Chapter 1018:Back To Eighty

new year

Everyone in the audience looked good, and the leaders were also happy.

Lu Huai'an was indifferent. For him, this match was just an advertisement.

But the scene is still pretty good.

The game was very intense and people were excited to watch.

With the change of the front and rear positions of the dragon boat, a burst of enthusiastic cheers erupted from time to time.

Lu Huai'an had achieved the result he wanted, but he didn't feel much about the game itself.

After the award ceremony was over, the leaders had to set off for the Xin'an Hotel.

Lu Huaian and Yao Jianye looked at each other and followed each other.

In addition to dragon boats, some small boats are also prepared on the site, which can be rowed by yourself. After the playground opens, this project will also be available.

The roadside is full of food stalls, and some sell toys. The scene is very lively, and the children are overjoyed.

I have to say that this dragon boat race was very successful.

Not only did it perfectly meet the requirements of the leaders, but the audience who came to the scene were very happy.

The lively situation of the scene was also broadcast on the TV station, and the reporter used a large amount of space to carry out positive publicity for Xin'an Amusement Park.

Several newspapers have full-page photos, but for a while, Xin'an Amusement Park is well-known.

At the same time, Xin'an Refrigerator also left an indelible impression on the public as Lu Huai'an wished.

With this wave of publicity, the follow-up sales went very smoothly.

Lu Huaian re-enabled the original reward system. Every time the salesman gets a new customer, he will be rewarded.

Products are put in large quantities, and after they are sold, an extra commission is given to each salesperson.

In just half a month, the goods were fully distributed.

In the county seat, supply and marketing cooperatives, as long as refrigerators are needed, they are all Xin'an refrigerators.

The salespeople also get a commission, and even those in the city subconsciously push Xin'an refrigerators to customers.

After all, Xin'an refrigerators are famous now, and everyone is willing to buy them.

And they don't know much about foreign goods themselves, and they can't introduce flowers to others, but Xin'an refrigerators have something to say.

"Just last time, that one held a dragon boat race."

"Hey, that's right, that's the quality first."

When talking about this, the customer quickly said: "Oh, I was there too! Ouch, there were really many people that day."

With a common topic, chatting soon began.

Chatting and chatting, don't you just buy the refrigerator by the way?

With the popularity of the dragon boat race, the promotion of Xin'an refrigerators has been very smooth.

Not only Shanghenanping, but also neighboring cities were gradually conquered.

Chen Yizhi accelerated the production schedule. Seeing that the output might not be enough, he responded quickly and added two production lines, which perfectly filled the possible vacancies.

However, the number of customers here is increasing rapidly, and Lu Huaian's original plan to go to North Africa had to be postponed.

He basically signs contracts and signs every day, and has to visit the scene from time to time, and sometimes go to dinner.

It's been a busy month.

Yao Jianye didn't believe that he could be so busy at first, and wanted to find some bad luck for him, but no one saw him.

Nanping has also held several competitions one after another. Without Lu Huai'an's participation, Yao Jianye was able to stand out a few times.

But the effect is still not as good as the original dragon boat race.

"After all, it's still a public organization, that momentum!"

"I think it's Director Lu who is very good. I heard that he followed the whole process. There is no mistake at all."

Every time he hears this kind of words, Yao Jianye gets angry.

He still wanted to compete with Lu Huai'an, but unfortunately Lu Huai'an didn't have time to take care of him.

With the hot sale of Xin'an refrigerators, other factories in Xin'an have gradually entered everyone's field of vision.

There are already several very powerful factories and companies under the name of Xin'an Group.

After Xin'an Express was taken over by Cui Er, many changes were also made.

Compared with Shen Maoshi's stability, Cui Er acted more radically.

When he sees the opportunity, he will do it, no matter what, he will take it first and then talk about it.

Therefore, when the Xin'an Refrigerator Factory increased orders, Cui Er went to Lu Huai'an: "Brother Lu, our side is a bit unable to arrange the manpower."

The plate is a bit big.

Lu Huai'an really hadn't been to Xin'an Express for a while. After all, nothing happened, and Cui Er could handle the trivial matters.

"What's wrong?" Lu Huai'an looked at the report, and it was always profitable, no problem.

"No." Cui Er shook his head and smiled: "I mean, it's better to separate the business."

The people in the province and those outside the province are all together now, and they can manage it, but it is a little troublesome to do the accounts.

"As it is now, there are advantages, that is, there are some savings, and there are fewer things. Follow the way and bring it there to save some costs."

However, such cases are rare after all.

"In most cases, it needs to be arranged separately, and sometimes even if it is taken along the way, but the last part of the road, the truck runs, and sometimes the gas money can't be earned back and forth."

In order to solve this situation, Cui Er felt that it was best to separate and divide into two project teams: "It's also saving that they don't dare to accept orders from outside the province."

