Chapter 553:After Those Years of Misery

Chapter 553:

Tong Wenya still held up a smile and sent Xiao Keji to the school. During the whole day of work, Tong Wenya just kept rubbing his forehead, and the colleague next to him looked at Tong Wenya's appearance, and he couldn't help but ask for warmth. I am afraid that Tong Wenya will hold on because of her discomfort.

"Wenya, if you are not very comfortable, you might as well go back first. There are not many things in the company today, and all of us are fine."

When Tong Wenya looked at several colleagues, she cared about herself sincerely, that is, after packing her things, she drove to the hospital closest to her and got a bottle.

"Nurse, please give me a bottle, is there still room?"

The nurse was busy working on her handwork, but she didn't even lift her head, and pointed to the empty seat next to her with a hint of impatience.

"There is it, you sit there first, and when we finish our work with the patient, we will go and get you a bottle."

Tong Wenya still sat there. There seems to be an exceptionally large number of patients today, perhaps because of the weather, or perhaps because some people feel that the bones of the human body are surprisingly weak now, so more people are sick than before.

Chunyulang has some disagreements with Chunyuchen recently because of the company's affairs, but it is no wonder that they are originally competitors. If they want to obtain Chunyu's company and property, they will inevitably carry out a series of things like they are now. Fight openly and secretly.

"Next person."

The nurse is calling for the next patient. It happens that Chun Yulang is also a little uncomfortable today. He has always been a workaholic. It can be said that treating work is more important than treating oneself. Chun Yulang always thinks that his body is strong and he is still young, so he always works hard until late at night before going to rest. After a long time, his body will naturally be unable to bear it.

Because of what happened just now, Tong Wenya, who sat on the seat, just felt a little sleepy in his mind. No, it was just that he was freed from sleepiness, and he heard the nurse on the other side. The next one screamed, and just about to stand up, the contents of the bag were scattered all over the place. Tong Wenya just felt that she must have not looked at the almanac when she went out today.

"The next one is me, Miss Nurse, why did you let him go in."

The talented nurse girl looked at Tong Wenya in front of her, and she didn't intend to make herself look like she was at a loss. She said everything was for Tong Wenya to wait in line.

"I just called the next one, but you didn't even come over. The gentleman just now has entered, so you are here. Go back and wait in line."

Originally, this matter had been turned into a small matter, but it was a pity that Tong Wenya couldn't help but catch a fire looking at the long line of people behind.

"When did the hospital's attitude become like this? The things in my bag were scattered on the floor just now. I was busy picking up things. I didn't mean to be late. I obviously asked you to wait for me, but now you let him. It’s fine if I go in first, and let me continue to line up. There are so many people in the long line behind this, you let me wait for an afternoon?"

Tong Wenya is a little anxious, after all, things are going to be the same at some times, she can't stay here all afternoon, and delays picking up Corgi later.

The head nurse looked at the situation here, worried that things would be a little bit turbulent, so she hurriedly came over to make amends with Tong Wenya, and said that the young nurse is new and does not understand the rules, but it is actually because she is afraid that Tong Wenya will go Complain to them. After all, if this thing is really complained, it will be criticized from top to bottom, and wages will be deducted together.

Tong Wenya didn't intend to continue to spend time in this hospital, and it would be better to go to another hospital with this time.

Chun Yulang just sat inside, listening to the movement outside, the movement became more and more noisy, just let the assistant beside him go out to see what happened. The assistant naturally obeyed Chun Yulang's instructions. When he came out, it turned out that Tong Wenya was stunned with the little nurse, but the scene now is really funny.

The head nurse said that she would not let Tong Wenya go, but Tong Wenya didn't intend to stay here anymore. The assistant beside him informed Chun Yulang one by one of what happened outside.

Originally, Chun Yulang didn’t intend to say anything. Later, he realized that the person outside turned out to be Tong Wenya. Tong Wenya had a relationship with him on several fronts, but Chunyulang still felt that this woman would rarely reveal her talents. That look, I think it is related to the woman next to Chun Yuchen.

"John, let her in."

When John heard what Chun Yulang meant, he was still at a loss, but everything is like this. The rest of the people have no right to say no to what Chun Yulang decides. The only thing to do is to execute it, even at the fastest speed. To execute, in Chun Yulang's consciousness, if the people around him don't have this ability to execute, there is no value in staying with him.

