Chapter 555:After Those Years of Misery

Chapter 555:

After all, the relationship between the two people is still very deep. Tong Wenya also cherishes the hard-won relationship between the two people. As the saying goes, it is said that ten years of cultivation can get on the same boat and a hundred years of cultivation can sleep together. This relationship, two people No one can let go.

"Well, I am willing to give you a chance, just hope you don't let me down."

After listening to Tong Wenya's words, Chun Yuchen's heart that had been hanging in the air then let it go, and asked Tong Wenya to take a good rest, and then dropped a heavy kiss on Tong Wenya's forehead, and then he strode to the Che Yanxiu's In the room.

At this moment, Cha Yanxiu is watching TV in the house, eating grapes, looking very leisurely.

Many times Cha Yanxiu thought, if there is no such a good family background as Fang Shiqing, or there is no so-called true love like Tong Wenya, based on Chun Yuchen’s wealth, then she really thinks that such a man would be good to marry. At least he has no worries about eating and drinking for a lifetime, and he does not need to make money by himself. He is both rich and handsome, but also dedicated. Such a good man is really one of the few now.

Chun Yuchen opened the door of Che Yanxiu's room with one hand, and looked at Che Yanxiu's current style, with disdain from the bottom of his heart. In Chun Yuchen's eyes, as long as he did a paternity test, the woman would never have anything. You can rely on the capital of Chunyu's home.

"Clean up, follow me to the hospital, we will leave now."

Che Yanxiu didn't expect that Chun Yuchen would be so impatient, and he wanted to. In front of the woman she loves, she must do her best to prove her innocence, but it's a pity that Chun Yuchen's wishful thinking might be lost.

"So anxious? The child in my stomach is really yours, otherwise I don’t care. Anyway, like you so-called successful people, there are a few beautiful young women beside you. In fact, look at me, I am long It's not ugly, is it? It's no worse than Tong Wenya."

As Che Yanxiu was talking, she sat up from the bed and rubbed her body against Chun Yuchen's chest very provocatively, hoping to make Chun Yuchen look at herself more, but in Chun Yuchen's heart there was only Tong Wenya One person, no matter how beautiful other women are, no matter how beautiful they are, they cannot enter Chun Yuchen's eyes.

"Self-respect! In my eyes, you can't compare with Wenya at all. You still have time to regret it. I know you are just for money. As long as you are willing to leave Chunyu's house now, I can give you a sum of money."

Listening to Chun Yuchen’s temptation, Che Yanxiu is indeed a little shaken. Chun Yuchen has already said that. Moreover, she is indeed here for money. As long as there is money to make, it’s fine. As for who gave the money, then It doesn't matter at all.

However, Cha Yanxiu thought of Fang Shiqing's methods again, and still retreated a bit, shook his head, rejected Chun Yuchen's suggestion, turned around and went to the dressing room to change clothes and stepped out with high heels.

"Let's go, lest you wait in a hurry, I know, you want to see the result crazy."

In fact, Che Yanxiu couldn't wait to see the test results in her heart. She wanted to see with her own eyes the scene where Chun Yuchen and Tong Wenya lost control.

Chun Yuchen lowered his head, looking at the stiletto heels on Che Yanxiu's feet, he felt some eyebrows jumped.

After waiting for a few days, when Chun Yuchen saw the result of the paternity test, he subconsciously thought that he had got the wrong result, and kept asking the doctor, but he didn't expect to get a negative answer from the doctor, which made Chun Yuchen It felt like five thunders.

"Look, I said this child belongs to you, but you still don't believe it. I have to go back to have a baby."

After that, Cha Yanxiu did not pay attention to Chun Yuchen's reaction anymore, stepped on high heels and turned back to Chun Yu's house.

When he saw Tong Wenya, Cha Yanxiu smoothly stuffed the report sheet in Tong Wenya's palm, and walked upstairs a little pretentiously.

