AuthorStand up and spit bubbles
Num. of chapters922 chapters


Luo Lan was surprised, he found that he had come to the Dragon Ball World when he woke up.

At this time, Vegeta’s situation was very delicate. In the distant starry sky, Frieza, a well-known “planet seller”, was already eyeing this planet.

If there is no change in the plot, Sun Wukong will be sent to the earth soon, then his head will be smashed, his wits will be lost, and the prologue of Dragon Ball will start.

And this year, as a Saiyan who was just buried, Luo Lan crawled out of the soil.

History began to change this year.

In addition to Monkey King, the future god-level Saiyans will also have Luo Lan.

Luo Lan: No, the god level is just the beginning, I want to surpass the god level, surpass the king!

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