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past life.

The eldest miss of the Shen family in Jincheng was framed, abandoned by her marriage partner, and persecuted to death.

The young master of the Shen family rushed to the hospital and was hit by a car accident and turned into a vegetative state. The Shen family, which had been brilliant for many years, fell into decline and declared bankruptcy within a few years.

Being the first black lotus queen in the alliance, she became the pitiful and deplorable eldest lady of the Shen family.

Shen Lingxi said that your father Shen has never suffered this grievance, and you can come if you are not afraid of death.

Classmate A: Have you heard? That eldest lady from the Shen family who was brought back from the countryside couldn’t add up to 100 English, Chinese, and English for the entrance exam.

Classmate B: It’s just trash that came in through the back door


Qing University and Beijing University let her choose, relying on a music short film, and won four major music awards. I thought she was shocked, but I didn’t expect her to be transformed into an ace “substitute” in the e-sports circle.

The deeper you go, the more the almighty queen vests, the glory is added, and the king returns.

small theater:

Crowd: Did you hear that the third master of the Xie family in the Beijing circle came back and brought a tow oil bottle.

Xie Sanye: Xixi, they say you are a drag bottle.

Shen Lingxi: Blind their dog’s eyes!

Xie Sanye: Xixi, why don’t you tear up another vest?

Shen Damei sighed helplessly, and the trending headline that day #surprised! The fiancee of the third master of the Xie family is actually a professor of Qing University who won the Physics Prize.

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