Lu Huai'an pondered for a moment, then frowned: "Is there a lot of express delivery here in Nanping?"

"Not much." Cui Er has done a lot of homework to his competitors: "There were a few a few years ago, but now I can't do it anymore."

It's not that they are the dominant family. It's really this kind of transportation industry. Making money depends on having a lot of orders, repeating the route, and earning money for two or three orders at a time.

Where are the new orders coming from? One trip is empty, and this trip is in vain.

Without strong capital, it is impossible to survive the difficult early stage.

Lu Huai'an listened and nodded, "You mean..."

There is a play!

Cui Er's eyes lit up, and he smiled quickly: "I was thinking, to set up two project departments, one dedicated to the province and one outside the province, it will be more convenient to schedule."

It also saves you from mixing up people from inside and outside the province and unloading the goods as soon as you run out, and how much money you make less.

Especially in the province, sometimes there is no need to drive a large truck at all, a small truck is enough.

Lu Huai'an snorted and thought for a moment: "Two project departments can only solve temporary needs. If more orders are added later, or even doubled, this will not be enough."

"Then..." What he said also made sense, and Cui Er fell into deep thought.

"Let's just open another branch. The business inside and outside the province is completely separated, but it belongs to the same system, and it is easy to schedule each other."


Cui Er never imagined that such a good thing could still happen, and immediately smiled: "Really, really!?"

"Then there is still a fake?" Lu Huai'an gave him an angry look and thought for a while, "But I have to hold a meeting to make some statistics."

Now, there is money.

The refrigerator factory has made crazy profits, and now it has basically won most of the sales of Shang Henanping.

There is no need to look for a place, there are ready-made ones, just buy an office building.

The key is people.

Gong Hao also agreed to open another one: "Now that we have enough industry, we don't need to expand any more. We can seize the current few factories and subsidiaries to become stronger and bigger, and the effect may be better."

"Well." Lu Huai'an lit a cigarette and flicked the ashes: "If there is basically no opponent in express, it is a good opportunity."

Taking advantage of the semi-monopoly, develop quickly.

It's not easy to wait until others react.

"Yes." Gong Hao nodded, agreeing very much: "You can't give others any chance to overtake."

He said so, and Lu Huai'an smiled happily: "Okay, then I'll leave this matter to you."

Anyway, it is not the first time to run the program, and I am familiar with it.

Gong Hao held his forehead: "Okay!"

Just this candidate...

He looked at Lu Huaian and Cui Er: "Who will manage the branch?"

You can't let Cui Er run two companies by himself. What's the difference between running two project departments?

But at present, he didn't see that in Xin'an Express, who has the ability to be a manager.

"Actually..." Cui Er glanced at Lu Huai'an and said hesitantly, "I do... there is someone... who thinks it's good... That's right, that's..."


Lu Huai'an gave him a headache to see his awkward look, and waved his hand: "Go straight!"

"Zhu Haoyuan."

Zhu Haoyuan, who was suddenly named and used as a background board, emptied himself the whole time, stood up with a bang, took the key, and looked confused: "Are you going?"


All three couldn't help but laugh.

Lu Huai'an glanced at him speechlessly, pointed at Zhu Haoyuan, and looked at Cui Er: "Do you think he is suitable? Are you sure?"

Rao is Cui Er, and he also laughed angrily.

This kid is too unsatisfactory.

Zhu Haoyuan looked at this, then at that, confused.

Seeing his confused look, the three of them looked at each other and laughed.

"Hey, don't look at how stupid he is, but he actually does a good job." Cui Er looked at Lu Huai'an and said with a smile, "Brother Lu, don't you think? He has been with you for so long, and he should be able to do things well. Is it still alright?"

This is true. Lu Huai'an still saw Zhu Haoyuan's ability.

Especially since he followed him for more than half a year, Zhu Haoyuan has made great progress in dealing with people.

After laughing, when I think about it carefully, Zhu Haoyuan is really suitable.

He has been with Lu Huaian for so long, and he has gotten to know a lot of bosses, leaders, and factory managers. In terms of entertainment, there is no problem at all.

What about management? Zhu Haoyuan and Lu Huai'an were enough for him to learn some fur. Professionally, did you learn from Shen Maoshi? The foundation is very solid.

Thinking about it like he is quite suitable.

"Okay!" Lu Huai'an smiled and patted Zhu Haoyuan's shoulder: "Are you confident?"

Zhu Haoyuan was trembling all over, with excitement mixed with disbelief: "Me? Can I really?"

"Of course." Lu Huai'an nodded and raised his eyebrows: "However, it's not a matter of a sentence. If you really go, you have to take care of it for me! Not to mention doubling the business, there is no problem in maintaining growth. Bar?"

This is a great good thing that the pie is falling from the sky. Don't talk about it, Zhu Haoyuan will not hesitate to make a military order now!

He stood upright with a snap, hehe smiled: "Guaranteed to complete the task!"


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