Chapter 460:Becoming The Real Rich Daughter After Divorce

, the princess and Ling Xuan were in love

Chapter 460: Chapter 460, the princess and Ling Xuan were in love

Lu Weiyang placed another chess piece, and Zhao Qingquan started to think. Soon, he looked at the crowd and placed another chess piece.

After Lu Weiyang placed another chess piece, he saw someone leave the crowd.

Not long after, he turned back and raised his hand as if he was watching a show. However, his hand had more than Lu Weiyang, so he could not understand the gesture. After Zhao Qingquan saw it, he quickly placed another chess piece.

Lu Weiyang casually placed a stone. When everyone was exclaiming that Lu Weiyang had placed the wrong stone, only Zhao Qingquan’s expression did not change as he continued to ponder.

Lu Weiyang immediately got up from his chair, got down from the arena, and stared at the servant as he entered a teahouse.

Lu Weiyang followed him into the teahouse. When the servant came out, he saw Lu Weiyang and was so scared that he broke out in a cold sweat.

Lu Weiyang directly looked at the Teahouse’s private room and pushed the door open. He saw the two people playing chess in the private room. The chessboard was exactly the same as the chessboard that she and Zhao Qingquan played?

Lu Weiyang raised her hand and gave Ling Xuan a hard slap on the face.

When Ling Xuan Saw Lu Weiyang coming over with red eyes, he did not react for a moment before he received such a slap.

Zhao Qingquan chased in from the outside and panted heavily as he said to Lu Weiyang, “Your Highness… This chess game is not over yet!”

Lu Weiyang looked at Zhao Qingquan and sneered, “Uncle Zhao’s estate deceived me and lied to me about the chess game and the marriage match. I must take away your uncle Zhao’s title as a royal brother.”

Zhao qingquan quickly said, “Your Highness…”

Lu Weiyang stared at Ling Xuan with hatred and said, “Ling Xuan, is this your so-called Buddhist monk? Buddhist monks don’t lie, but you helped Zhao Qingquan cheat. Aren’t you afraid that it will damage the prestige of the abbot of the Prime Minister Temple?”

Ling Xuan finally understood what was going on. He frowned at Lu Weiyang and said, “I was also schemed against in this matter.”

Lu Weiyang said sarcastically, “Plotted against? Do you think I’m Stupid? You must be mocking me in your heart. The princess has fallen in love with a bald donkey like you. You’re complaining that I’m blocking your path of Buddhism, so you can’t wait to push me to another man, right?”

Ling Xuan sighed and said, “It really isn’t, your highness. It was a good ploy by Zhao Qingquan and Lady Zhao. If I knew about it, I would have fallen into the Devil Path forever, into Avici Hell.”

Lu Weiyang flicked his sleeves and said to the Zhao family, “Just wait to be demoted!”

After Lu Weiyang left, Zhao Qingquan anxiously looked at Ling Xuan in front of him and said, “Master Ling Xuan, did the princess just say that she likes you?”

“How are you worthy? You are a monk who is worthy to be the princess’son-in- law. Are you jealous that I can become the crown prince of the uncles’estate and marry the princess, so you deliberately told the Princess?”

Lady Zhao looked at Ling Xuan angrily and said, “Although you have been a monk since you were young, the Zhao family is still your secular family after all. They gave you your life. You are really good. If the Zhao family is robbed of their title, let’s see how you will still have the face to be the abbot of the Prime Minister Temple!”

Ling Xuan looked at Zhao Qingquan and Lady Zhao, made a Buddhist proclamation, and then turned to leave.

Lu Weiyang was really annoyed. What did the Zhao family think she was? They actually came to deceive her so openly.

After Lu Weiyang entered the palace, he told Lu Xi how Zhao Qingquan had cheated in the chess match.

“Big Brother, you have to help me stand up for myself. The Zhao family has gone too far. What’s the difference between doing this and lying to the emperor? Quickly issue a decree to seize the Zhao family’s title. “And Ling Xuan, he helped the Zhao family to cheat and deceive me. You have to punish him harshly too.”

Lu Xi was really angry when she heard this. “The Zhao family’s title will definitely be seized, but why would master Ling Xuan help the Zhao Family?”

Master Ling Xuan was a monk, how could he be involved in this kind of secular world.

“Sister, you must have a misunderstanding with Master Ling Xuan.”

Lu Weiyang said, “What misunderstanding? He’s just afraid that I’ll continue to pester him!”

Lu XI asked, “What do you mean?”

Lu Weiyang said slowly, “I like him, and he knows that I like him. But he chose to stay in Buddhism and doesn’t want to return to the secular world to marry me. He would rather be his son of Buddha for the rest of his life.

“Instead of watching me constantly disturbing his cultivation, why don’t you push me to Zhao Qingquan…”

Lu Xi sighed. “Do you still like him now?”

“I don’t like him anymore. He treats me like this. If I still like him, I’ll be belittling myself.”

Lu Xi smiled. “That’s good. Otherwise, it would be a lot more troublesome for him to return to the secular world since he’s the imperial preceptor of this dynasty.”

Lu Xi immediately issued an imperial decree to strip the Zhao family of their title of nobility. The Zhao family was already an aristocratic family with no title of nobility. After losing their title of nobility, the entire Zhao family immediately fell into decline.

Zhao Qingquan also became a joke to everyone.

In the tavern, Zhao Qingquan was ridiculed by his peers, he said, “I was also schemed by that Bald Donkey Ling Xuan. He had a relationship with Princess Weiyang a long time ago. He was unwilling to let the title of a layman be mine, so he conspired with the princess to set up this trap to lure me in!”

“Princess Weiyang and Master Ling Xuan actually have a relationship?”

“Is this really true?”

Zhao Qingquan said drunkenly, “It’s true. I heard that not long ago, Princess Weiyang stayed in the Prime Minister Temple for a period of time. I wonder how many disgusting things these two people have done in the Buddhist peaceful land!”

Zhao Qingquan was after all Master Ling Xuan’s layman’s cousin. His words made many people in the teahouse take it seriously.

It was not the first time that the princess fell in love with a monk. Back then, Emperor Taizu had ordered the death of the monk that the princess loved. The princess later rebelled because of this.

The Little Princess Weiyang did not grow up in Chang ‘an. People had already paid a lot of attention to her. The words that Zhao Qingquan said in the tavern gradually spread to Chang ‘an.

Lu Xi also received a petition from the officials to impeach Weiyang. It was fine if the princesses were willful, but the emperor’s wedding was approaching, and the four seas were coming to court.

Ling Xuan was also a famous National Master of Great Tang in the four seas, and he was a famous person in the Japanese, Tibetan, and Buddhist sects. It was not just the royal family’s face that he and the princess made such a rumor.

It would also destroy the prestige of the Great Tang Empire.

There were also people who used a book to get Princess Weiyang to settle the marriage as soon as possible. After the marriage was settled, the rumors dispersed just like that.

The three of them became tigers, and the rumors outside became more and more ridiculous.

Lu Weiyang was in the teahouse listening to the Storyteller reading the unofficial history that the scholars had just written, which was about the Wild Mandarin ducks in the great hall. She was dumbfounded when she heard it.

Although the officials were catching these ridiculous storytellers, but the people loved to hear it. As long as the storytellers gave money, they would say anything.

When Lu Weiyang heard that she was already pregnant, if the storytellers were talking about other people’s romantic affairs, she would also love to hear it. But when they were talking about herself, she could not take it anymore!

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