Fang Shiqing refused to listen to her own words, it would be fine to cooperate if she didn't care. Anyway, whoever the man loves has nothing to do with her, Cha Yan Only money is enough for the show.

"I won’t persuade you anymore. I’ll just wait for your man to take me to do a paternity test. Before that, I want the best of all kinds of delicious food, otherwise I There is no such thing as a gatekeeper, and it will be bad for you if you say something you shouldn’t say.”

Both of them knew each other well, but they were all using each other. Fang Shiqing deliberately pointed out a few words about Che Yanxiu, to ensure that during Che Yanxiu's pregnancy, everything is the best and give her priority.

"Little Corgi, do you think Barbie really betrayed our love and betrayed Mommy."

After patiently coaxing Xiao Keji to sleep, Tong Wenya stood alone in front of the French windows and started to daze. She didn't know how true or false what she heard this afternoon. On the one hand, she refused to believe that Chunyuchen would Women other than herself were moved and moved, and on the other hand, looking at Cha Yanxiu's straightened belly, Tong Wenya still felt dazzling.

Which woman would risk damaging her reputation to slander other people, not to mention the fact that her belly is lingering in front of her all day long.

"Chun Yuchen, you really don't betray me, otherwise I don't know how to continue to survive here."

Little Corgi didn't actually fall asleep. He just opened her eyes slightly when she watched her lonely mom, and looked sad when she saw her mommy.

It turned out that it was the woman named Cha Yanxiu that made Mommy feel sad. Now it was to let Corgi know it all, just to prevent Mommy from being sad, he decided to pretend to sleep.

In the early morning of the next morning, Tong Wenya brought her newly dressed Corgi downstairs. Fang Shiqing was just extra diligent, and only let Rong’s mother prepare the table and chopsticks again. It seemed extra enthusiasm, like alive and well. The mistress of Chunyu's house.

"You are down, eat quickly."

Tong Wenya glanced at Fang Shiqing faintly, put Corgi’s small schoolbag to one side, took Corgi and sat down, took a peeled egg and put it in Corgi’s bowl, looking at Corgi. Ji's food was incredibly sweet, which completely let go of his heart.

"Mommy, you eat too. Don't just watch Corgi eat by yourself, Mommy will be hungry too, right?"

Chun Yuchen looked at Tong Wenya, who was already getting thinner. Since Tong Wenya entered Chunyu's house, she has been particularly thinner. He eats very little every meal. It makes Chunyuchen feel distressed when he sees it, and now he is caught. The steak is over.

"Wenya, you have lost weight recently. Eat more so that I can rest assured."

Cha Yanxiu didn't know if the time was calculated correctly or what. It happened to be downstairs and leaning on the stairs to step down the steps carefully, but in fact, she did it for Tong Wenya.

"Chen, I want to eat steak too, can you give me a piece too?"

Chun Yuchen's complexion became extraordinarily stiff, and a little anger was mixed in vaguely. This woman must have come to disrupt the situation.

"If you want to eat it by yourself, you have hands, not disabled."

Cha Yanxiu immediately seemed to be aggrieved. When he put the chopsticks away, he looked a little bit eager to cry. Naturally, Chun Yulie felt sorry for Cha Yanxiu's grandson. Even if Cha Yanxiu is not good, she is now Is pregnant.

"If she wants to eat, you can just pinch it for her! If adults don't eat, the children in the belly have to eat."

Fang Shiqing was just sitting opposite Tong Wenya. It seemed that her aunt really gave her a good idea. It's just that being a car Yanxiu made Tong Wenya feel unacceptable. Now there is another child, even more so. A thorn in Tong Wenya's heart was deeply folded. But she still had to make a future gentle and well-behaved daughter-in-law state in front of Chun Yulie.

"Don't be angry. It looks like I didn't sleep well last night. I'll just pick this steak for Yanxiu. Here, don't eat it soon."

Fang Shiqing just got up, and used chopsticks to clamp the plump-looking steak into Cha Yanxiu's plate. The smile was just not enough.

Fang Shiqing and Cha Yanxiu would know the smile in this, but seeing Tong Wenya's sad expression, Fang Shiqing just felt extremely happy.

Tong Wenya stared at the steak in front of her blankly, only to feel that the slightest touch that had just soured in her heart disappeared again, and she still barely raised her smile.

"I'm not hungry, you can feed Cha Yanxiu, little Keji, we should go to school, or we will be late, the teacher will not like you."

Tong Wenya abruptly took the little Corgi's schoolbag from her calm mother's hand, and personally put it on her back, but Rong's mother chased him up from behind.

"Miss Tong, I think you didn’t eat anything in the morning. You were hungry, but it’s not good. You can take these things with you on the road. I can see that Master Chen doesn’t even have the Che Yanxiu in his heart. Don't figure it out for yourself."

Ma Rong was kind. In Ma Rong’s eyes, Tong Wenya had a good heart. If he had a good family background, I’m afraid the father would have agreed, but there was Fang Shiqing before, and then there was another Cha Yanxiu. The young man's world is so wonderful, the people who made her half of her body almost fall into the ground are a little unclear.

But what can she, a servant of Chunyu's family, say about matters between their young people, Zuo just feels sorry for Master Chen and Miss Tong.

"Thank you, it's windy outside, don't catch a cold, you go back quickly, I will also hurry up to send Little Corgi to the school, so as not to be late the first day and have a bad impression."

Mother Rong carefully pondered the same reason. After all, the child's school is more important, and the car soon drove to the door of Corgi's school.

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