Chapter 23:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Make a wish

"What are you going to do next, have you directly summoned the Shenlong?" In an area with open terrain, Taisi followed Luo Lan expectantly.

"Yeah, it's about to start."

Luo Lan nodded and looked at the shining dragon ball on the ground, with some uncontrollable excitement in his heart, took a deep breath, and then shouted at the dragon ball on the ground:

"Come out, Shenlong!"

After shouting, Luo Lan waited quietly now, because it was the first time to summon the Shenlong, so he could only imitate the lines in the original book, and it should be possible to summon the Shenlong.

Sure enough, after he finished speaking, the seven dragon ** on the ground began to flicker faster, and the buzzing sound became more intense, as if a high-voltage current was discharging in the ear. Soon a large cloud of dark clouds floated in the sky, and the sky, which was originally a clear sky, instantly entered the terrifying darkness.

Taisi stepped back timidly, and saw Luo Lan beside her standing still, calm as a god, her cheek flushed involuntarily, and secretly said: It's too embarrassing, that she is not even as good as a child.

So he plucked up the courage to take out a camera and pointed it at Dragon Ball, looking forward to the exciting scene.


There was a thunder in the dark night, the golden light of the dragon ball pierced through the clouds, and a magnificent scene was gathered in the sky. Soon a mighty, majestic, slender green dragon hovered in the black cloud, flashing red Shining eyes looked down.

"Humans who have collected Dragon Balls, speak your wish. I can fulfill it for you, but there can only be one."

Looking at the mighty dragon in the sky, Luo Lan's eyes flashed with joy. Taysi grabbed Luo Lan's shoulder excitedly, and pointed at the dragon in the sky with excitement and some fear: "It really appeared. It turns out that the dragon looks like this. It's so mighty! It makes you express your wish!"

"Yeah." With a smile on his face, Luo Lan adjusted his emotions and looked at Shenlong.

"Shenlong, I have a sister named Sefilia, I hope you will bring her to my side." She made a loud wish to Shenlong, Sefilia is her own sister anyway, Luo Lan thought about it. Unable to abandon her, he made a wish for Shenlong to transfer Seferia to the earth.

Calculating the time, Vegeta star will be destroyed in a while, and the other Saiyan Luo Lan can ignore, but Sefilia still has to save it.

After hearing Luo Lan's wish, Shenlong was silent for a while, ready to release energy, but after a while, Shenlong's voice rang again: "Sorry, this wish cannot be realized. The other party rejected your request. Please change another wish."

"What?" Luo Lan's expression appeared stunned, the situation was beyond his expectation.


What the ** is Seferia doing!

At this time, Shenlong said in a loud voice: "The strength of Sephylia you mentioned is above me. I cannot force a person who is beyond strength to be transferred. The other party does not believe the information I gave, so please change your wish. "

Luo Lan frowned slightly and touched his head.

It is true that Shenlong cannot force his wish to act on people who are stronger than it. In the original work, Oolong once wanted to use the power of Dragon Ball to deal with the Saiyan who invaded the earth when he was resurrecting Monkey King, but in the end he said that he could not do it. When the Mackerel Dragon wants to bring back the wandering Monkey King in the universe, it needs the consent of the other party.

If Seferia didn't cooperate with Shenlong, there would be no way.

Do you want to abandon her?

After thinking about it for a moment, Luo Lan shook his head. Sefilia was definitely going to be saved. After all, he was his only relative in this world. Saving her was worthy of the two of them getting along for a few months. It seems that I have to go to Vegeta in person to bring her out.

Stupid woman, in order to save her, I have put a lot of thought into it.

"Shenlong, please give me the ability to'teleport' like the king of trainee Jiebit!"

"Sorry, this is the ability that the rules of the universe give to the trainee world king god."

Shenlong's answer was as calm as ever.

Luo Lan nodded, it was as long as he had expected that Shenlong could not realize this wish. He wanted to drill a loophole, but it really seemed impossible. The ability to teleport at will, like the trainee king ** Jiebit, is the reward of the rules of the universe to the trainee king god, not something mortals can get.

