AuthorThree days into a crystal
Num. of chapters68 chapters


Gu Miru was assigned to the redemption group because she repeatedly broke down the mission world.

To redeem the miserable situation of the novel world, leading to blackening, madness, and ultimately the self-destruction of the soul, the role of the world to be. The auxiliary world successfully played the He ending.

However, the redemption team cannot designate an ID card, and they need to draw cards by luck.

Ten thousand years of non-chief Gu Miru: ….
The first world: an ancient boy who was locked up as a monster because of albinism and starved to death.
Gu Miru drew the ID card: the culprit who proposed to lock up the son.
The second world: The dead man who died for the heroine, who could not be loved.
Gu Miru drew an ID card: the vicious female partner who ordered the shooter.
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Sweet and sweet, humming and falling in love, and can’t eat the food to cut the leg meat type by myself, and I don’t like welcome x.
Decathlon female lead, two worlds with different male lead.
The previous copywriter Long Aotian case reopened.

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