Chapter 4130:Billion Dollar Husband, Delivered to Your Door!

Did not fully raise the lesson

Junya smiled and said: "It's fine if you make it clear, Young Master Gu, but Su Ling refused to read it here, so why would he choose another company? Young Master Gu has this idea, wouldn't it be better to sign a contract? the best?"

Gu Tianrui had suffered a lot from Junya and Lu Yiyang's hands. Naturally knowing that Junya was not easy to provoke, he couldn't help but smile when he saw her intervening, "Of course, I have listened to all your opinions."

But when he turned his head, his heart felt uneasy, and Jun Ya actually intervened in this matter again?

He wanted to know if Junya could manage so much!

Junya pulled Su Ling aside: "That Gu Tianrui, didn't you say anything bad, right?"

"Fortunately, it's okay."

"Pay attention to him, this person is impure, and always engages in things." Jun Ya warned.

"I will." Su Ling nodded.

After this event, Gu Tianrui's people approached Sister Heng several times in succession and said that they would sign a contract with Su Ling.

Sister Heng refused all of them.

Su Ling has always taken the route of an independent female artist, why bother to sign with such an unprofessional company as Gu Tianrui?

In addition to the temporary money, the company that signed Gu Tianrui did not have any other benefits.

Any artist who has requirements for himself will consider it carefully.

Su Ling and Sister Heng's rejection of Gu Tianrui was mistaken for Junya and Lu Yiyang by Gu Tianrui.

Although Junya and Lu Yiyang had suffered a lot, Gu Tianrui still did not fully learn.

He was not upset about these things and decided to rectify Junya again in secret.

He encouraged Boss Wang of a company and gave Jun Xue a large sum of money, and then he helped Boss Wang with a project.

Then Boss Wang directly filed a complaint, saying that someone from the Jun family had collected his money.

Once this matter is exposed, it will definitely be a devastating blow to Mayor Jun.

At that time, Junya and Lu Yiyang will not be implicated in any way.

Boss Wang went directly to appeal.

As soon as the matter reached the top, it was suppressed and directly transferred to Junya and Lu Yiyang.

Because it is obvious that the other party’s evidence cannot confirm that Mayor Jun received the money, and everything should have nothing to do with Mayor Jun.

When Junya learned about this, she couldn't help being very annoyed: "This Junxue really doesn't have any brains, and he came up with such a thing!"

Lu Yiyang glanced at the information: "This boss surnamed Wang, as expected, should be very close to Gu Tianrui. It looks like this is another good thing Gu Tianrui has done."

A dangerous light burst into his eyes.

This time, Gu Tianrui will never be easily bypassed again.

After Boss Wang filed the complaint, there was no response from above. Not only that, he was called to assist in the investigation.

This made Gu Tianrui a little panicked.

The tricks that have always worked well before, how come they don’t work this time?

He waited quietly for the development of the situation, but not only did not wait, but the ancient and modern jewellery also had a big problem.

First, some well-qualified designers were poached away, and then the investors in the car, and the people who cooperated did not continue.

Jewelry transportation is also problematic.

The stock price fell, and the entire company panicked.

As for ancient and modern entertainment, it has not developed very well. Now, it is even more frustrated. Various problems have appeared, which directly led to the suspension of all projects and all the activities and work of the artists have fallen into a complete suspension.

If the problem is not resolved, Gujin Jewelry will be declared bankrupt.

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