Chapter 13:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Fairy beans

Fairy beans!

It is indeed fairy beans.

When seeing the legendary fairy bean in Dragon Ball World appear in front of him, Luo Lan's breathing became rapid, pushed away the cat fairy, and held the jar containing the fairy bean in his arms. At this moment, it was like walking in the desert. The victims who suffered severe water shortage for several days suddenly found the oasis, and their eyes were full of longing for survival.

The jar full of fairy beans, let alone ten thousand.

These are magic weapons to save lives!

"There are so many!"

There are so many stocks, but after a few decades, they are incomparably scarce. When they are scarce, the cat fairy temporarily harvests immature beans, and lets Monkey King eat them separately. How many treasures has the dead fat man Yaqilobe ruined!

Whenever he thinks of these babies being ruined, Luo Lan is heartbroken.

In order not to dust these babies, we must pack them all away.

These are all mine.

The cat immortal was pushed by Luo Lan like this, and he staggered a few steps before stabilizing his body, and seeing Luo Lan behave like a miser, his head was suddenly covered with black lines.

"There are only these. Planting fairy beans is not easy. I can only harvest dozens of them a year. These are what I have survived for hundreds of years. This year's fairy beans have not been planted yet. You can at least save me a little as seeds. "

Luo Lan held the jar of fairy beans relentlessly, thinking that he couldn't break the source, so he grabbed a handful of fairy beans from the jar and put them on the ground, like fifty.

"No problem, these fairy beans are left for you as seeds."

The cat fairy stared at the handful of beans, only fifty or so, and then glanced at the clay pot held in Luo Lan's arms, suddenly giving birth to a feeling of returning to the pre-liberation period. It's a powerful force, thank goodness for not causing trouble.

He sighed and bent down and prepared to put away the pitiful fairy beans.

"Wait!" Luo Lan shouted.

"Huh?" The cat fairy looked up puzzled.

Luo Lan's expression was tangled for a while, it seemed that it was a bit painful, and he actually grabbed a part of the fairy beans from the handful of fairy beans on the ground and put it back into the jar: "If you are a seed, fifty is still a little too much, now, that's all."

Retrieving a handful of fifty, only thirty are left.

This is not enough! ! Seeing less and less fairy beans, the three corpses of the cat and the fairy jumped wildly, but had to obediently put away the fairy beans.

So angry!

"I heard that you still have a baby called'Super Shenshui'?"

The light and fluttering voice made the cat fairy tremble, and the cat fairy opened his mouth: "Do you still want'Super Divine Water'?!"

Xiandou is just a prop to fill your stomach. A little less cat fairy can accept it, but the super * water is different. It is a treasure that can develop the human body's potential. It is very noble, so I heard Luo Lan mentioned the super * water, the cat fairy The hair is standing up.

Luo Lan shook his head and said, "No, just ask."

Although that thing can unlock the potential, it is actually a poison. The process of stimulating the potential is too overbearing. If you drink it, you will die from the poison. In the original work, the Monkey King is a nine- dead, and he can only carry it with Saiyan. come. Luo Lan even suspected that drinking this thing would cause harm to the body.

In the original book, Sun Wukong, who is a Saiyan, would actually die of viral heart disease. Perhaps it was because of drinking super-shen water and using Jie Wangquan multiple times in the later period that the heart was strained prematurely.

Luo Lan stayed away from such an insecure thing.

It is not good to be greedy for temporary convenience to leave hidden dangers in the future. In terms of development potential, it is the Great Elder of Namek and the Old World King God of the Realm King God Realm that are more reliable.

No hidden dangers.

"Hahaha, Immortal Kailin, I am very satisfied with the harvest this time. Remember to work harder to plant fairy beans. I will visit again in the future."

Smiling at the cat fairy, Luo Lan jumped down towards the edge of Kailin Tower and disappeared quickly.

It's better to never see again... The cat fairy watched Luo Lan disappear into the clouds, praying in his heart that the other party would never come again.

Luo Lan suffered a heavy loss in this search. Looking at the pitiful handful of fairy beans, the cat fairy shook his head helplessly.

In the temple of heaven.

The gods and Bobo breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Luo Lan leave Kailin Tower. They were really afraid that the other party would be dissatisfied and cause trouble. If they rush to the temple, it would be bad.

Fortunately, the other party just took away some useless fairy beans from Kailin.

Yes, in the eyes of the gods and Bobo, the value of fairy beans is not high.


"Hahaha, I got so many celestial beans easily!" On the way back, Luo Lan held the celestial beans jar, not to mention how happy he was.

Open the lid, grab one, and place it in your mouth. With a crisp sound, the fairy beans have no taste, but soon a strong energy spreads in the mouth, and a warm feeling flows to the whole body in an instant.

There was a feeling of fullness in the belly, and at the same time the mental exhaustion was wiped out, and the whole person was actually full of strength and invigorated.

Luo Lan's eyes lit up suddenly, and he laughed contentedly: "Hahaha, good stuff, good baby."

There are about 10,000 fairy beans in the jar. These can be used to save lives in critical moments. Luo Lan carefully put them away, but she felt unsafe in her arms. If you smash the peas, wouldn’t it be a guarantee? Mindful of this, Luo Lan felt it necessary to find a storage method.

Magnum capsule?

Such a name suddenly appeared in my mind. The universal capsule technology on the earth is called black technology, and objects of all sizes can be stored in a small capsule, which is a must-have for home travel.

Thinking of this, Luo Lan felt that she should get some blank universal capsules, so she flew towards a city with a relatively concentrated flow of people.

The development of science and technology on the earth is very uneven, and the technologies between different regions may even differ by hundreds of years.

Some villages seem to be isolated from the world and still use kerosene lamps for lighting. Some villages have been slightly developed and popularized basic machinery. When entering the city, you will find various jet levitation tools flying everywhere, one by one suspended traffic pipeline. As if entering the future world at once.

It didn't take long for Luo Lan to fly before landing in a relatively developed city, where various technologies have been popularized.

The universal capsule technology is naturally also available.

Located in a conspicuous place on the street, there are shops selling various capsule equipment and blank universal capsules.

Touching his pocket, Luo Lan didn't have a copper plate on his body. Is it going to be robbed in the shop? Shaking his head, Saiyans also have the concept of money. Luo Lan is a decent person, how can he do this kind of thing... Suddenly he rolled his eyes and looked at the small alley on the corner of the street. There were a few gangsters. Smoking there.

Let you make a little contribution.

Luo Lan smiled coldly, and walked towards the few bastards.

The seven gangsters stood in the corner vomiting clouds and mist, their hair dyed in different colors, laughing and talking about the funny things they had encountered in recent times, most of them were who bullied today and how much money was extorted from where, prepare How chic.

"How many big brothers, do you have a lot of money?"

A childish voice, seemingly only four or five years old, appeared in front of the bully.

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