AuthorDa Hai Hao Duo Shui
Num. of chapters2904 chapters
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[Female strong, 1v1, sweet text, male protagonist paid for the phone bill]

She was the big villain who made the raiders of all planes feel the fear, tearing up all the systems in a fit of rage.

Because it was too boring to be trapped in a small world, Qianyan grabbed a system and started a new mission.

The first plane: The queen worked hard to help the emperor to conquer the country, but was framed and sent to the cold palace and died of illness.

The original owner’s wish is that the children will live in peace, and Qianyan will directly abuse the scum and become the empress!

The second plane: The original owner’s wish is to protect the elder brother and prevent him from being disabled.

Qianyan: Is he not healthy? The original owner, are you satisfied?

The original owner: Satisfied… (really not forced at all)

The third plane…

Qianyan found that there was an acquaintance following her in almost every plane, and she wanted to be with her at every turn.

But she just wants to do tasks and careers, and doesn’t want to fall in love!

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