Chapter 27:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

The beginning of the disaster

Vegeta is a huge blue and white planet located in the northern galaxy region. It is a rare high-level planet. Saiyans who are famous for fighting live on it. Because of the warlike character of Saiyans, ordinary cosmic people encounter Saiyans will retreat and avoid conflict.

However, because the Saiyans performed the task of selling the planet for Frieza and acted domineering, their reputation in the universe was not good.

During this period of time, Vegeta’s spaceport was much busier than usual, and one after another aircraft returned from various planets. Because of an order from Frieza a few days ago, all Saiyans have returned to their home planet.

They did not know that this was the beginning of a disaster.

call out!

On a wavy sea, the fine waves slapped against each other, and the clear sea surface rippled with overlapping waves under the breeze.

Suddenly, a black figure appeared above the ocean, and Luo Lan finally returned to Vegeta Star.

From the Earth to Vegeta, he had gone through a total of 38 transfers. If it weren't for the fairy beans to support him, with his 520 combat power, he would not be able to return at all. It took more than an hour to do so.

Glancing at the vast expanse of the sea, Luo Lan's figure flashed, and a white light suddenly lit up on his body, bursting like a wave of lightning, and flew towards the coast in a swish.

Because you are above the ocean, you can only see the outline of the distant land, but through the energy detector, you can still roughly determine the location of the gathering place.

"Next find Sefilia, and then take her away from Vegeta."

Thinking like this in his heart, Luo Lan quickly approached the Saiyan gathering place, and the black figure swiftly across the sky like a flash of lightning, and when he approached the gathering place, he started flying at low altitude.

After passing by several Saiyan gathering places, he found that the entire Vegeta star was much more lively than before.

The Saiyan gathering place is full of traffic, and the transportation vehicles going back and forth are like small trains carrying spherical aircrafts. The open space is full of small flying vehicles. The Saiyans are reunited with their relatives one by one. It is rare for Asian talents to express their feelings.

Going back to Seferia's house, she found that there was no one inside. Seferia had not returned to Vegeta.

I went to the mission dispatch department again and inquired with the identity of Sefilia’s younger brother, only to realize that Sefilia and their spacecraft would take another month to return to Vegeta.

When Luo Lan heard the news, his eyebrows suddenly frowned. This was a bit different from what he planned. Originally, he thought about finding Seferia and leaving Vegeta Star, which seemed to be impossible.

"From the current situation, there are still a large number of Saiyans on the way back, so Frieza will not destroy Vegeta Star at this time..."

Estimating the timing of Frieza's destruction of Vegeta, it was discovered that there is still some time before Vegeta's destruction.

"There is still a while before Seferia comes back, so take this opportunity to exercise. Now I can improve a little bit." Compared with Saiyans of the same age, Luo Lan has reached 520 combat effectiveness at the age of five. Good, talented and strong are about to catch up with those superior fighters.

But it depends on whom to compare with. In the strong Vegeta star, Luo Lan can't get this strength.

After making up his mind to practice, Luo Lan put a camera in Seferia’s home to record the situation, and then left the gathering place to find a rock fracture zone in an empty canyon more than a thousand kilometers away. The double-gravity spherical gravity chamber is taken out of the universal capsule.

Set the gravity environment to 16 times the gravity, while adjusting the air pressure and temperature of the gravity chamber, the machine "humming" makes a sound, and the internal environment changes suddenly.

Luo Lan took a deep breath and slowly spit it out, with a seriousness in his dark eyes, then walked into the gravity room resolutely and began the formal gravity training.

The super pressure of 16 times the earth's gravity is really on him, Luo Lan nodded, basically able to bear it, and then performed basic exercises according to the Saiyan exercise mode in his mind. The use of energy by people in the universe is a bit rough compared to the earth, which is caused by the environment.

Luo Lan is now going to combine the Saiyan bloodline to make more effective use of gravity exercise to improve her strength.

So in the gravity training room, Luo Lan honed his fists and feet with sweat and sweat, swooping, leaping, and punching. The crystal sweat moistened the tips of his hair. Time passed a little bit. Luo Lan's strength seemed to have opened the gate, quickly To improve...


The sun has risen, and the horizon has been white.

As the rising sun gradually came out, the gentle sunlight penetrated the clouds, dyeing the white clouds with a layer of cherry red, which looked full of life's brilliance.

At this time, a month has passed since Luo Lan entered the gravity room to practice.

In outer space, Frieza's spacecraft is docked on a fixed orbit, and there are many smaller spacecraft around constantly, monitoring all the movements of Vegeta.

"Kikono, how is the Saiyan situation?" With a slightly hoarse voice, Frieza sat on the small aircraft, looking out of the spaceship with a pair of indifferent eyes.

The yellow-skinned cosmic man named Kikono carried his hands on his back: "Most Saiyans have already returned, and some remote Saiyans need some time."

Frieza's mouth condensed a cruel smile: "This king can't wait, let the people in the legion prepare. This king will destroy Vegeta in five days."

"After the Saiyan disappears, the forces of the Frieza Legion will be greatly damaged." Kikono shook his head, but did not raise any objections. Among all the old men left by King Crud, there was only another veteran "Bei". "Libro" was able to ignore Frieza's horror and even let Frieza listen to some words.

"Oh oh oh, it's hard to gather these Saiyans together. This is the best opportunity to destroy the Saiyans and destroy this planet. These Saiyans are also a fighting nation, and now they are under pressure to surrender to me. I am absolutely dissatisfied in my heart, maybe one day they will bite back, and they must be eliminated before they finally take action."

"Mr. Champo, after the destruction of Vegeta, please encircle and suppress those Saiyans who have not returned to Vegeta based on the communication records of the Yugal."

"Yes, my subordinates will never let any fish slip through the net."

Shangbo, the handsome green-haired cosmic man, replied respectfully, raising his head, bloodthirsty cruel hidden beneath his handsome appearance.

"So I'm relieved." Friezahaha laughed and nodded politely at Chambeau, staring at Vegeta in the distance with blood-red eyes.

Bright stars flashed in front of my eyes, flashing like a shooting star...

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