Chapter 4131:Billion Dollar Husband, Delivered to Your Door!

Everything is hopeless

Naturally, Gu Tianrui could no longer pay attention to Mayor Jun's problem.

But his dilemma cannot be solved at all.

He and his father came forward together, and couldn't find any next investors to continue investing.

The huge ancient and modern jewelry has completely entered the stage of suspension.

Gu Tianrui went into the liquidation of the property with a gray head and face.

He really didn't understand why such a large jewelry industry would suddenly encounter such a big problem and suddenly fall into desperation.

Until at the scene of the liquidation, he met Lu Yiyang and Junya.

Although Lu Yiyang and Junya just came around for a while, they didn't like everything here.

Gu Tianrui sat down in the chair in frustration, his father Mr. Gu slapped his face with a slap.

"Look at you, what have you done!"

Gu Tianrui was beaten up, he never felt that he had done anything wrong.

Although there have been failures in front of Junya and Lu Yiyang before, they have never been so tragic.

Why, this time?

He looked at his father and was very unconvinced: "Is this to blame me? It's not to blame me at all, this is the disaster of the company, can Lu Yiyang and Junya do such a thing?"

Yes, he doesn't believe they have that ability at all.

Mr. Gu was even more angry: "Do you know who Lu Yiyang is?"

"Isn't he the man who eats soft food with Junya, who else?" Gu Tianrui asked.

"He is the second prince of the c royal family. He is the son of Lu Zhanting and Yun Wei! The current president will be cold tomorrow night. He is his uncle! What do you think? He has never used any of these relationships before fighting with you. , So arrogant and indulgent that you are not afraid of being afraid, thinking that you know everything and know everything! This time, you have to step on other people's scales, and others will not treat you, who will be treated?"

"Do you think others will keep you making trouble like this?"

Gu Tianrui was completely dumbfounded, and squatted on the ground.

Mr. Gu also learned of Lu Yiyang's true identity after being guided by an expert this time.

He himself regretted that he didn't strictly control his son when he was messing around, and made him make more mistakes again and again, which led to the current situation.

Others are already soft-hearted, and it is only now that they kill their family.

Now, everything is hopeless.

The problem of ancient and modern jewelry is resolved.

However, the matter that Jun Xue received a large sum of money from others has not yet been resolved.

Because of the suspected acceptance of bribes, Jun Xue also needs to be taken for investigation.

This time, Mrs. Jun was completely dumbfounded.

She arrived at Junya's door and stood for a long, long time.

Someone led her in.

Upon entering this luxurious villa, Mrs. Jun couldn't help being dazzled.

But she didn't care about appreciation or extremeness. As soon as she entered, she went to Junya's side and said in a low voice, "Junya, please help Xue'er this time. This time we really knew that she was wrong. She I was also framed by others, otherwise I would not do such a thing. Please, Junya."

Mrs. Jun's eyes were red and swollen from crying.

Because of Jun Xue's affairs this time, Mayor Jun has already filed for a divorce with her.

She herself was plunged into deep reflection.

For so many years, Mayor Jun has not treated her and his son and daughter badly. On the contrary, she and Jun Xue have been constantly targeting Junya and giving Mayor Jun problems.

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