Looking at the so-called result, Tong Wenya only felt that her head was a little confused. It turned out that the child really belonged to Chun Yuchen, but the ridiculous thing was that she still wanted to give him a chance.

"Wenya, listen to me, things are not what you think, listen to me to explain."

Chun Yuchen knocked ** Tong Wenya's door, but Tong Wenya's door was always closed.

Finally, Tong Wenya's door was opened from the inside, and without waiting for Chun Yuchen to explain, a slap was slapped on his face.

"Chun Yuchen, we are over."

After the calm-looking Tong Wenya dropped such a sentence, she closed the door firmly again with a touch. Fang Shiqing, who was not far away, saw everything in her eyes, only feeling extremely happy.

"You did this very well."

The relationship between Tong Wenya and Chun Yuchen has just improved, but now it has become irreconcilable again because of this incident. I have to say that it is really good fortune.

Chunyu Xianfeng told Chun Yulie that they were doing this, and made an idea for Chunyulie to recruit Song Chengsi into Chunyu's house as a bodyguard.

Chunyu's family is a well-known family, and naturally the special bodyguards of Chunyu's family are also strict. Song Chengsi was originally unwilling to mix in the muddy water, but after all, it is short and soft. Some things are originally such.

"Miss Tong, hello, my name is Song Chengsi, I am glad to meet you."

Song Seung-si feels extraordinarily good and treats other people with extra politeness. Over time, whenever Tong Wenya feels unhappy, Song Seung-si will always change some new tricks to make Tong Wenya happy. , And the interaction between them is so close, Chun Yuchen's heart is not happy.

"I warn you, stay away from Wenya. I don't care what you think in your heart. Those who are acquainted will leave Chunyu's house and leave Wenya's side now."

Taking advantage of Tong Wenya's carelessness, Chun Yuchen finally couldn't help telling all the truest thoughts in his heart. He couldn't bear the close relationship between his beloved woman and other men, let alone Song Cheng Si is never as simple as it seems.

"Master Chen, you're too wide to avoid it. Wenya hasn't married yet, so why do you restrict her freedom?"

Chun Yuchen originally wanted to negotiate with Song Chengsi about the conditions, but now seeing Song Chengsi in front of him look like a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water, the fire in his heart also jumped up.

"Just because I am her man."

After Song Chengsi listened, he just chuckled, his expression was very contemptuous, which just irritated Chun Yuchen. Some could not restrain his impulse and fought with Song Chengsi. Fortunately, Tong Wenya arrived in time. Stopped this farce.

"Enough of you! Chun Yuchen, I just love Song Chengsi, I just like him better, what can you do?"

Tong Wenya looked at Chun Yuchen like this, and also kissed Song Chengsi's cheek enthusiastically in front of Chun Yuchen's face. He did not evade the slightest. In this way, Chun Yuchen was even more angry, and Tong Wenya was on the spot. Pulling it back into his arms, no matter how hard Tong Wenya struggles, she just refuses to let go.

One night later, Tong Wenya fiercely slapped Chun Yuchen from left to right, and Chun Yuchen was beaten.

Some were desperate to leave Chunyu's house, Fang Shiqing had always been afraid that Chunyuchen would not think about it, and quietly followed Chunyuchen all the way.

When she saw a few sturdy men rushing towards Chun Yuchen, the whole person's brain was empty, and she blocked it for Chun Yuchen without even thinking about it. Fortunately, she only scratched the back of her hand and there were no other scars. of.

"Shi Qing?" Chun Yuchen looked in Fang Shiqing's direction with some surprise.

Fang Shiqing raised her head and looked at Chun Yuchen in front of her. Now she was still panicking, and she was just an instinctive reaction. But then, after Chun Yuchen's words completely moved Fang Shiqing, she almost cried.

"Shi Qing, let's get married."

Fang Shiqing has naturally wanted to hear these words for a long time, and now finally has this opportunity, naturally there is no reason not to agree, and nodded busy.

