Authorhand inch ruler
Num. of chapters282 chapters


【Ding! You have received malicious complaints from patients, and you will be rewarded with system compensation! 】

If you had a bad review compensation system, what kind of person would you choose to be? !

Chen Nan chose to be a good person.

A man who dares to tell the truth.

An upright person.

A man who is not afraid of power.

A man who never compromises.

A person who will never admit to being intimidated in the face of this group of demons and dances!

Those who hold salaries for everyone, can’t let them freeze to death in the wind and snow!

Those who control the water for the common people should not let them indulge in lakes and seas!

For the current struggler, don’t let it drown in the dust!

For the founders of the future, don’t let it go from wide to narrow!

Sad and sighing, if the good cannot end well, can the evil be even worse?

In a turbulent country, I, Chen Nan, would like to observe medical ethics, be clear about right and wrong, and be honest, so that the tragedy will never end!

If I were a doctor, I would be that upright, uncompromising, and upright doctor!

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