Chapter 2:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Good talent

The Star Vegeta at the end is a very dangerous place, and Frieza, a well-known "planet seller" might have already set his sights on it.

Luo Lan knew in his heart that the most important thing now was to figure out the time period he was in, and then leave Vegeta star as soon as possible, but then he saw his short arms and legs, he knew that his thoughts were going to be lost for the time being.

The child's body is really in trouble, sitting on the ground cursingly, the only thing that gives him a trace of comfort is that he probably won't be in danger now.

Reflexively, Luo Lan wanted to press the energy detector beside her ear, but he could not touch anything.

Only then did I realize that my energy detector had also been recovered, and there was nothing left except a small combat uniform.

"In this case, you don't even know how much combat power you have."

It would be great if she knew how to feel the breath of a human being on earth. Vegeta could learn the sense of breath by observing the sense of aura without a teacher. Luo Lan also wanted to try it, but after spending a lot of work, she didn’t even know what Qi is. clear.

It seems that I am far from being a genius!

Luo Lan cocked his mouth and chirped. After all, there are not many geniuses like Vegeta in the entire Vegeta. If you can learn the tricks of the earthlings casually, the aliens in the universe will not all use energy detection. Device.

Breath induction must be very profound.

Luo Lan comforted herself and never thought that her talent was not enough.

In fact, Luo Lan's talent is still very good, and he was judged as an intermediate fighter at birth, which is already quite remarkable. Among Saiyan newborns, those with a combat power of 50 or less at birth are lower-level fighters, those between 50 and 100 are mid-level fighters, and those with more than 100 are geniuses among Saiyans and are judged as superior fighters.

In all Saiyan races, the number of upper-level fighters is very small, and there may not be one in a hundred newborns. Every upper-level fighter is a talent who is closely watched and cultivated. Things like entering a training group will never happen. When it comes to them, even if they are orphans, the ethnic group will give them the best care.

Below the upper-level fighters are the middle-level fighters and the mainstay of the future of the ethnic group. They account for 8% or 9% of newborns, and they are not many. The remaining ninety percent are all lower-level fighters, including more than half of non-combatants who have been unable to break through 1,000 combat power in their entire lives.

Generally speaking, the birth of a Saiyan largely determines the strength that can be achieved in the future. Even if the lower-level fighters are well- trained, their combat effectiveness is generally below 2000 after they grow up, while the intermediate fighters are between 2000 and 5000. Only superior fighters can reach or exceed 5000 combat effectiveness.

Therefore, the upper-level fighters are particularly noble among the Saiyans. They are the famous family of the Saiyans and the highest fighting power of the Saiyans.

At present, the entire Vegeta Star has no more than 5 superior fighters with a combat power of more than 10,000, and they are all outstanding among Saiyans without exception.

"According to my memory, this body of mine originally had 134 combat power. It reached this level at the age of three. It is already very impressive. It can reach at least 3000 combat power in adulthood. Unfortunately, due to insufficient nutrient supplementation, life was delayed. cut."

Thinking of the secular practices of the treatment center, Luo Lan detested.

If you give him top-notch nutrient solution, he can guarantee that his current combat effectiveness can definitely reach 180!

But then again, if the strength of the predecessor is so strong, there will be no chance for him to pass through the possession.

"Hmph, I don’t understand something so profound in breath induction anyway, but the energy wave should be able to do it, let me think about it, it seems that I have used it in my memory, it is like this..." According to the memory, the energy in the body is operated. Soon a cluster of dazzling light suddenly formed in the palm of the hand, and then turned into a bright blue energy ball.

"Rising up, energy ball." Luo Lan shouted excitedly.

But the next second, the violent movement affected his body's injuries, Luo Lan staggered, and the energy ball in his hand was thrown out.

A spherical object glowing with blue light suddenly flew out like a bullet, and instantly hit the forest a few hundred meters away. There was a violent sound of "rumbling", and the energy bomb burst out terrifying energy at the moment of impact. Countless sand and gravel filled the sky, which quickly made the vision hazy.

The energy exploded from the energy bomb instantly destroyed a wide range of forests, and a strong shock wave spread from the center of the explosion to the surroundings. Numerous towering trees were bent to the ground, and the whole tree was uprooted.

When the smoke composed of sand and dust dissipated, what appeared in front of us was bare sand and stone that had become unrecognizable and nearly a hundred meters square.

Luo Lan looked dumbfounded, startled by the destruction she had caused.

"This power is too strong, it's like being hit by a missile."

This kind of destructive power is definitely more than 134 combat power. The near death once really stimulated the potential of oneself. No, it should be said that it stimulated the potential provided by the previous nutrient solution.

Luo Lan smiled stupidly, as if a fire was burning in his heart. At this moment, Frieza and Demon Buu were nothing, and he could easily defeat them.

"Bah, what dream are you doing, I have nothing to provoke them to do!"

Luo Lan slapped herself, really nothing to do. Now it is the most important thing to save her life. Well, it is too dangerous to find a way to leave Vegeta as soon as possible.

With this idea in his mind, Luo Lan began to think about how to get an aircraft. If you can't steal it, then you can only steal it, but even if it is stolen, he will not use it! Really distressed!

Well, let's improve my strength first, it will be easier to handle everything with higher strength.

Luo Lan's heart is so eager.

Dragon Ball World adheres to the law of the weak and the strong, and the strength is the first. Now that you have become a Saiyan, if you don't make good use of your talents, isn't it a trip for nothing?

So in the following days, Luo Lan lived alone in the forest. Fortunately, this forest was only a hundred kilometers away from the nearest Saiyan gathering place. The more powerful beasts in the forest had long been cleared by the Saiyans. , Luo Lan stayed here to get acquainted with her own power.


"Today is the 135th day of the journey, and today I was severely repaired. The opponent is a rabbit with long ears. It is strange. The rabbits on Vegeta are so powerful. Wait, this Qiu first write it down and wait for me to burn it."

"I ate lunch beautifully, and my combat effectiveness really improved a lot. I feel that it is now better than the Tianjin Fan in the world's No. 1 Budokai. It is worthy of the body of a Saiyan. The physical fitness is too strong. It won’t be long before you can surpass that Big Devil."

"Ma Dan, this is the Dragon Ball World...can't be proud."

"Stay for a while."

"I will go back to the gathering place in a few days. I can't afford to lose my time. I must leave Vegeta as soon as possible. However, I am a black household now. How can I get rid of it!"

"Bathed in the moonlight, I feel full of energy!"

Luo Lan lay on the grass piled with broken leaves, reminiscing about more than a hundred days of coming to Vegeta.

The surroundings are chaotic, like being swept by a storm, leaving a messy appearance. It seems that this body is about three and a half years old. Fortunately, even if there is not enough nutrient solution, the growth is still not slowed down. This is because of the daily exercise.

Luo Lan is very happy.

In short, his talent is good.

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