Then you can only choose the teleportation of the Jadrats. Although it is a little bit closer than the teleportation of Jebit, it is also very effective.

Just as he was about to make a wish, Luo Lan suddenly realized the instant movement of the Stars of Yadrat, he needed to sense the breath of the opponent when he used it, and he didn't know this, even if he learned it through Dragon Ball, he couldn't use it for a while. If this time is missed to save people, it is also very troublesome.

"Human, speak your wish, provided that it does not exceed the authority of the gods." Shenlong urged.

Luo Lan thought about it a little bit and looked at Shenlong and asked, "Is there a skill in the universe that can move instantaneously without breath sensing? If so, please teach it to me."

The Shenlong was suspended in mid-air and was silent for a long time. Just when Luo Lan had no expectations, the Shenlong spoke: "Medalmore has a'transfer technique', which is similar to'teleportation', but requires sufficient energy support. Are you sure you want to realize this wish?"

Medamore star, transfer technique.

Perhaps it is a skill similar to "fusion".

Luo Lan replied affirmatively: "Yes, please teach me this skill!"

"Understood, your wish can be realized!" A high-pitched voice sounded, and then Shenlong's eyes glowed red.

Taisi was shocked when she saw Shenlong's eyes suddenly glowing blood-red, but Luo Lan knew that this was Shenlong's power of using Dragon Ball. In the next second, Luo Lan had a series of complexities in his mind. The knowledge, and quickly integrated, it is like having personally experienced learning.

This knowledge is exactly the "transfer technique" of the Medamore Stars!

The so-called “transfer technique” is like “fusion technique”. Through special techniques to mobilize energy in the body, it can exert a power effect several times beyond the limit of the body. “Transfer technique” focuses on space transfer, which is a bit like the insect in science fiction. Hole technology, open space with manpower, but need to know the location of the destination in advance.

Otherwise, accidents are prone to happen and transfer to dangerous stars or stars.

After accepting a series of complicated knowledge, Luo Lan's brain was a little painful. At this time, the voice of Shenlong sounded in her ear: "Your wish has been fulfilled, then goodbye!"

After speaking, the dragon flew up into the sky, and suddenly turned into seven light spots flying around the world, and the dark sky suddenly returned to light.

"Luo Lan, are you okay?" Seeing Luo Lan still closed his eyes, Taysi asked concerned.

Luo Lan said: "It's okay, I have received too much information for a while, and I need to ease it."

"Nothing is fine. By the way, Seferia is your sister. Why can't even Dragon Ball bring her here." Doesn't it mean that Shenlong is omnipotent? You can't even bring a girl, and it's not justified. .

"That woman is a barbarian!" As soon as he mentioned Seferia, Luo Lan recalled the time when Vegeta was ravaged by her, and his brain ached.

Hey, first try the "transfer technique" you learned from Shenlong!

Although the knowledge has been integrated, it still needs practical tests.

Seeing that Luo Lan didn't want to be entangled with Seferia's issue, Ta Yishun nodded, then picked up the camera with a beaming smile and watched the videos she shot repeatedly. If these images were published, it would definitely cause a huge sensation.


In the temple, when Luo Lan and the others summoned the dragon, the gods had been paying attention to the situation in the lower realm. After all, the appearance of the dragon was not trivial. If it was taken away by the ambitious, it would inevitably cause a certain disturbance.

When it was discovered that the person who summoned the Shenlong was actually Luo Lan, the gods' hearts were jealous. This mysterious alien visitor, although young, is terribly strong. If he does evil, the ** himself is not his opponent. . Fortunately, the other party did not make any evil wishes, but he let the gods breathe a sigh of relief.

After the dragon ball disappeared, the heavenly ** murmured with a complicated expression: "Even the power of the dragon can't provoke, there is such a strong man in the world..."

For no reason, a strong sense of urgency arose in God's heart.

Then it turned into a long sigh. Compared with the unknown outer space, the strength of the earth is still too weak.

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