Chapter 554:After Those Years of Misery

Chapter 554:

Chun Yuchen's movements are very gentle, and he can see that he is caring for a treasure that seems extremely important to him. No one knows that since Tong Wenya left her world, Chun Yuchen spent every day and night. What kind of suffering day is so good now, Chun Yuchen can see Tong Wenya and their son every day, this is the happiest thing in the world, the rest is really not important at all.

The happiness in his eyes cannot be faked.

But this scene was seen in the eyes of Fang Shiqing standing beside the door. It was particularly dazzling. Tong Wenya, a bitch, would pretend to be weak in front of Chun Yuchen, but it is a pity that Chun Yuchen is not only exposed to Tong Wenya’s surface. Confused, but still full of hearts and eyes are Tong Wenya, Fang Shiqing's eyebrows are a little bit resentful, which makes Che Yanxiu, who is standing on one side watching the good show, involuntarily look at them one by one. In fact, why bother? .

To be honest, Fang Shiqing's conditions are good, she has a good growth and a good family background, but she just likes a man who doesn't like her. She always wonders, is this the so-called magic of love?

She had never had such an experience, and she didn't understand Fang Shiqing's thoughts, but as a bystander, she felt that all this was a little unclear.

She still remembers when she used to read in the book that she liked someone, no matter what that person did, it was understandable, but when she hated someone, everything was just the opposite.

She did not expect that to this day, she would have witnessed something she had never figured out.

But the truth is so cruel. Whether you believe it or not, whether you want it or not, this is the fact before you. Unfortunately, Fang Shiqing still doesn't want to let it go. She loves this man, she can't live without this man.

"It's Qingqing, I, and I. What are you doing here, it's better to go back and rest."

When Cha Yanxiu looked at Fang Shiqing with such a painful expression in front of him, she undoubtedly felt quite relieved. This matter was not her business at all, but Fang Shiqing had always regarded herself very high, and she did not secretly give Cha Yan. Xiuqi received, now it is completely relieved.

So Cha Yanxiu's tone is still a little gloating.

"Don't worry about it, you just need to know, make good use of the child in your stomach, I will see Tong Wenya's heartbroken and miserable appearance tomorrow."

Fang Shiqing is not a fool. She can guess one or two things about Che Yanxiu's thoughts without even looking at it. If Che Yanxiu was not useful to her, Fang Shiqing would not let her ridicule herself.

Cha Yanxiu looked at Fang Shiqing with a jealous and resentful feeling, and did not intend to waste his tongue to comfort him anymore. Fang Shiqing didn't appreciate it anyway, so why bother to add more words, but it is annoying, just subconsciously. Spreading his hands, said that just let her go.

"I don't care. I'm going back to make up for sleep. If you like, you can watch the scene of love in it slowly by yourself."

After listening to Cha Yanxiu's words, Fang Shiqing just felt that her lungs were about to be blown up, but she kept reminding herself that she had to be patient, after all, this was Chunyu's family, not their Fang family.

"Chen, I don't want to let me take care of Wenya, you should be tired after a day of work."

Fang Shiqing tried her best to make her smile look more sincere. She also understood that if she were to be true to Tong Wenya now, it would be her who was not seen by Chun Yuchen, not to mention that it was Chun Yuchen who wanted to bring it. It's time for Cha Yanxiu to do a paternity test, and there must be no unnecessary incidents at this juncture.

But Chun Yuchen didn't even glance at Fang Shiqing behind him. His eyes followed Tong Wenya's body closely. In Chun Yuchen's heart and eyes, the woman in front of him was the only one in his eyes.

"No, you go to rest first, Wenya is enough to have me here, besides, I believe that Wenya wants to see me."

A few simple words put Tong Wenya's position different from Fang Shiqing's position. This made Fang Shiqing who was standing behind Chun Yuchen feel embarrassed and humiliated. Tong Wenya, this bitch, why did she To come back, if Tong Wenya does not come back, now is the happiest time for him.

It's just that Fang Shiqing still chose to forbearance, and she didn't show her unhappiness in front of Chun Yuchen, but when the door was closed, her face was slightly sordid under the light of the evening light.

Fang Shiqing quickly returned to her room and locked the door firmly behind her door, for fear that others might discover that she was abnormal at this moment. She hated the ** Tong Wenya very much, but Chen's heart had nothing but Tong Wenya doesn't have the status of other people. Why doesn't Tong Wenya die? If she dies, it will be the best result.

All night, Fang Shiqing's eyes did not close, but she kept pouring red wine into her mouth, hoping to make herself feel tired by the narcotic effect of alcohol, but the more he poured wine into her mouth, the more Fang Shiqing became Feel very sober.

The chaotic night passed, Fang Shiqing's eyes fell inadvertently on the clock hanging on the wall not far away, and the hour hand of the clock was clearly placed at seven o'clock.

