Come on Darling

Come on Darling

Maolin Xiuzhu

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AuthorMaolin Xiuzhu
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Ai Xiaoye opened the door and entered the house and saw a large coffin on the aisle of her house, still sliding.

But this is not important, what is important is that the lid has slid open, and there are two clear large footprints next to it.

Was hesitant to call the police or run away immediately, a handsome man walked out of her kitchen.

It is said that this man is a love robot specially customized for her by his girlfriend, but this cat is too realistic, OK?

Julian: Master, you are back, do you need to warm the bed?

Ai Xiaoye: No, I need police more…

JJ Ren YY’s history of the universe has opened a new page…

Alien male protagonist, robot male protagonist. Take away a collection of scumbag men with a female, and a science madman with a female. As well as your Majesty, Lele, Hills, etc.

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