Chapter 15:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Looking for Dragon Ball


Drilling out of the sea through a dark and slender passage, Luo Lan entered the interior of the treasure house. This is a closed seabed space. According to memory, he knew that there would be an ambush next. When Monkey King and General Bru passed through here, Have experienced a lot of hardships.

But these couldn't help him, easily avoiding the numerous traps and robot guards, Luo Lan quickly came to the front of the secret room where the treasure was piled up.

There was a loud noise, and the thick metal protective door collapsed.

Breaking through the last obstacle, Luo Lan walked into the treasure house with a smile on his face.

There are a large number of gold and silver treasures piled in the treasure house. The glittering color of gold and silver illuminates the eyes of blind people. All the treasures are piled up like a mountain, as high as a person. They are the most valuable gold and silver objects, diamonds and gems. These have been pirates for many years. Time has accumulated, but now it is cheaper Luo Lan.

Taking out a box of universal capsules, after opening them, a large blank box appeared. Luo Lan smiled and filled a lot of treasures in it.

In a short while, the entire treasure house was emptied by him. Luo Lan didn't leave a single gold coin to others.

If those pirates come back and see the empty "treasure house", they will shed sad tears.

Among these treasures, Luo Lan did not find the dragon ball that Sun Wukong and General Bru were looking for, but it was right to think about it. The dragon ball was discovered when Monkey King completed the first collection and re-searched for the four planets. At this time It has not been discovered by the pirates and brought to the bottom of the sea.


Happy to collect the treasure, Luo Lan returned to the spot, and then found a large-scale gold and silver building in the big city. A smaller store was afraid that he could not eat so much of his goods. But when Luo Lan took out part of the treasure he had obtained, the staff was still shocked.

In fact, not much, only the size of a wooden box, less than one-tenth of the total.

At first, the waiter saw him as a child and didn't believe he was here to sell things, but when he looked at the whole box of gold and silver, sweat came out on his face.

"This kid won't hand over the bank's treasury, right?"

The real situation is similar to what the waiter thought. Luo Lan didn't end the vault, but emptied the pirates' years of savings.

Seeing the staff in the entire Jinyin Building hurriedly counting the numbers, Luo Lan lay in the VIP room very comfortably, sipping a glass of drink in her hand.

This is to talk about the social order of the Dragon Ball world. Here, as long as you dare to take it out, the other party will dare to take it. You will not take the initiative to call the police. Because martial arts are popular in this world, house-robbing things often happen, even if you see someone carrying it. Don't be surprised if you rush into the bank with a gun, just hand over the money obediently.

The blonde Lanqi in the original book did just that.

After waiting in the VIP room for about an hour, the staff of the Jinyin Building wiped off their sweat and carefully handed over a bag of cash and a bank card to Luo Lan.

Luo Lan took a sip of a drink, jumped off the sofa, smiled and took the cash and the bank card and looked at it. The cash has 300,000 cash, and the bank card has 250 million earth currency stored in it. Because it is anonymous, so Any bank can withdraw it.

He won't have to worry about money anymore.

"Well, I am very satisfied with your service."

"There will be such business in the future, please consider our company."

"Will do."

Luo Lan swaggered out, and with this huge sum of money, he could buy anything smartly.

Coming to the large-scale universal capsule sales area in the city, Luo Lan plans to purchase some tools for outdoor life. The universal capsule sales area is equipped with high-tech products researched and developed by Bulma's subsidiaries. There are motorcycles, cars, and airplanes in the small capsules. And houses etc.

I simply bought a set of double-storey houses, refrigerators, color TVs, air conditioners and other electrical equipment. In addition, I prepared RVs, motorcycles, yachts, etc. for travel. All of a sudden, he spent half of the money in the Luo Lan bank card. Can't help feeling that the money was spent so quickly.

After all these preparations were made, Luo Lan felt that she was already able to live on the earth very well, so it was time to practice.

Well, let's start by searching for Dragon Balls, and practice while searching.

Finally came to the earth, he has not even seen Dragon Ball!

After making this plan, Luo Lan took a rest and embarked on a trip looking for Dragon Balls non-stop. Of course, he was not in a hurry. No one on earth is vying with him to find Dragon Balls.

The first stop is Baozishan.

There was a dragon ball that Luo Lan knew.

There are two dragon * on the earth where the whereabouts of the two dragon * are the most clear. Monkey Gohan’s four planets, the turtle fairy’s three-star ball, they have a long time to get the dragon ball, especially the turtle fairy, which was discovered when swimming on the seabed more than 100 years ago. of. But in comparison, Luo Lan would like to see the old man who will adopt Monkey King in the future.

When I found the first dragon ball, I went to the Western Capital to find Dr. Bulma's father, Dr. Brives, and asked him to build a dragon ball radar.

Dr. Brives is a genius who can even research the black technology of the Universal Capsule. In the original work, he used a few days to transform the Monkey King's aircraft, and it makes no sense to make a device that detects Dragon Ball signals. As for whether Dr. Brives might reject him, Luo Lan was not worried, because a big scientist like Dr. Brives should be interested in the unknown.

Turn on the energy detector and scan in the direction of Baozi Mountain.

With a beep, an energy source with a combat power value of 142 appeared on the screen, which was the signal of Monkey King.

"It's only 1,000 kilometers away from here, and it only takes more than an hour to fly there, but don't worry, go slowly on a motorcycle."

This kind of motorcycle with glass cover is very convenient to drive. As long as you grasp the direction, even a small person like Luo Lan can ride.

With his tail curled, Luo Lan got on the motorcycle, then started the engine, and went on the road leisurely.


A touch of yellow sand rose, and the motorcycle raised smoke and dust and galloped on the gravel road in the suburbs.

The development of science and technology in Dragon Ball World is extremely uneven. In a blink of an eye, leaving the city, the road gradually changes from a gravel road to a muddy dirt road.

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