Chapter 22:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Seven Dragon Balls

The sun is scorching, the sun is like a fire, and the hot earth bears the desperate scorching of a stove.

There is not a trace of moisture in the atmosphere, and even the wind blowing over is fiery that is hard to describe.

This is a desert in a tropical area. The traces of modernization have long been invisible here. Similar to the capital of the West, this place seems to be at a level of uncivilized civilization. All people are wrapped in gauze, keeping their skin tight. , Only people hiding in the shade dare to show their skin.

Sweat couldn't help dripping from her cheeks, Taisi supported a wooden stick, followed behind panting, staring at the hot sun in the sky, her head suddenly felt dizzy.

"No, I can't walk anymore." Called softly, Taisi squatted on the ground with exhaustion, and the veil covering her cheek fell down, revealing a sweet face.

"You are going to follow."

Luo Lan stopped and helped Taisi to walk to a shady corner. The breeze was blowing. Only then did she feel a trace of coolness. She poured cold water on her head, and then she slapped her head. With a little air, "You treat everyone as strong as you are like a monster, sister is a girl."

"Too weak, Saiyan women are not as delicate as you." Luo Lan handed her a fan.

Taysi gave him an angry look, took the fan and kept fanning it, wiped the sweat from her cheeks, worried that her skin would be damaged by the sun.

"How far are we from the next dragon ball?"

"About three kilometers away." Taking out the Dragon Ball radar and taking a look, Luo Lan roughly estimated that there are five shining spots in the center of the radar, and there is a constantly shining signal three kilometers away. .

"There is still so far, I can't stand it."

"I'm going to get the dragon ball back alone." Luo Lan said.

Tays shook her head quickly and said: "No, I have said that if I travel together, how can I leave me alone? Well, this is also a challenge. I will try to overcome it."

Seeing Taisi staggering and pretending to be strong, Luo Lan felt a burst of laughter, but she did not dampen her self-confidence.

"Forget it, wait until the evening to find Dragon Ball." Luo Lan said lightly when he glanced at the poisonous sun.

Taisi pulled her hair down, and stuck out her tongue embarrassedly: "I'm so sorry."

Luo Lan shook his head and transformed a small house from the universal capsule on a flat area: "Come in and cool off."

"Hee hee." The girl chuckled softly. After entering the room, she ran directly to the bathroom, took a quick shower in cold water, and then came out in a cool dress and poured five dragon ** from her backpack on the table. Have fun.

Jingle, five orange-red beads rolled down together, and when they collided, they shone golden light, accompanied by a low humming sound.

These five dragon ** are their harvest these days.

Two weeks ago, Luo Lan and Taisi began to search for Dragon Ball. The first stop was the Guixian House outside the eastern sea, where the Guixian people lived.

Guixianren is known as the "God of Martial Arts". Although he is an experienced master of martial arts, he is naturally lecherous. In the original book, Bulma even lifted up a skirt to tempt him to get his dragon ball. This time Luo Lan accompanied Luo Lan. , Naturally will not let the turtle fairy take advantage. After landing on the island, I directly found the Guixianren who was hiding under the big tree. Without saying a word, he struck a hand knife at the Guixianren's neck. The old man was knocked out by Luo Lan without even knowing what was happening.

When Luo Lan woke up, he had already taken his three-star ball to escape. The Turtle Immortal woke up and felt a pain in his neck. He thought he stiffened while sleeping, and didn't know what happened.

At night, Guixian discovered that the crystal ball that had been hanging around his neck had disappeared, and only one twine was still hanging on his neck.

And Luo Lan and Taisi, who successfully obtained the Dragon Ball from the Turtle Immortal, continued their journey to find the Dragon Ball. The two of them either drove a jeep or drove a yacht to travel around the world...

They had collected five dragon ** in just two weeks, and the sixth dragon ball was in front of them.

Because of Luo Lan’s participation, there were no dangers along the way, so all the enemies he encountered were killed by Luo Lan, but it made Taisi really feel the charm of martial arts, and for a while, Wen Si was full of thoughts, and his mind opened up. , Carefully record all the experiences and use them as materials for future creations.


In the evening, the sky gradually dimmed, and the afterglow of the sun disappeared on the horizon, leaving only a burning red on the horizon, echoing the gray-blue night farther away.

As the sun went down, the venomous craze receded a little, and Taisi was finally able to walk outside without wearing a veil. The two followed the position indicated by the Dragon Ball radar all the way to a beach three kilometers away. There are flying sand and trees, and there is no vegetation. The exposed rocks are weathered under the erosion of wind and sand all the year round. The surface is covered with fragmentary cracks, and the stones will peel off when touched by hand.

"According to the display on the radar, the sixth dragon ball is nearby, but here is all yellow sand. Shouldn't the dragon ball be buried underground?" Taisi put her hands in front of her forehead and looked into the distance. , Into the goal is a desolate scene.

Luo Lan glanced at the Dragon Ball radar, adjusted the radar to a three- dimensional mode, and the picture changed, and quickly showed the distance of the Dragon Ball from the ground, about five meters deep underground.

"Find a place to hide." The body floated upward, and a ball of dark blue energy condensed in the heart of Luo Lan's hand.

Seeing this, Tays hurried out toward the raised ledge in the distance, and then hid carefully. Taisi, who has had similar experiences, has seen the power of energy bombs. Such a small energy ball is enough to razor a mountain to the ground.

"I'm hiding now, let's start." Taysi yelled at Luo Lan, clutching the rocks on the ledge tightly with both hands.

Luo Lan stared calmly at the sandy ground below, a sharp glow suddenly flashed across his eyes, and an energy bomb the size of a table tennis ball was thrown toward the ground. There was a loud bang, and in an instant it was as if being hit by a missile with the same power, the yellow sand splashed, and the billowing air wave spread in all directions. Amidst the yellow sand, a glass ball with the size of a fist shone brightly and splashed out of the yellow sand.

found it!

A bright light flashed in his eyes, Luo Lan's figure moved quickly and suddenly grabbed the flying dragon ball in his hand.

"One planet!"

A satisfied smile appeared on Luo Lan's face, and he handed the dragon ball to Taisi to put away.

Taisi was holding the dragon ball enthusiastically, as if she couldn't put it down like a beloved thing, and now there was only one dragon ball left.


A few days later, more than two hundred kilometers away from the sixth dragon ball, Luo Lan found the last dragon ball in a lush bush.

Take out the seven dragon * and place them on the ground. As soon as the seven dragon * touched together, they flashed golden light, and every time they flashed, they made a soft moan like a dragon.

"Om, hum, hum!"

Seven dragon ** flicker and flicker regularly.

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