Chapter 1:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Saiyan who came back to life

"Healer Horn, this kid's vital signs are declining. I am afraid that it will not last long without treatment. You should quickly prepare recovery fluid and nutrient solution, at least to maintain this kid's life... Hey, this expense is again It should be counted in the funding of the training team."

"How could it hurt like this? It looks like a little guy who just joined the training team."

"Who can say no? It was the first time I did field training. It was really unlucky. If this guy can be saved, I can save it. If I can't save it, I will report it to Master Palapi."

"Hey, don't worry, you know the level of our treatment center. Many newborns are trained here."

"Okay, no one knows that all your services here are clearly marked."

"By the way, don't use too good recovery fluid. The training team has been budgeted recently."

"To understanding."

This is a scene that took place in the treatment center. Horn from the Yugal star sent away the Saiyan who was the leader of the training team with a smile on his face. He turned his head and glanced at the Saiyan child who was already inhuman, about three years old. Very thin, probably in the form of malnutrition.

"The vitality of the Saiyans is really tenacious, and they can survive such a severe injury."

"Hey, so it's a fighting nation. If I had such a strong physique as a Saiyan, I would have become a powerful warrior long ago, and I wouldn't be a healer in this healing center." Yugal star Horner Checking the injured child with the instrument, the octopus-like head kept shaking his head.

"The internal organs are severely compressed, there are many bleedings in the body, and as many as 16 bones are broken. The most serious is the trauma on the head. There is little hope of rescue."

"Call up this little guy's information."

With a beep, the computer system connects to the energy detector in the child's ear and calls up the database inside. Soon information about this young Saiyan was projected in the air.

Name: Luo Lan

Parents: Tarrens (dead in battle), Alicia (dead in battle)

Qualification: Intermediate

Combat power: 134

"I'm still a mid-level fighter. I wouldn't be sent to the training team unless my parents died." Picking up the seriously injured Saiyan baby, the Yugal star put him into a transparent treatment cabin with the help of his assistant. Then pour the green recovery fluid into it.

The quality of this restoration solution is average, but the price is cheap.

According to the instructions of the training team leader, do not use too good recovery fluid, because the funds are insufficient. In fact, the Saiyans whose parents have died, unless they are talented, the training team will not take care of them at all. After simple training, Will directly assign tasks to them and send Vegeta stars.

To put it bluntly, the training team is a place where some Saiyan orphans are given intensive training, and they can be taught basic survival skills and fighting methods.

They will throw their children directly into the dangerous wilderness and let them fight alone with the beasts in the jungle. The training method is very cruel. Vegeta is an advanced planet. Although Saiyans have the absolute dominance on it, there are still very fierce beasts in the wilderness.

The casualty rate of this kind of training can be imagined.

Therefore, as long as they are Saiyans whose parents are alive, their parents would rather train their children by themselves than send their children to a training group.


at night.

Luo Lan was still immersed in the recovery solution, and suddenly a series of bubbles appeared in the green solution. The monitoring system found that the individual's various indicators were obviously abnormal, and the warning sound "beep beep" sounded.

"what happened?"

The Yugal star Horn and his assistant rushed over and saw the data on the monitor-although the body has been repaired, the brain wave display has become a straight line.

"Take it away, this guy is no longer rescued, stop the recovery liquid input, and take out the solution inside for secondary recovery."

"Who will deal with his body?"

The treatment center often encounters Saiyans who have died due to treatment failures. Their bodies are generally claimed by relatives or friends. However, for some dead orphans, they are directly processed by the treatment center, usually burned in situ, or by special The processing robot finds a place to bury it.

After writing the death certificate and signing a word on it, the Yugal star called to deal with the robot.

The processing robot directly packed "Luo Lan" and transported it to a small forest more than a hundred kilometers away, then hummed a hole, threw the corpse inside, and buried it again.

After handling all this, the processing robot ran a few laps on the spot, and the tracked rollers tamped the soil, then reported to complete the task and drove back to the treatment center.

The sky is dim, moon stars are sparse, and hazy stars dot the sky.

Just where the body was submerged, a magical scene was happening.

Luo Lan didn't know how long he was in a coma. When he regained consciousness, a tingling pain from the depths of his soul continued to torment him.

His body was so heavy that he couldn't open his eyelids even with all his strength.

This was a huge torture, and Luo Lan felt a huge light in front of him in a daze.

He struggled for a long time, finally opened his eyes.

The smell of mud came from my nostrils, wait, I was buried in the ground? Luo Lan was awakened abruptly, bared his teeth, the intense pain made Luo Lan's face pale, and the big beads of sweat flowed down.

Luo Lan struggled to get up from the mud, because of the injuries on his body, he exerted tremendous physical strength with every move.

After crawling out of the ground, Luo Lan gasped, breathing the fresh air in the air, his lungs suddenly filled with vitality as if they were moisturized.

Where am I?

Luo Lan's head was still drowsy, and a series of memories came out in the next second. With a loud scream, Luo Lan accepted this physical memory.

After receiving the memory, his immature eyes flashed with incredible light.

"It turned out to be Star Vegeta, and I turned out to be a Saiyan toddler, and I have already died once!"

Luo Lan was full of surprise. He didn't expect that he would go to the Dragon Ball World when he woke up after sleeping. According to the memory of this body, his name was Luo Lan, a match that died because of an accident when he entered the training team. Demi.

The parents of this body were killed in the battle for performing the task as early as a year ago. Although they later received a pension, all of these pensions have been used to pay for the high cost of the child's nutrition solution.

In Vegeta, the newborn Saiyan will be soaked in nutrient solution for three years after being born. These three years are mainly to strengthen the baby's physical fitness and stimulate greater potential.

Because Luo Lan's parents passed away early, the quality of the nutrient solution in the later period was not good. Compared with the Saiyans in the same period, it was a bit "not acquired".

What a shame!

Luo Lan pulled the weeds from the ground.

Compared with the Saiyans of the same period, he seems to be naturally weaker.

Even "dead" digging a hole is so perfunctory.

Calm and calm, although he is not a superior fighter, he is an intermediate fighter anyway, um, in fact, an intermediate fighter is not bad!

Luo Lan comforted himself. He should feel fortunate compared to crossing into a human being on earth. If a human being on earth started the game, it would be called ** mode.

I've died once. According to the characteristics of Saiyan becoming stronger near death, my strength should be able to improve. It feels ** to think about it this way.

Wait, now is not the time to think about this.

If this is Star Vegeta, we must first figure out how many years are left before the beginning of the plot, and the Star Vegeta will be destroyed.

A strong sense of urgency suddenly arose in Luo Lan's heart. He who died once, didn't want to die a second time.

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