Chapter 829:COS Dazai Osamu’s I Got Into the Conan Crew


Hattori Heiji was very uncomfortable with Hakuba's pretentious posture.

Everyone is equally miserable, is it necessary to continue to pretend like this? Does this guy have some idol baggage on him?

"Your face is blue." Hattori Heiji said loudly.

It already looks very embarrassed, so stop pretending that nothing happened.

"You too." Bai Ma Tan smiled slightly.

Even though many parts of the body are in pain due to bumps and bumps, and his face hurts when he smiles, he still maintains his posture.

This game is too real and not very good.

"Cut—" Hattori Heiji, who had some bruises and redness on his face, looked at Hakuba, and then at Kudo Shinichi. He found the other two looking miserable and didn't say anything more.

However, his face also hurts a little, shouldn't it be the same as the two of them?

"It's full of vines, it feels like it's deliberately hiding some secret..." Hattori Heiji said, looking around the dense vines.

It's almost like shouting "There are secrets hidden under the vines, come and check the vines-"

If they hadn't been ** and couldn't move, they would have rushed down and pulled the vines to see what was hidden underneath.

Provided that those roses don't attack them.

Otherwise, their choice should be to run away.

"The rose brought us here, which means...the prince is here?" Kudo Shinichi was ** in the air by the vines, looking down at the vines below and said.

"Maybe the prince's body is buried under the rose vine." Bai Ma Tan put forward a guess.

"Why didn't the rose put us down?" Hattori Heiji twisted his body, but controlled the force to avoid being stabbed by the thorns on the vine.

While the three were thinking, two more figures were brought over by the vines.

"It's Mr. Amuro and Mr. Midorikawa, you are here too." Bai Ma Tan greeted.

The blond man and the black-haired man looked very calm, different from the calm and elegant of the White Horse Detective, their Tan Ding seemed to be the one who believed that they would not be hurt and came from their strength.

And unlike the three of them who had blue noses and swollen faces, Toru Amuro and Midorikawa had no scars on their faces.

It seems more convincing than they are.

"Hello." The black-haired man nodded with a very gentle and friendly gesture.

The blond man has an indifferent attitude, he can't see his eyes when he wears sunglasses, and it must be the same indifference as his posture.

Tsushima Shuji's two bodyguards, one gentle and talkative, the other a little arrogant.

Kudo Shinichi and three people also know.

I didn't know it at first, but I found out later that I met more often.

Mr. Amuro is a threatening existence with a smile.

Although the smile is bright, the eyes are cold.

After all, he is a bodyguard, which is normal.

"Aren't you going to let us go?" Kudo Shinichi discussed with Vine in a good voice.

The vines seemed to think for a moment, and the vines below suddenly moved, as if shrinking inward, leaving an open space for them.

They also finally saw the ground beneath the vines, pure white and clean.

The vines that bound them suddenly loosened, and the three fell out of the air by surprise, hitting the ground.

As for the two adult men, they changed their postures easily when they broke away from the vines and landed firmly on the ground.

The dizzy Hattori Heiji shook his head and looked at the two figures full of dashing, handsome, and mature men's graceful demeanor. He needed to say something, but he had nothing to say.

"Are you all right?" The black-haired man turned to look at them and asked in a gentle tone.

Like a gentle and kind-hearted reliable adult.

"It's okay." Hattori Heiji rubbed the place where he fell, and found that his whole body was in pain. He couldn't help grinning, but he didn't want to lose face.

With a delicate and complicated mood, White Horse Detective also shook his head and said, "It's nothing."

They can't be worse than adult men, at most they're just a little bit older.

"Hey, Kudo, do we really have something for the prince?" Hattori Heiji asked Kudo Shinichi in a low voice.

Kudo Shinichi was silent for a moment, a little guilty.

"Yes." He nodded and affirmed.

"Then I'm relieved." Hattori Heiji breathed a sigh of relief.

If they deceive Rose, I am afraid they will die miserably.

Kudo is still very reliable.

"Rose, where is the prince? If he's not here, who are we going to give things to?" Kudo Shinichi said aloud as he glanced at the surrounding vines and blooming roses.

A vine stretched out, obviously without eyes, but they felt that the vine was watching them.

"It's a very important thing, and the prince needs to accept it in person." Kudo Shinichi continued calmly.

Vines seemed to be lost in thought.

It turned red.

Not just one, but all the vines in the entire room turned red, as if gurgling blood was flowing inside.

The roses are blooming more beautifully.

The vines retreated little by little, shrinking, revealing the original appearance of the room.

This is a rare room in a building with a window, but the window is blocked by a layer of iron gray.

The rooms they had been to before, whether it was a lounge or a classroom, had no windows.

It is closed and dead, and the lighting depends on the glowing crystals inlaid on the walls.

And those lights were long out of service.

Rather than saying that they were rooms, they were more like separate coffins.

This room is obviously much more advanced.

As the vines receded, a pool like a swimming pool gradually emerged.

It's just that instead of looking blue water, it's red.

This red is not because the pool is red, so it looks red, but because the liquid in the pool is extremely bright red blood.

The vines all shrunk into the pool, becoming a giant cocoon, and the blood in the pool decreased little by little.

After the blood in the pool was completely absorbed by the vines, the cocoon gradually spread out.

A human figure appeared.

It was a figure with melted golden hair, slightly curled.

Fair complexion, slender limbs, wearing obviously retro clothes.

Like an illustration of a prince in a fairy tale.

But it's a little Because there are countless vines wrapped around his body.

The thorns on those vines also pierced deeply into his body.

It seems to be absorbing something, and it seems to be providing something for him.

He opened his eyes.

Kudo Shinichi and the others only saw a blue eye, and... a blooming rose.

Gorgeous roses bloomed from his right eye, and red thorn vines were entwined around him.

In the blue left eye, there is grace and gentleness.

"Hello, my rose is a willful child. I apologize on its behalf for you. What do you want to give me?" The figure that perfectly fits the image of the prince in fairy tales asked gracefully.

The voice is elegant and soft, and speaks in a eloquent manner.

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