Chapter 830:COS Dazai Osamu’s I Got Into the Conan Crew

let the moon fall

Kudo Shin took a look at Amuro Toru.

Amuro Toru also has golden hair, but that golden color is light-colored gold, or tan yellow, while the other party's gold is pure gold.

Several vines supported each other and made him stand in the air, but he smiled and said something to the vines on his body before being put down.

Kudo Shinichi watched as those vines pierced into his body and disappeared.

But there are still many vines entwining the other's body, like the silk thread that controls the puppet.

Hattori Heiji looked at Kudo Shinichi.

They have nothing to give each other.

Only Kudo Shinichi is likely to take it out.

"Actually, this is something we found before." Kudo Shinichi hesitated for a moment, then took out a piece of red paper.

Blood-stained letter.

"This is my suicide note..." The prince with bright blond hair took the red letter with a good temper, put a smile on his face, stuffed the letter into his mouth, and ate it.

The picture once made the people present a little pale.

A prince who looks like a normal person...isn't something normal?

"What's the real purpose of your coming to me? I haven't spoken to anyone for a long time, and I'd love to chat with you." The prince, who had made a shameful behavior, smiled and said to them politely. .

"Please take a seat." He pointed to the table and chairs placed in the corner.

A set of white tables and chairs engraved with roses.

"This set of tables and chairs, the pool, and this room are all prepared for me by those people." The prince took the lead and sat down on the chair, pointed to the table and chairs, the pool, and said softly.

"Are you imprisoned here?" Hattori Heiji also pulled out a chair and sat down and asked.

"No, I am here voluntarily, this is my room." The prince shook his head.

"Then the room we went to...?" Hattori Heiji frowned, his tone puzzled.

"That was my previous room, and I was there...something happened, and I moved to this room later." The prince shook his head and explained.

"Have you killed someone?" asked the white horse.

"Well, I killed a lot of people. You can see that room. It's full of blood. It's obvious that I can't live any longer." The prince smiled and said slowly.

"Why did you leave that suicide note?" Kudo Shinichi asked.

"Because I want freedom. In this tower, there is something that no one else has. I want it." The prince said with a chuckle.

"So did you get it?" Hattori asked.

"I am dead, but the rose is still alive. I am with the rose." The prince shook his head and reached out to touch the rose blooming in his right eye. The blue left eye was full of love and affection.

"My rose can't accept losing me." His tone was full of intimacy and pity for the rose.

"Is there anyone like you in the building?" Kudo Shinichi asked quickly.

Although the prince in front of him said he was dead, he was still alive and could communicate with them.


Are there any other rooms? people like this.

"I don't know, maybe they have already been killed by Rose." The prince was silent for a moment, shook his head, and gave the answer.

"I only remember that at the beginning, there were still people who wanted to break into this room, but gradually, the door of this room was never knocked again." He said slowly.

"Have they all been killed?" Hattori Heiji looked at the other party.

"It should be like this. My rose is indeed a willful child. No one can tolerate its willfulness." deep.

The blond figure did not show the slightest dissatisfaction.

"Do you know... how to get freedom?" Kudo Shinichi said tentatively.

"Freedom... If it was in the past, it would have been difficult, but now, this tower is empty, and it becomes very easy to want to be free." The prince thought for a while and finally spoke.

"You are free," he said.

"No, maybe the group of people from that year have died, but now there are new people who have replaced them, we are not free, we were forced to participate in a game like you before, and perform it for those people. ..." Kudo Shinichi clenched his fists, his tone angrily.

"Is that so... Sure enough, there is a new director? It's so pitiful." The prince looked at them with pity in his eyes.

"On the top floor of this tower, there is a room. That was where the group behind the scenes once lived, but it's not yet. I can't confirm it." He seemed moved by Kudo Shinichi's statement and wanted to give them Providing help generally gives clues.

"Then do you know those blood-colored mists?" Kudo Shinichi continued to ask.

"Mist... Don't get close to the mist, it's very dangerous and will make you lose yourself." The prince frowned slightly and said so.

Hattori Heiji looked at Hakuba and then at Kudo Shinichi.

"Behind the scenes... what exactly are you referring to?" Hattori Heiji asked.

"I only found out after my death. Not only this tower, but everyone in this city lives inside the curtain. Outside the curtain is the real world, and inside the curtain is just a test game." The prince thought for a while, Explain carefully to them.

"Gene Era"

"If you want freedom, it's not enough to solve the tower, so those who left the tower and thought they were free have completely disappeared." His tone was a little complicated and a little lost.

"Then what should we do?" asked the white horse.

"Open the curtain and let the light in. My rose has not felt sunlight for a long time, not even the simulated sunlight." The prince's tone was full of guilt for the rose.

"Open the curtain...?" Hattori Heiji's tone was puzzled.

"Let the moon fall. When the double moon in the sky falls and turns into pieces, the sun will appear." The prince's eyes fell on the window, but because of the obstructions outside the window, he couldn't see the outside world.

"This is a new revolution, a new choice, you are the new brave." He turned his eyes and looked at the few people in front of him.

"Be careful, don't become the devil yourself after killing the devil." The gesture reminded sincerely.

"What does this mean..." Hattori Heiji wanted to continue asking.

I also saw the prince coughing gently and spit out a rose.

The vines on him are also blooming.

"Sorry, I'm a little tired, it was a pleasure chatting with you." The prince smiled, obviously not wanting to answer the question.

When he was about to be covered with roses, he spoke again.

"I feel it, you have my scissors and daggers on your body, can you give them to me?" He looked at Amuro Toru and Midorikawa and said.

Toru Amuro and Midorikawa handed the dagger and scissors to each other without hesitation.

"Be" The prince smiled and cut out roses blooming from his flesh and blood with scissors.

The vines of the cut roses were dripping blood.

Soon the originally clean prince was turned into a blood man.

"Sleep with me, my rose." The prince gently stroked the last rose on his body, and walked towards the pool from the rose that opened in his eyes.

stabbed the dagger in the eye.

In an instant, vines swarmed in all directions, once again covering the entire room.

Of course the pool is also covered.

Only this time, there were no more blooming flowers on the vines.

Not even moving anymore.

It's like falling asleep, and it's like dying.

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