The wedding of Chun Yuchen and Fang Shiqing is scheduled for the fifth day of this month. It is said to be a good day, and it also makes Fang Shiqing feel that this is the most important and happiest thing in her life.

When she was putting on makeup in the bride's dressing room, Chun Yulang appeared in front of Fang Shiqing, and smiled deeply when she looked at Fang Shiqing in front of her.

"What are you doing? No matter what your intentions and intentions, only Chen is in love."

Fang Shiqing still thought he was here to show his love to herself, but Chun Yulang just thought she was naive and ridiculous, and just threw a word away.

"I liked you in the past, it looks like I was blind and stole the happiness of others, Fang Shiqing, you are nothing but that."

Fang Shiqing looked at E Chun Yu Lang, who was going away, only to think that he was here today to add to herself, but she didn't care too much. As long as today, she would be Chun Yuchen's righteous wife.

Seeing Tong Wenya's depressed appearance, Nangong Zhe sighed slightly, but was still unwilling to go against her own heart and told all the truth about Tong Wenya's affairs. Tong Wenya hurriedly stopped the taxi and went straight to their wedding scene.

"You can't marry her, Chen, I just want to ask you, do you love me or her?"

In an instant, the wedding scene was a little messy. At this time, He Wenbo also sent Chun Yuchen a document. Chun Yuchen scribbled through the documents in his hand, his face became very stiff, and he looked at him with disbelief. Fang Shiqing's direction.

He never thought that Fang Shiqing had done so many things that he couldn't understand in a corner he didn't know.

Seeing Chun Yuchen's face turned very ugly, Fang Shiqing panicked for the first time, and quickly grabbed Chun Yuchen's arm, "Chen, don't be fooled by them, they just don't want you to marry me. That's why so many moths were created."

Seeing that Fang Shiqing's death was approaching, he was still arguing here. Chun Yuchen was so angry that he turned away from Fang Shiqing, his face was very gloomy, "Fang Shiqing, you don't even know what is written in it, how can you know? Are others slandering you? Isn't it that you have done too many things against your will?"

After hearing Chun Yuchen's words, Fang Shiqing's lips trembled, tears gathered at the corners of her eyes, and her mouth opened, as if she was still thinking about quibbling.

But this time Chun Yuchen didn't give her a chance to quibble, so he threw the file in his hand in front of Fang Shiqing.

Until this time, Fang Shiqing was still holding a trace of fluke in her heart. She trembled and opened the document. When she saw what was written on it, her face became pale and she closed her eyes in despair.

In fact, as early as when she was preparing for these things, she was already prepared for the psychological preparation of being discovered, but she did not expect that the wedding would be ruthlessly exposed before even halfway through.

Anyway, there is no possibility of marrying Chun Yuchen, and after seeing Tong Wenya and Chun Yuchen close together, Fang Shiqing finally collapsed a bit, and he didn't care about the image.

"Yes, I did it all, but Chun Yuchen, feel your conscience for a while, aren't I doing all this for you? How can you do this?"

Now Chun Yuchen was full of eyes with the little woman in front of him, where there was still the mind to manage Fang Shiqing who was out of control, no matter how Fang Shiqing roared in front of him, he did not respond.

As soon as Mrs. Fang saw that her baby girl was so out of control, she hurried forward and Fang Kexin pulled Fang Shiqing down, but even if they were far away, Fang Shiqing’s out-of-control cries echoed. Everyone’s ears.

Chun Yuchen stretched out his hand lovingly and wiped Tong Wenya's cheek, his tone was full of guilt, "Sorry, sorry, sorry ······"

As if losing its language function, Chun Yuchen could only say these three words over and over again.

Chun Yulie watched the two of them hug each other as no one was there, and his complexion became even more sullen, but due to the crowds of high-ranking officials, they adjusted their expressions and walked to the high stage.

