Chapter 26:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Return to Vegeta

"With this equipment, coupled with the healing ability of the fairy beans, my strength will usher in a huge improvement...but I must also pay attention to my physical condition. Don't overuse the gravity equipment to make my future growth low." Warning to herself, Luo Lan walked out of the spaceship with excitement.

"By the way, this spaceship can also become a universal capsule?" If it is not portable, it is also very troublesome.

"Of course, this is the most basic function." Dr. Breves took it for granted.

Everything from the Wanneng Capsule Company's production base has a shrinking function, ranging from refrigerators and color TVs to villas and cruise ships. Wanneng Capsule Company started with this technology.

Luo Lan nodded, and then looked at another device not far from the gravity spacecraft. It was a sphere with a diameter of about eight meters and surrounded by six thick metal brackets. "What is that?"

Dr. Breves replied: "Oh, that is a simulation device built when the gravity chamber was made. It has about half the function of the spacecraft's gravity chamber, but the material also uses the strongest alloy, so it can withstand super-density energy bombardment. ."

"Can also be reduced into a capsule?"


Luo Lan looked at the spherical gravity chamber with interest. Even if it was just a test product for rehearsal simulation, it could easily reach 50 times the gravity. Dr. Brives' genius was simply unimaginable.

Luo Lan didn't intend to let it go, so he proposed to Dr. Brives to take away the gravity chamber. Dr. Brives didn't care about the rehearsal equipment, so he quickly agreed.

Carefully turning the two gravity devices into universal capsules and putting them in his arms, Luo Lan's eyes were full of hope for the future.

It's time to return to Vegeta.

Luo Lan muttered to herself.

Speaking of being away from Vegeta for nearly a year, according to the plot, Vegeta is about to be destroyed by Frieza. Because of the "Transfer Technique" skill, Luo Lan is no longer afraid of the risk of planet destruction, and in a big deal, he will move to another planet after saving Sefilia.

I have worked hard for that sister. The other party should repay me.

Such as promises by body

Stopped, fantasizing about her sister who is all over the country and smiling like a flower, Luo Lan quickly withdrew her thoughts. If he dared to think so, Seferia knew she would slap herself to death.

After several months of getting along, Luo Lan was relatively clear about Seferia's character. She was a savage, indifferent, taciturn woman who only knew how to cultivate. Apart from practicing and fighting, he has no other thoughts at all, and he has a very pure Saiyan personality in his bones.

He made up his mind to return to Vegeta, so he then said goodbye to Dr. Brives and the others.

"After I go back, I have to use the communicator to contact me. It is a pleasure to travel with you, and we will take risks together in the future." Taisi knew the news that Luo Lan was leaving, thinking he was going back to his tribe, anyway, he was on earth. , He didn't care, and after speaking, he contacted more and continued to write her novel.

"Taisi doesn't seem to know about alien civilization."

"I told her that I was a Saiyan, but she was regarded as a tribe on earth."

Luo Lan shrugged towards Dr. Brives. Tays’s brains are so big. No wonder she can’t create popular works. I hope her new novel will be popular, but the hope is not great. .

In the original book, Taisi, after getting to know the police officer of the Galaxy Patrol Jake, created a novel based on Jake, but the result was not popular. It wasn't until later that I could go to various planets to do interstellar travel, and the novels created through this experience were not well received.

At this time Mrs. Brives walked over holding Bulma's hand, "Oh, little Luo Lan is leaving, my aunt will miss you."

Bulma raised her hand and shook her lavender braid: "Goodbye, tell me a story next time."

"Well, goodbye everyone!" Luo Lan looked at the Bulma family and waved at them, then flew up into the sky, the energy in the body rose, and quickly turned into a light spot and disappeared on the other side of the sky.

Finding a place without people, Luo Lan's figure appeared again.

Vegeta is a long distance from the earth, and every activation of the "transfer technique" consumes amazing energy. With Luo Lan 520's combat power, it cannot be transferred once, so it needs to stop on several planets in the middle.

Find out the position of Vegeta star from the spacecraft, and then note down the planets used for turnover along the way. When everything is ready, Luo Lan stays focused and concentrates. The Metamorian’s "transfer technique" has been activated, and only one sight is seen. The blurry light and shadow gleamed in place, and Luo Lan had already left the earth.

Compared with leaving Vegeta Star for the first time, Luo Lan who went back this time was much calmer. Because there is a solid retreat, Luo Lan is full of confidence even when facing the Frieza Legion.

In the temple.

The ** noticed that Luo Lan's breath had disappeared from the earth, and finally heaved a sigh of relief: "He finally left."

During this period of time, the gods have not rested well, always paying attention to Luo Lan’s movements, a string in his heart is tense, for fear that the other party will make a difficult situation, that guy is so strong, really made things happen, even if it is a god. His opponent. Such a plague ** is better to leave early.

"I can't see through that kid... It seems that he knows many secrets on the earth. He is still so young, but his strength is terribly strong."

The ** withdrew the thoughts in his heart, and his face showed a trace of ease. Luo Lan has been staying on the earth, which may make him sleep well for several months.

Fortunately, the other party has already left.

Fortunately, the cat fairy who left Luo Lan was robbed once, and he really didn't want to face that kid.


After several pauses and replenishment of energy, about an hour later, Luo Lan's figure appeared on the planet closest to Vegeta.

After taking a break on this planet, taking out food from the universal capsule, Luo Lan stood up and locked the position of Vegeta star. Judging from the information returned by the "transfer technique", the opposite planet is not there yet. Destroyed by Frieza.

Luo Lan took a deep breath: "The next step is to land on Vegeta. I have been away for a year. I don't know what happened there?"

A trace of excitement floated in his heart, Luo Lan's heart became calm, and then the "transfer technique" was activated, and the slender figure disappeared from the planet.

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