Chapter 19:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Taisi Family

After a long journey, a few days later, the two finally arrived at the city where Taisi's home is located-the prosperous West Capital.

Entering the Western Capital, it is as if you have suddenly come to the future world ahead of several times. There are countless kinds of magical vehicles. There are long corridors in the sky, and vehicles in the air are driving in the corridors. .

On the earth, the polarization of science and technology is particularly obvious. Some ethnic groups are still living the most primitive tribal life, some places have just spread electric facilities, and some areas have developed advanced technologies to enter space. Even a few hundred kilometers apart are two completely different worlds. With such intricate social relations, I don't know how these ethnic groups live in harmony.

This also reflects the diversity of earth civilizations and races.

There are five cities with the most advanced science and technology on the earth, named after the middle, southeast, northwest, and middle. Except for the cities in the central part that exist as the capital of the earth kingdom, the other four cities are full of modern metropolises. The level of science and technology is 100 advanced compared to other regions. Years, a very incredible gap.

When he first entered the Western Capital, Luo Lan sighed at the prosperous scene of the Western Capital. He thought that even if many alien cities, the Western Capital might not be advanced.

Speaking of the West Capital, the most famous is of course the Magnum Capsule Company, which has risen strongly in recent years. This company founded by Dr. Brives has swept the world with its magical Magnum Capsule technology in just a few years. In the West Capital, almost everyone knows the names of the Magnum Capsule Company and Dr. Brives.

Ask anyone on the street and you will be able to tell the location of the headquarters of the Universal Capsule Company.

"This way, there is my home." Taisi walked in front, pointing to a five-story, hemispherical building covering a very wide area.

"Really rich."

Taisi's home covers a very large area. There are various flowers and trees planted around the house, as well as a personal swimming pool. Its scale looks like an independent villa area. Just one year of water and electricity is not the ordinary people can afford. of.

Under the leadership of Taisi, Luo Lan entered the villa smoothly, and saw Bulma’s father Dr. Brives inside. This was a sloppy doctor wearing a white hanger with a stick in his mouth. Smoke, lavender hair scattered over the ears.

Dr. Breves saw the eldest daughter leading a little boy back, and asked strangely: "Tais, is this your new friend? No wonder there has been no boyfriend. So you like younger boys! "

Tays rolled her eyes irritably: "Luo Lan is a friend I met during the trip."

"Oh, it turns out not to be a boyfriend." Dr. Brives shook his head regretfully, and entered the room with Luo Lan with a smile, "If you need something to drink, please take care of yourself. I'm sorry, my wife is busy taking care of my little daughter, so I didn't entertain him in time. "

"It doesn't matter."

Luo Lan looked at Dr. Brives, and after a while, Dr. Brives came over with a drink.

Taisi put the backpack on the sofa, took out the four planets and said to Dr. Brives: "Dad, can you create a radar to detect dragon ball signals based on this dragon ball?"

Dr. Breves took the Dragon Ball and observed it: "No problem, as long as this bead radiates electromagnetic waves outward, I think I can develop an instrument to detect special fluctuations, but it will take a few days."

Taysi smiled at Luo Lan and said triumphantly: "I'll say it's okay."

A smile appeared on Luo Lan's face.

At this time, Mrs. Brives led a four-year-old girl over and her eyes lit up when she saw Luo Lan: "Ah, this is the first time Taisi has brought a boy back. It is really cute. If you grow up If you are a few years old, you can be Taisi’s boyfriend. By the way, if you don’t like Taisi, I don’t mind Auntie.”

"Mom!" Tays shouted at Mrs. Brives with an ugly expression.

"Haha..." Luo Lan smiled dryly.

This family is really interesting.

As the saying goes, "It's not a family, don't enter a family." Taisi's family are all wonderful works. Dr. Brives is a genius inventor, but he is not shy all day; Mrs. Brives is an old-fashioned person, she likes to hook up with young handsome guys and play jokes with her daughter; Taisi and her sister Bulma are not easy to live. Lord, likes to run outside all year round.

"Are you sister's friend?" The milky voice of milk.

Luo Lan looked like a little girl with lavender hair, over four years old, with two small braids.


The young Bulma is indeed very cute, but Bulma is very wary of Luo Lan, holding the toy laser gun at him. Luo Lan knew that this laser gun could really emit laser light.

"Yes, I am Taisi's friend."

"I won't give my sister to you." Bulma said seriously.

Luo Lan laughed blankly, he still wouldn't argue with a little girl, besides, he had nothing to do with Taisi, the age difference was too big.

After getting acquainted with the Tays family, Tays began to talk about her experience since traveling. When she talked about losing the universal capsule and almost sleeping on the street, she was lucky enough to be taken in by Luo Lan. Mrs. Si and the others looked at Luo Lan more kindly.

Even Bulma thinks this big brother is okay.

After an afternoon tea, the host and the guest had a very happy conversation.

Mrs. Brives went to take care of her cat, and Dr. Brives took the dragon ball and started to develop the Dragon Ball Radar. Only Bulma listened enthusiastically to Taisi's adventure story, with both eyes shining from time to time.

Since it would take some time to develop the Dragon Ball Radar, Luo Lan stayed in Taisi's house next, because Taisi's home was very large, and there were several unused rooms, and just a random one was enough for Luo Lan to live in.

Entering the room, thoroughly washed away the dust on his body with hot water, Luo Lan soaked in the warm water, thinking to himself:

"I already have one of the seven dragon ** in my hand. When Dr. Brives has developed the dragon ball radar, I can go out and look for it. Well, except for the one from the Turtle Immortal, the one in the Bull Demon King’s castle. There are also some clues. As for the other ones, we have to wait for the doctor to build the Dragon Ball Radar!"

With the Dragon Ball Radar, the search process is actually very fast. In the original book, Bulma and Monkey King stopped and went, and it took a summer vacation to collect all the dragon balls. Luo Lan thought that at her own speed, it should be even better. fast.

It is absolutely possible to summon the dragon before the destruction of Vegeta.

"Taisi’s home is really luxurious. There are more than 20 large and small rooms. If you include the living room, kitchen, laboratory, bathroom, etc., there are always more than 40 small areas. , This renovation will cost a lot of money! It is indeed a rich family."

Luo Lan himself is not short of money. There are more than 100 million in the bank card in his hand. The treasure that has not been sold is probably worth billions, but the money is still far behind the world's richest man.

Taisi is a white rich beauty in the true sense. Such a rich lady likes the life of an adventurer, which is also interesting.

Speaking of which, Bulman's little girl grew up to be a idiot, and contributed most of the welfare in the early stage of Dragon Ball. In this comparison, Taisi is probably the most normal of their family.

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