Just as he was about to speak, he saw his most proud grandson walking outside with Tong Wenya's woman. Chun Yulie was also embarrassed at the moment, and slammed the stick in his hand to the ground, "Chun Yu Chen, your unfilial grandson, stop me."

After all, that was his grandfather. Even though he was dissatisfied in his heart, Chun Yuchen stopped. Just about to turn around, he heard his grandfather's yelling from behind him.

"Chun Yuchen, as long as you step out of here today and don't marry someone from the Fang family, you will no longer have the qualifications to inherit the Chunyu family, or even the qualifications to live."

Listening to Grandpa’s words, Chun Yuchen laughed a little self-deprecatingly, touched the top of Fang Shiqing’s hair comfortingly, and then turned around, “Grandpa, I have been living according to your ideas for 30 years. , I’m tired too. If you like it, you can take my life, but if you want me to separate from Wenya, I won’t agree to you even if I die."

After speaking, Chun Yuchen lowered his head to look at Tong Wenya in his arms, and saw that she also smiled at him, and the thoughts in her heart became firmer.

The two looked at each other, and then they said firmly in Chun Yulie's direction, "Even if we die, we must be together forever."

After speaking, the two of them didn’t wait for Chun Yulie to react. They walked outside holding hands. The closer they reached the door, the lighter their footsteps became, leaving only the happiness of the two. Laughter.

Since leaving the wedding, the two of them have lived a life of drifting and drifting. Chun Yulie also seemed to be cruel, chasing and killing two people everywhere, but it was as if they were teasing them. Whenever in a critical moment, they will close their hands.

After a long time, the two people will know. In fact, Chun Yulie is playing psychological tactics. If the two people are really separated strongly, they will definitely have thoughts in his heart, but this kind of high tension life is two It won’t take long for an individual to have a psychological breakdown, and he will naturally surrender at that time.

Tong Wenya was a little helpless nestled in Chun Yuchen's arms. She didn't know when this day would come to an end. Just as she was about to breathe a sigh of relief, the sound of the car's engine came from outside the house where they temporarily lived.

Tong Wenya looked in the direction of Chun Yuchen desperately, her lips were pale, Chun Yuchen held Tong Wenya in her arms with some distress, and looked towards Chunyulie and Chunyu Xianfeng who were walking into the house.

The two of them had enough of their escape, and Chun Yuchen determined that even if he was arrested and returned, he would never compromise, and would never let Tong Wenya go.

After listening to Chunyu Xianfeng's words, both of them were stunned, looking at each other a little stupidly, their eyes full of unbelievable.

Tong Wenya turned out to be Fang's daughter?

Chun Yulie saw that Chun Yuchen was protecting Tong Wenya tightly, with vigilance in his eyes, Chun Yulie shook his head helplessly.

"Grandpa, I love Wenya. What is wrong with two people who love each other. Since Wenya is also from the Fang family, I hope you can fulfill our relationship."

Chun Yulie finally sighed heavily. He had always wanted to marry Fang Shiqing into their Chunyu family. He didn't expect to go round and round, but now he got the news that Tong Wenya was Fang's family. He just looked at Chunyulie's back. After passing the body, it seems to be extremely tired.

"Grandpa is getting old, grandpa doesn't care about your young people's affairs, choose a date to get married."

The wedding date is set on the fifth day of this month, a good day in the Chinese calendar.

Tong Wenya finally recognized her ancestor and returned to her ancestry, and restored her identity as Fang's family. On the day of the wedding, the sun was exceptionally bright. Tong Wenya in a white wedding dress and Chun Yuchen in a tuxedo stepped in. In the church.

When the priest asked them about their willingness to form a formal and legal husband and wife, happy smiles hung on their faces, and the little Corgi behind him threw rose petals into the air very appropriately. The wedding entered the high nest with the bell of the church.

Chunyulie and Chunyu Xianfeng sat down and looked at the young couple who were full of happy smiles. They also smiled at each other. The previous things should end, and the future will be a new beginning!

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