Chapter 18:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Dragon Ball

"Yes, this is the thing."

Sun Wufan's old voice said: "I found it in the valley a few years ago. It looked good and brought it with me. Since it is what you want, I will give it to you."

"Old man, thank you!" Luo Lan's attitude suddenly became enthusiastic, and he took the Dragon Ball over. This old man is still very kind.

The Dragon Ball is a divine object made by the gods. Because it uses the principle of refraction, you can see the red stars in it no matter what angle you look at. After collecting seven, you can summon the dragon, and make a wish that does not exceed the authority of the gods. Although the strength of the dragon ball theory on earth cannot be compared with the name of the star dragon ball and the super dragon ball of the universe, for now, Lan said it was very precious.

"You're welcome!" Monkey King laughed, suddenly surprised, and his gaze at Luo Lan became surprised, "Little brother, you seem to contain a terrible power."

"Did you see it?" Luo Lan looked at Monkey King.

In addition to mastering exquisite skills, the martial arts masters on the earth have never been in his eyes. Among many martial arts masters, the strength of Monkey King is very good, but it is only passable. The physique of the people on earth is their biggest flaw. Even Sun Wufan can only release a few qigong waves, and because of the long brewing time, it is not applicable in actual combat.

Therefore, in the low-level "low-strength environment", the efficiency of fist fighting is far better than the qigong wave, but the use of qigong wave in actual combat is inefficient, which is just the opposite of the general environment in the universe.

With Sun Wufan's current strength, he can't sense his vitality. It needs special training from the temple, or his own strength exceeds 200 combat power before he can barely do it. But looking closely, Sun Wufan could more or less perceive the horror of Luo Lan.

"Offended!" Monkey King suddenly stepped forward and tentatively shook his fist. His speed was so fast that a gust of fist swept through.

But all this fell in Luo Lan's eyes, but it was as slow as a snail, and his strength was weak.

A sharp glow suddenly flashed in his eyes, and his small palm suddenly came out to withstand Monkey King's fist.

Bang, the attack came to an abrupt halt, and a counter-shock came, and Sun Wufan's body flew back more than ten meters, and his heel stepped on the ground, directly marking two deep gullies.

"Awesome, even Teacher Wu Tian can't beat me back with one move. What a terrible kid!" Monkey King was particularly surprised. The child who seemed to be only five years old in front of him contained something extraordinary. power.

"You are not my opponent."

The child's immature voice rang in his ears. After listening to it, Monkey King looked at Luo Lan with deep eyes and sighed.

"Awesome, I don't know who you are, you have such a terrifying strength."

Taisi recovered from the stunnedness at the beginning, and jumped out to show off, "Luo Lan is a Saiyan, so he can't live in seclusion."

"Saiyan?" Sun Wufan thought slightly and shook his head. "It turns out that I am lonely and unheard of. I have never heard of the Saiyan tribe. It's amazing. I think even Teacher Wu Tian is not yours. opponent."

Of course the old pervert of Guixianren is not my opponent... Luo Lan looked proud. Taisi, too, really regards Saiyans as a minority on earth.

After getting the four planets, Luo Lan didn't stay here. After saying goodbye, he took the reluctant Taisi and left Baozi Mountain.

Taisi was very excited along the way, because she finally saw the contest between martial artists. Although it was only one move, the two deep ditch shoveled out with her feet revealed to her the hidden side of the world. She has the feeling of stepping into a new world.

"Luo Lan, what do you want this strange bead for?"

On the way back, Taisi took the dragon ball and placed it in front of her to observe. The strange thing was that the four stars on it were exactly the same no matter what angle they looked at.

"This thing is called Dragon Ball. It is a fetish made by the gods."

"Is there really a ** in the world? Tell me quickly..." Taisi's interest came up again.

Luo Lan split the thorns on both sides of the road, and said: "The gods exist, although they are not extraordinary, there is a Kailin Pagoda in the Kailin Holy Land in the north, on which the martial arts fairy-Kailin..." Yiss quickly said: "I've heard of this. It is said that as long as you climb the Kailin Tower with your bare hands, you can see the fairy above and accept the fairy's guidance. Isn't this a fairy tale?"

"Don't interrupt me!" Luo Lan glared at her, and Taisi shut her mouth obediently.

Luo Lan continued: "The Kailin immortal does exist. In fact, there is a wider space above the Kailin Tower. There is a temple where the gods of the earth live."

Hey, there is a god! Taysi couldn't help but want to interrupt Luo Lan, but she quickly covered her mouth with lessons learned.

He took the dragon ball from Taisi's hand and irradiated it at the sun: "This kind of dragon ball is made by the gods. There are seven in total. As long as you collect seven dragon ** scattered around the world, you can summon the Shenlong. The Shenlong can satisfy the summoning. It’s a wish, and the last person who collected Dragon Balls finally became the king. That was more than a hundred years ago."

"It's so amazing, then let's go find Dragon Ball."

Isn't this a matter of increasing experience? Tays felt that writing these elements in a novel would definitely be very popular.

"Finding Dragon Ball requires Dragon Ball Radar."

"You can ask my dad to do it. He is the one who invented the universal capsule technology. It is easy to complete with a radar." Taisi reported to her home and said the identity of her family.

What you were waiting for was your words. Luo Lan smiled, pretending to hesitate, and reluctantly agreed to go with Taisi to the West Capital to find her father, Dr. Brives.

"Hehe, what are you waiting for, let's hurry up." Pointing to the mountain road down the mountain, Taisi exclaimed vigorously, and Taisi was full of energy.

"Well, let's go!"

With a faint smile on Luo Lan's face, with the help of a woman like Taisi, Dr. Brives would probably help develop the Dragon Ball Radar. Next, the two left the boundary of Baozi Mountain on motorcycles. When passing a small town, Taisi offered to go to the store to buy some clothes.

During this period of time, because there was only one piece of clothing, she could only sleep in a bath towel every night. Such a hard life made her feel full of hardship.

Luo Lan liked this kind of life, after all, he could lie with a beautiful woman every night.

But facing Taisi’s request, he seemed to be unable to refute it at all, so he saw her scouring various styles in the shopping mall like a violent wind sweeping fallen leaves, watching each piece of clothing put in the shopping cart, skirts, shirts, underwear, Jeans...Hey, this woman is really rich, can she buy so many clothes?

Taisi's answer is: Be prepared.

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