Chapter 16:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Chance encounter

The motorcycle was speeding all the way on the dry dirt road, and a long snake rose from the rolling yellow sand behind the rear of the car. Because of the protection of a glass cover, Luo Lan was not embarrassed by the raised dust, but it was also dusty. Servant look.

After a day of sightseeing and traveling, Luo Lan entered the vast flat plain area.

Off the beaten track here is already a desolate place.

The wasteland between cities like this, because it is difficult for the police to manage, it is the easiest to breed cockroaches and thieves. If this kind of people has the ability, they will steal some passing businessmen, but they are some serious roads with busy traffic. Because caravans were prepared in the past, there were relatively few incidents of robbery.

Luo Lan rode a motorcycle along the road, and he really encountered several blockades and robberies. Of course, it was self-evident that these robbers didn't ** them, but he robbed them in turn.

Humph, where is the opponent of ordinary people.

It's so dangerous outside, thanks to the original book, Li Bulma, walking around alone without encountering danger.

As the distance from Baozi Mountain gets closer and closer, the surrounding scenery gradually becomes full of greenery, and rolling mountains gradually become common.

The sky is getting darker and it is approaching evening.

Luo Lan parked the motorcycle on the side of the road. After getting off the car, it turned into a white light and entered the distant mountainous area, and soon dragged a huge beast out.

Throwing out a universal capsule and taking out the kitchen utensils, Luo Lan cooked the beasts he caught on the spot. The Saiyan's appetite was very good. Anything that is alive, the internal organs and harmful parts are removed, and the rest can be eaten.

After enjoying a meal of food, Luo Lan saw that it was too late, so he didn't plan to continue on the road, "I will reach the boundary of Baozi Mountain in a few days' trip. I will rest here today."

Thinking about it, Luo Lan condensed a wave of energy in his hand, sweeping out a flat place in place.

"Papa" patted the palm of his hand. Luo Lan looked at the flat ground with satisfaction. During this period of time, his control of the energy wave was quite precise. He took out the two-story house and placed it on the ground, and then turned on the electric water heater to prepare. Hot water.

It takes a while for the electric water heater to heat the warm water. Taking advantage of this time, Luo Lan went outside to exercise his fists and feet, shaking his arms vigorously, diving, and leaping, sweat condensed into crystal drops of water dripping.

Cultivation is a matter of perseverance. If you loosen up your strength, you will regress. If you let the Sefilia woman know that she is lazy, she is afraid that she will not be angry with herself.

Speaking of Sephiria, Luo Lan thought that it had been nearly nine months since he had left Vegeta Star, and I don't know how she is now-according to the plot, Vegeta Star should be destroyed in three months.

That woman was so stubborn, she might really obey her superiors and return to Vegeta.

In fact, as far as Luo Lan is concerned, he doesn't have much sense of belonging to Vegeta and Saiyans. Luo Lan just looks like he can eat the whole family alone. It doesn't matter whether Vegeta is destroyed or not. On the contrary, the indifferent woman of Seferia, perhaps because of the previous months of getting along, watched her die in vain, a little reluctant in her heart.

Forget it, think of a way to save her life then, after all, it is his sister.

"If you want to save her, you have to hone your kung fu, don't be laughed at by Sefilia and overpower yourself." Luo Lan thought so, but she practiced more carefully.

Luo Lan’s current combat power is about 460 points, and a few more points have been added in the past few days, which is close to 470 combat power, but it is still far from the superior fighters like Seferia. The woman saw her for the first time. At that time, there were more than 4,200 combat effectiveness, and now it is definitely stronger.

Sometimes Luo Lan really admires Sephylia's talent.

At night, after taking a bath, Luo Lan climbed onto the bed to rest, watching a boring show on TV and eating fruit from the refrigerator.

The TV program was really boring, and Luo Lan soon turned off the TV and was going to sleep.


In the dead of night, the stars are shining, the soft moonlight sprinkles the delicate and translucent light through the glass windows, the ears of frogs and the buzzing of insects ring from time to time, an idyllic night scene.

boom! Boom! !

There was a knock on the door outside the house.

Luo Lan frowned and rolled over, but the knock on the door became louder and louder, making him unable to sleep.

"Is it a beast in the wilderness, huh, grab it for breakfast tomorrow!" Luo Lan got up with a displeased expression, and Luo Lan put on his pajamas to open the door.

"What is the noise, do you want to be eaten?"

Opening the door, there is no beast outside, but a beautiful girl with long blonde hair, sixteen or seventeen years old, Ping Ting Xiuya, has a nice face, and her crystal-like eyes are very moving.

"Ah, sorry little brother, did it bother you? I can't find my universal capsule. Can you let me stay overnight?"


Touch porcelain, or fairy jump?

Luo Lan calmly looked at the girl in front of him, made sure that there was only one person, and then let her in.

The blonde girl hurriedly said thank you and walked directly into the door, never wondering if the other party would have any evil intentions.

"Little brother, are you alone here? How dangerous is this, how about your family?"

The blonde girl chatted after entering the house.

Luo Lan looked at each other at this time. This blonde girl had beautiful long and waist-length hair, a large soft hat on her head, a lavender backpack on her back, and a bright red tight dress on her body. It just right brings out the girl's soft, slender but exquisite and graceful body.

Perhaps because of the long journey, the girl's clothes were stained with dust and she looked a little embarrassed.

Looking at the pearl necklace on her neck, her identity is either rich or noble. She is really a young lady.

"I live alone."

"You are amazing." The girl said admiringly. "By the way, do you have a bathroom? I want to take a shower."

"..." Luo Lan was really speechless at this time. Is the style of the Dragon Ball world so simple? In the middle of the night, a girl would dare to enter a stranger's room? Still preparing to take a shower so casually?

Fortunately, it was himself that he met, and he pointed to the room beside the corridor blankly: "There, the hot water has already been heated."

"Hey, it's great. My sister is going to take a shower first." As the girl put her backpack and hat on the table, she walked happily towards the bathroom, and soon the patter of water came from the bathroom. .

Do you really consider this your home?

Luo Lan can be sure that this girl is definitely not a mess, there is a nerve in her mind.

What's in her bag? With a hint of interest in his heart, Luo Lan opened the purple backpack on the table. There were not many girls' daily necessities in it. Instead, there was a pocket laptop and a few booklets full of text.

Luo Lan picked up the pamphlet and looked at it, and suddenly realized that she didn't recognize the words on the earth.

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