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Chao Su accidentally opened the diary that his grandfather left to him, and learned that three days later, the world had changed, and the spiritual energy had recovered, entering the beginning of the so-called “Infinite Flow” article.
In the book, Chaosu is a pitiful white lotus.
And the real Chaosu…
Awakened the succubus talent, charming and charming.
The male protagonist in Infinite Liu Wen is a cold male god.
There are delicate flowers around him, but he does not touch his body with a single leaf.
Until he saw Chao Su.
This woman is weak but not squeamish, beautiful but not flamboyant, like a white lotus flower that emerges from the mud and is not stained~
The whole body is grown on his aesthetic point.

However, one day, he saw Jiaohua, who he wanted to take care of, lighting a cigarette with one hand, looking at him arrogantly through a thin layer of smoke ring.
There is no worship and admiration of the past.
After the aura recovered, the spirit awakened.
Don’t look back, don’t answer, don’t die.
And the succubus talent awakened by Chao Su is doomed that her mouth is a ghost who deceives men~

Tips: 1. Unlimited flow of text, the main plot is slightly scary, just watch it as a illogical horror movie~ Follow the author’s logic, and you will feel that the author is right.
2.1v1, Wen Huang produces food, a long article, the male protagonist appears in the second world.
3. The first sentences of the talent type are all adapted, not created by themselves.
4. I really rely on my blood to support myself on the sixth day, and the three-dimensional element is busy. If you have any suggestions, please express it mildly, thank you very much.
5. The male protagonist is the original male protagonist, and the pseudo harem refers to the fact that there are multiple outstanding female characters who secretly love the male protagonist, but there is no emotional entanglement. In the original text, the male protagonist is a person from beginning to end.

Content tags: strong, supernatural, monsters, infinite flow, through books

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One-sentence introduction: The infinite white lotus female partner has a succubus physique

Concept: everyone is the sun~

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