Chapter 28:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Flying out of the hope of Vegeta

Another day passed, and the time limit for the destruction of Vegeta star set by Frieza was getting closer and closer. Many Saiyans returned to Vegeta by flying vehicles. One of the spacecraft was seated by Monkey King’s father Ba Dark.

Near the orbit of Vegeta Star, Badak saw Frieza's spacecraft from a distance, and the anxiety in his heart suddenly became stronger.

"Look, it's Frieza's spacecraft." The companion in the cockpit pointed to Frieza's spacecraft and called.

Badak held his arms in his arms and sat in the cab with a gloomy expression, "I don't know what Frieza is up to, he came to Vegeta in person."

"It is said that it has been staying for a long time, but it is really rare. Suddenly let us all return to Vegeta Star. If there is any large mission, you can contact us through the contactor. There is no need to let us come back!" The companion is a bit strange.

"Take off the detector first and be careful to be heard!"

"Oh, yes!"

The thin Saiyans took off the communicator in a hurry. In fact, most of the Saiyans who have done something have no affection for Frieza, and surrender is just a means of making a living.

"Everyone is back one by one."

"I don't know if there will be any conspiracy, that guy has absolutely no good intentions." Badak was very vigilant in his heart, but the other people were still enjoying the joy of conquering the planet, and did not realize that the crisis was coming.


The spacecraft landed on the open space of the gathering place, and Badak heard the news that Frieza was investigating the Super Saiyan from the clansman maintaining order, and suddenly realized Frieza's plan, and his heart became more urgent. When he returned home and saw his wife Gine, Badak offered to send his son in the nursery to a remote planet.

Jinai is a petite Saiyan with fluffy hair covering her ear flaps, which makes her look extra petite. Because of her low combat effectiveness, she is a non- combatant and handles the work of carnivores for the tribe.

Hearing that her husband said that he was going to send away his youngest son, his emotions suddenly became excited.

"Why, Badak, Kakarot is only three years old, we haven't taught him to speak yet?!" Ji Nei's gentle character is really rare among Saiyans.

Badak said: "I feel that Frieza is planning some kind of conspiracy. It is too dangerous for Kakarot to stay on Vegeta. At night I will steal a spaceship and send this child to other planets. If There is no danger, then take him back."

"But..." Ji Nei was very reluctant, but in the end he was convinced by Badak.

at night.

Badak stole a newly manufactured spherical aircraft from the research center. Because it was just made, no monitoring equipment was installed on the spacecraft. Then the couple carried the aircraft to a place that was not easy to find.

There was a child crying from the spherical flying vehicle, and Ji Nei looked at her son distressedly: "Don't make trouble with Kakarot, if nothing happens, we will pick you up soon."

"Now, Badak, shall we run away together?"

"No, our energy response is easily monitored. Kakarot is the safest person." Badak said decisively. Gine looked disappointed: "Latiz is on a mission outside with Prince Vegeta. There should be no problem. If Vegeta really has an accident, he can only ask him to find Kakarot... …"

"I found a planet called'Earth' from the database. Because the people and resources on it are of no value, it is an inconspicuous low-level planet. Kakarot will be safe there. ."

Badak comforted his wife, and the couple put their palms on the glass cover of the aircraft and looked at the child inside.

Then press the launch button of the spacecraft, and the aircraft slowly lifted into the sky, rushing up into the sky, and quickly turned into a starlight that disappeared into the bright night sky.

"Goodbye, I must live!"

"We will pick you up soon."

"Be careful of the Galaxy Patrol..."

A starlight gleamed with a cross in the night sky, Badak and Jine looked at the direction where their son was leaving and hugged together. They didn't know that this spaceship would carry the powerhouse who changed the whole world...

Their son Kakarot is about to embark on the most brilliant journey of his life!

A fractured canyon area.

The sun is shining and there is no cloud.

The clear sky was spotless, as if washed by rain, showing a beautiful blue color.

More than eight meters high, the spherical gravity chamber exuding a dark luster is located in the depression of the canyon. Six strong metal supports are plunged into the rock formation, and the equipment is running with a "buzzing" trembling sound.

Click, click!

The wind sand outside was accelerated by the canyon tuyere to hit the surface of the gravity chamber, and small gravels accumulated large sand dunes on the top and below the gravity chamber.

The gravity room is extremely calm. The gravity parameter is set to 18 times and the air pressure is also adjusted to 15 times. Due to the harsh environment, the whole room is filled with a depressing downward line, and the dust is pressed tightly to the floor by the strong gravity. surface. In this extremely harsh environment, a boy with black hair vigorously waved his arms and made various high-intensity movements, and with the rapid movement of his body, crystal clear sweat permeated like a drizzle.


Turning off the gravity device, the training room immediately returned to its normal state. After eating a fairy bean, Luo Lan opened the hatch and walked out with a water bottle.

The high-intensity gravity practice made Luo Lan's strength soar, and his body was like a bean sprout that broke through the soil, thriving under the nourishment of rain. From the initial 16 times the gravity, in just over a month, Luo Lan has increased the gravity to 18 times, and her strength has naturally improved a lot.

"810 combat power!"

The probe took a picture of himself, and Luo Lan showed a smile on his face.

Of course, this kind of strength cannot be compared with the training effect of Monkey King in the gravity room, but Luo Lan does not overly squeeze himself. After all, his body has not yet begun to develop. Excessive force will only leave a bad effect on the body, and it is still gentle. A little bit good.

Therefore, when practicing, Luo Lan will spend half a day in the gravity room practice and another half a day in the normal environment to adapt to the changes in the body.

Perhaps because of the natural adaptation to Vegeta's 10 times the earth's gravity, Luo Lan's strength has not increased as much as Monkey King. Even under 18 times the gravity, the combat effectiveness only increased to 810 points. Perhaps the effect of gravity will only be reflected when the multiple is high in the future.

Not only is Luo Lan not dissatisfied with this, but already feels contented.

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