Chapter 4129:Billion Dollar Husband, Delivered to Your Door!

Box office panacea

The focus of Su Ling's recent life has been to accompany Xiao Su Tang.

After the daily filming of the scenes, she accompanies Xiao Su Tang to do her homework and go out to play with her.

Sometimes Mingrui will be together.

Really like a family of three, life is very comfortable.

After the filming is finished, the Tomb Raider movie is released.

Naturally, this movie became another hit.

Su Ling is also known as a panacea at the box office.

The films she participated in have all achieved very good results, and film appointments have also been coming in one after another.

Sister Heng selected her more carefully and carefully.

At the end of the year, various activities also increased.

Su Ling received a lot of invitations to events this time.

The rise in fame has caused her popularity to rise sharply. It is no longer the bad popularity as before, but the real popularity.

In the past, many people were afraid of the bad luck that might be contaminated with her. Whether it was a man or a woman, they deliberately kept their distance from her.

But now, everyone is actively approaching her.

After seeing Junya at the scene, Su Ling briefly chatted with her.

Then the two walked apart, busy with their own affairs.

Gu Tianrui took the wine glass and walked towards Su Ling.

Ancient and modern entertainment now exists in name only. Although a lot of artists came out at a big price, they are all short-lived, without a climate, and cannot withstand the test of the market.

Gu Tianrui was just relying on the family's money to continue to support it.

He had long wanted to sign an artist who could prove his vision.

When he saw Su Ling, his eyes lit up.

I haven't seen her before, but Su Ling now has a mature temperament on his body, and he still carries an unsophisticated simplicity.

She looked as if she hadn't been affected by the various things in the entertainment industry at all.

Now it is not only beautiful and elegant, but its reputation has been repeatedly blessed.

Gu Tianrui walked to Su Ling, raised his wine glass, and said with a smile, "Miss Su, hello."

"Good morning, Young Master Gu." Su Ling politely raised his glass.

"Ms. Su is still alone now, with no plans to sign the company?"

"Yeah, it has always been like this."

Gu Tianrui smiled and said, "This is a bit too hard. When I saw you enter the field just now, a lot of things had to be handled by yourself. Look at the popular actresses, who are not the seven or eight people behind you ?? You can get these as well when you sign the company."

"Young Master Gu made a lot of sense, but I don't plan to sign a contract now. It's fine to be alone." Su Ling smiled and declined.

"Ms. Su really thinks so?" Gu Tianrui's face conjured up a secretive smile.

He owns the money, and all those female artists rush to him.

Su Ling dared to reject himself?

He asked someone to check that there was no power behind Su Ling. The ability to shoot good movies these few times was nothing more than a blunder.

If you put pressure on her, you can definitely sign her under the banner.

He really urgently needs a facade to take on. Of course, he also has that kind of thought for Su Ling, and in his eyes, he writes his desires naked, without concealing it.

Junya came over and said with a smile: "Su Ling, what are you talking to Young Master Gu?"

"Young Master Gu is persuading me to sign a contract with the company. However, I have already made it clear with Young Master Gu." Su Ling said with a smile.

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