AuthorRuqing Rusu
Num. of chapters1033 chapters
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This novel is also known as The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated / Why Defeat The Devil?

“I am a brave man, from another world.”

“The goddess summoned me into this world for the purpose of letting me defeat the devil who endangered the world and restore peace to the world.”

“I know very well that this is a heavy responsibility. Since they have all been summoned and have become brave men, even if the opponent is an extremely powerful Demon King, I have to put my energy to defeat him (her). ”

“Don’t ask me why, it’s all written in the book.”

“However…is this development a bit off the script!!!?”

This is the beginning of a cross-world fraud, and it is also a story in which the brave man with the mission of defeating the devil finally found out that he had been arranged.

(PS: I have completed four novels of more than 5 million words: “ Shoujo Grand Summoning “, “ Holistic Fantasy “, “ Illimitable Until Death “, “ Summoner of Miracles “, updated with morals, book friends can rest assured to eat.)

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