Chapter 4127:Billion Dollar Husband, Delivered to Your Door!

Put down an important weight

"Miss Su, I think that Xiao Su Tang is following you, and the circle of life is too messy. I don't believe what kind of situation the people in the entertainment circle are like. I have done this myself, too know The chaos in this line..."

It turned out that until now, Mr. Chen refused to give up his child's custody rights, and he still felt that the circle was too messy.

Still feel that Su Ling's life will be chaotic.

It's so funny!

Su Ling couldn’t help laughing: "Old Chen, I really don’t know whether to feel sad for you or ridiculous for you. You are really too narrow! After losing her son, Ji Li had to bear so much pain. , Can you still not give up your inherent stereotypes? Or, once you saw the chaos in the circle, you felt that the whole circle was chaos? You will regret it again if you are blinded!"

After speaking, Su Ling turned and left.

Ming Rui accompanied her into the court side by side.

In the court, Mr. Chen's lawyer also insisted that you come and go, and your opinions are almost exactly the same as those of Mr. Chen.

That's Su Ling's life circle, it is not suitable to bring a small sugar.

He worries that Xiao Su Tang's life will be affected by Zi Zui Jin fans.

Su Ling’s lawyer stood up and stated the facts: “Our client Su Ling has not had any scandals before. All the scandals were due to the unmarried birth of a daughter. However, it has been confirmed that the unmarried birth of a daughter is not a Su Ling criminal. It’s someone else’s fault."

"In this case, it proves that Su Ling does not have an environment that is not suitable for raising her daughter. Her living conditions, personal circumstances, and her care for her daughter in the past few years all prove that she is a suitable mother to raise her children."

"Moreover, she also has a stable relationship, which is a stable relationship that will soon enter marriage. Her boyfriend Ming Rui has a suitable living environment and a good status. I believe that they will definitely become one. For excellent parents, they can provide their daughters with a decent life and a good education."

When Ming Rui was mentioned, everyone looked at Ming Rui.

He has always been the man behind Su Ling, never showing his face.

Few outsiders knew the fact that he and Su Ling were together.

There are no observers today, all of them are from the courts and law firms, so he chose to disclose the relationship between Su Ling and win the custody of Xiao Su Tang for Su Ling, laying down an important weight.

The opposing lawyer recognized Ming Rui's identity, and so did the judge.

Mingrui is now the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the s country and the son of the current President Ming Ye Leng. The status of adoption cannot be underestimated.

With him endorsing Su Ling, who else dares to question that Su Ling's life circle is too chaotic?

Since Xiao Su Tang will become his daughter in the future, who would dare to say that Xiao Su Tang's life and education will go wrong?

The lawyer on the other side said something in Old Chen's ear, probably introducing Ming Rui's identity.

Hesitation flashed across Old Chen's face.

After all, he stood up, bowed to the presiding judge, leaned on crutches, and left the court.

The court announced on the spot that the custody of Xiao Su Tang belonged to Su Ling.

Mr. Chen can visit Xiao Su Tang once a month, but he must not interfere with Xiao Su Tang's normal life.

Su Yiyi looked at Mingrui with enthusiasm. If it hadn't been for him to take the initiative to come forward, it would not have been so smoothly resolved this time.

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