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【1V1+Group pet + Shuangsu】

Jiang Yu became the cannon fodder in a book.

In the book, she is the daughter of the wealthy Jiang family who only recognized her after being lost for 14 years. She returned to the wealthy family. She was called ugly and ugly in celebrity circles, and she was excluded from disgusting her. Only her step-sister Jiang Wan was kind to her.

She relied on Jiang Wan and told her the secret of saving her four brothers. In the end, she robbed her of all the credit.

The stepsister became the favorite of her brothers, but she was helpless and died.

Jiang Yu, the true almighty boss who just passed through, kicked a real brother directly!

She was full of disgust, what kind of blind junk thing?

Later, the brothers stopped being blind, and each clamored to pet her:

The upstart in the business world, the billionaire eldest brother: “Dare to show off in front of my sister with a necklace of only a billion?”

The second genius of the world-renowned medical sacred hand: “Dare to provoke my sister, do you want to die, or do you want to live?”

The third elder brother who is a top-flow singer who can sing and dance well: “My sister is a fairy, what are you?”

The new racing star, the fourth brother of the girl killer: “If you don’t kneel down and apologize to my sister, don’t even want to get out of this street.”

There is also that violent and terrifying man who pets her to the bone, loves her as a demon, abuses all the scum for her, and fears that her hands hurt.

He aggrieved and held her hand religiously, “Yu’er, don’t let me go.”

Brothers: Let go of that paw! ! !

(The force value explodes, the exhausted and lazy heroine VS the paranoid, and the affectionate hero)

Note: My brother is not the hero!

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