Even Fang Shiqing couldn't help but feel surprised, and shook his head lightly, muttering incomprehensibly in his mouth.

"Eh, why did today's time pass so fast?"

Fang Shiqing felt that it was too early, and her body was already a little unbearable. She fell softly on the Simmons bed, fell asleep faintly, and the window was wide open before she could close it. When she woke up again , I feel a little uncomfortable.

Ha, Tong Wenya still has Chun Yuchen by her side when she is uncomfortable, but when Fang Shiqing is uncomfortable, she doesn't even have a trustworthy person on her side. It still makes Fang Shiqing feel extremely uncomfortable and melancholy. .

When Tong Wenya fell into a deep sleep, Chun Yuchen stayed quietly beside and guarded the woman in front of him, because he loved the woman in front of him deeply.

When Fang Shiqing proposed to guard Tong Wenya, Chun Yuchen also subconsciously rejected it. There is no other reason. Although Shiqing now seems to be very friendly, but after all, it has a harmful record. Chun Yuchen still does not Dare to be negligent.

"Water, I want to drink water."

Tong Wenya felt that she was a bit thirsty and unbearable. After all, she slept all night without dripping water, and her body would feel unbearable. Therefore, Ertong Wenya's voice was particularly soft and weak, but it was in Chun Yuchen’s ears. But it is still very pleasant.

"Come, Wenya, let's drink water and open our mouths."

The weak Tong Wenya was gently supported by Chun Yuchen. In order to make Tong Wenya more comfortable, he even put a thick soft cushion behind Tong Wenya, so that Tong Wenya's waist could be better. For compliance.

Tong Wenya raised her hand and rubbed her slightly heavy head. These days, her body is always uncomfortable. She thought it was just a minor illness, but she couldn't support it when she came back. Up.

"What are you doing here? You are not welcome here."

Looking at the man beside him, Tong Wenya stretched out her hand and pushed him.

In her heart, she still feels particularly sad about Cha Yanxiu's belly.

When he heard that Che Yanxiu came to her to show off some bragging rights, Tong Wenya felt that her emotions were about to collapse.

"Wenya, even if you are going to sentence me to death, you still have to give me a chance to explain, don't you? Even if you let me die, you have to let me understand."

Chun Yuchen knows Tong Wenya's temperament, the cold war these days, all the things these days, not only tortured Tong Wenya, but also deeply tortured Chun Yuchen in front of him, but Chun Yuchen was watching Tong Wenya fall on him When watching Tong Wenya's illness, Chunyuchen hated not being able to replace Tong Wenya.

Seeing Chun Yuchen's haggard look in front of him, as if he hadn't slept all night, Tong Wenya's heart was still somewhat soft.

Holding a bowl of egg noodles in her hand, Ma Rong said a lot of Chunyuchen's kind words to Tong Wenya in front of her.

"Miss Tong, Master Chen's thoughts, those of us who are servants are all seen in their eyes, even if the young master really did something wrong, you still have to give Master Chen a chance. Third, let’s say it again, if a person is not a sage, who can do nothing?"

After listening to Rong Ma's words, Tong Wenya's expression was faint, and she didn't say a word for a while. In fact, it was not so much Tong Wenya who didn't speak, it was better to say that Tong Wenya didn't know what else to say in a moment.

"Mother Rong, thank you. Go and work on your work too. Put the noodles here first and I will eat them."

Tong Wenya knows that although the people in Chunyu's family treat Rong's mother well, Rong's mother is still just a servant after all. The delay here will make other people unsatisfied.

Ma Rong looked at Tong Wenya's facial expression, which seemed to be a little looser than when she just came in, and she also let go of her heart. No matter what, as long as Miss Tong is willing to listen to the young master's explanation, then it will be the best result.

"Well, you guys talk first, I'll go to the kitchen to talk about other things."

Ma Rong's words have already been said for this purpose, and the only thing left is to look at Young Master Chen herself. After all, Ma Rong can't speak for Young Master Chen in his heart.

Seeing Ma Rong left, Chun Yuchen continued to speak. Why didn't he understand Madam Rong's mind?

"Wenya, no matter what, you must believe me. I am the only one in my heart from beginning to end. I'm sure I haven't touched her for that Cha Yanxiu. I will take her to do it today. No matter what the paternity test, I will give you an explanation."

Chunyuchen knows what Tong Wenya cares about, and naturally also made a guarantee to Tong Wenya, in order to let Tong Wenya let go of his mind, and stop being ignored by himself, so ignore it, Chunyuchen does it. I felt that I was going crazy.

Tong Wenya looked at Chun Yuchen in front of him like this, and said in his heart that it was false if he was not moved, but he still hesitated, but when he saw Chun Yuchen in front of him, he decided to give him a chance.

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