"Is the ears bad this time, or do you want me to let her in by myself?"

Chun Yulang didn't even move, even his eyes still fell on the scroll in his hand, but his cold voice made John, who was stunned, come back to his senses, and he walked out anxiously, looking at it. Tong Wenya, who was pulling with the head nurse, only took a step forward, showing a respectful attitude.

"Miss Tong, please go in and get a bottle."

Both Tong Wenya and the head nurse were stunned. After all, the head nurse knew people around Chun Yulang. Chun Yulang was very different from the others, but when Chun Yulang was there, no strangers were allowed to be there. This shows that the relationship between the two of them may be extraordinary.

Thinking about this, the head nurse glared at the new young nurse again. When the young nurse was idiotic about Chun Yulang’s appearance, she, the head nurse, looked in her eyes, and immediately She watched Tong Wenya walk in with a smile, and found a place where no one was there to reprimand her. Because of her status as the head nurse, the little nurse had to hang her head quietly. Listen, she has nothing to do with the rest.

"It's fine for you to be a nymphomaniac in ordinary times. You dare to commit a ** in the Chunyu family. Can someone in the Chunyu family be a nymphomaniac who is like you? It's simply irresponsible! You don’t look at yourself either. People are from the upper class, so how can you be considered a little nurse?"

The little nurse Xu also dared to say a few words, which is rare today. What about the little nurse, the little nurse can't like to look more.

"I quit this job, aren't you afraid that you will be implicated because of me? The big deal is that I quit doing it, head nurse, you can stay here slowly, I will settle the salary and leave!"

Tong Wenya walked in slowly and looked at Chun Yulang. Chun Yulang just used his right finger to sit on the opposite seat for Tong Wenya. After all, his left hand is now undergoing an infusion, and he can't move while holding a bottle.

"You are also sick? It's strange, don't you claim to be an iron man at work?"

Chun Yulang felt a little funny about Tong Wenya's words, but he picked up Assistant John by his side and took a sip of the orange juice that John handed over.

"Who told you that iron men at work can't get sick. After all, I am a person and not a ** in your sense."

Tong Wenya was right to think so. The head nurse just now even came to give Tong Wenya a bottle in person, making Tong Wenya feel that the head nurse even changed too much from the talented person.

Chun Yulang has gradually developed a slight affection for Tong Wenya. In the past, Chun Yulang only thought that he loved Fang Shiqing, but now it seems that Fang Shiqing is the dune, and Tong Wenya is worthy of everyone's liking.

Seeing that Tong Wenya finished the bottle and rested here for another half an hour before he was ready to drive to pick up Corgi, Chun Yulang and Tong Wenya parted ways. Little Corgi looked at Tong Wenya, who was a little pale, and felt a little distressed.

"Mummy, are you uncomfortable? Otherwise, let's take a taxi and go back."

But Tong Wenya was not prepared to do this. The Chunyu's house in Tong Wenya didn't seem to be the home of the two of them at all. There were people and things that Tong Wenya didn't want to see.

"You are back, come in, Rong Ma, come and prepare orange juice for Corgi."

Fang Shiqing looked at Tong Wenya and Xiao Keji who came in, and she felt very happy, but she was still a good person. Since Chun Yulie wanted to see Fang Shiqing who was gentle and graceful, Fang Shiqing didn't mind that. For Chun Yulie, anyway, only Tong Wenya feels the most uncomfortable now. As long as she sees Tong Wenya uncomfortable, Fang Shiqing feels very happy in her heart.

"Wenya, what's wrong with you? Are you okay?"

Chun Yuchen looked at Tong Wenya, who was gradually declining. It turned out that Tong Wenya had suffered from the cold, so that she had some fever. He also saw Che Yanxiu, who had just stood up, and his depression was even more so.

"Look, I said that your Chen Xin still cares about Tong Wenya, you see, how nervous he is."

Tong Wenya was hugged upstairs by Chun Yuchen in the pose of a princess, and she asked Rong's mother to come over with water and medicine. She also covered her with a quilt and stayed by her side all night. Haven't left for half a step.

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