Chapter 29:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Sister and brother

On this day, Luo Lan exercised in the gravity room as usual. At this moment, the energy detector on her body suddenly "dididi" sounded a fierce signal.

Di di di di!

A string of numbers flickered on the screen of the detector. Luo Lan picked up the detector and saw the data on it, and was shocked.

11000! !

This eye-catching number is shocking, the energy source is only a hundred kilometers away from him. You should know that this detector in Luo Lan's hand was snatched from the Mapa Stars when it was on the planet Mapa. ​​It has no advanced functions than the detectors of the Frieza Legion, but it can automatically alarm when a strong enemy approaches.

Who will it be?

A trace of doubt flashed in Luo Lan's heart.

Vegeta is a high-level planet, but there are very few fighters with a combat power of over 10,000 on it. There are only five fighters at full play. Each of them is a top fighter and maintains the authority of Saiyans. Generally speaking, such fighters are in the capital. Nearby, it will never appear in such a remote place.

The opponent should be a Saiyan, if it is from the Frieza Legion, then he will be ready to run away.

Just when Luo Lan was thinking about the identity of the other party, the energy source quickly approached, and the terrifying energy caused the detector to beep. This was unprecedented.

Cold sweat broke out on Luo Lan's palms, and his body was carefully hidden behind the ledge, raising his head to look at the sky.

The "transfer technique" has been prepared, once it is determined that the opponent is not a Saiyan, it will be activated immediately.

Hula, a straight light ran across the sky like lightning, followed by a violent cracking sound of breaking through the sound barrier, and soon a figure appeared in his vision. Luo Lan's eyesight is very good, and when the energy is concentrated on the eyeballs, it can indeed strengthen the sharpness of the eyes.

It was a Saiyan wearing Frieza's army combat uniform, with two curly haircuts like a crab, a mature face, and a cross-shaped scar on his left cheek.

Badak? !

Seeing the other's appearance clearly, Luo Lan muttered to herself.

How could he appear here, in this direction, he is heading towards the capital.

Suddenly, Luo Lan's nerves tightened, and a sense of urgency emerged spontaneously. According to his understanding, in the original book, Badak sent away his childhood Monkey King on the night he returned to Vegeta, and within a few days, Frieza dropped the "planetary destruction bomb" from space. Destroyed the entire Vegeta star.

Now that Badak has appeared on Vegeta, it means that Frieza will destroy Vegeta soon.

There is not much time left for myself.

And when Luo Lan was observing Badak, as a warrior's instinct, Badak also discovered him.

A child? Badak looked suspiciously at Luo Lan, who was hiding behind the rock below. Although he was surprised at why a Saiyan child appeared here, he was rushing to see King Vegeta now, and he didn't even care about it.

Glancing at Luo Lan lightly, Badak quickly passed Luo Lan's head. The figure instantly turned into a black spot and disappeared into the boundless sky.

After Badak’s figure disappeared, Luo Lan carefully walked out from behind the rock, feeling very urgent, "Badak has already returned, which means that Vegeta Star is not far from destruction, but Sai Why hasn't Philia's team come back?"

Can't drag on any longer, must leave Vegeta as soon as possible!

Thinking of this, Luo Lan hurriedly replenished food, and then put the gravity chamber into the universal capsule, and his body vacated and flew towards the gathering place. Once again, I came to the mission dispatching department to inquire about the situation of Seferia's spacecraft, and the news was that her team would enter Vegeta in half an hour.

Luo Lan was speechless for a while, and the time was just right. If she didn't have her, Sefilia was stuck in time to die!

You are lucky to have a brother like me!

With a grunt, Luo Lan flew directly towards the spacecraft's anchor point. Ordinary Saiyan spaceships are docked in the open space in the center of the gathering place, and there are usually Saiyans or Yugals who maintain the spacecraft to register, but for some Saiyans with higher status and status, the treatment is different.

The upper-level fighters belong to the famous family, the backbone of the Saiyans. Every upper-level fighter enjoys meticulous care, and their spacecraft will land at the special spacecraft anchoring point in the capital.

Soon, Luo Lan came to the Wangdu Terminal to watch the spacecraft returning from space after landing, and then landed under the guidance of professionals. Luo Lan's body was floating in the mid-air, and his eyes kept watching the figures in the crowd, but Sefilia did not appear for a long time.

About ten minutes later, a beautiful figure came out in Zhongxing Pengyue, it was Seferia who had not seen it in a year. There are also some Saiyans around, who should be her team members.

At this time, Sefilia was nineteen years old, with bright eyes and white teeth, her skin like fat, and her silky hair covered her shoulders. Qianli's posture was more attractive than a year ago. Saiyans have fully matured at this stage, and will maintain such a youthful state for a long time, and will not age rapidly until they are old.

Seferia walked forward with a cold face, and she felt sensitive that Vegeta was a little different from before.

"Vegeta has become much more lively than before."

"Because everyone is back."

"Seferia, there is a restaurant in front. This time the captain invites you to dinner." The leader invited generously.

The captain is also an advanced fighter, whose name is Hertz, and he takes care of Sefilia.

Seferia shook her head: "No, I plan to go back first."

"Okay, relax yourself, maybe there will be a more difficult task next, to keep the best condition at all times." Herz shook his head regretfully. Several young Saiyans in the team saw that Sefilia was unwilling to go together. , Wanted to persuade, but was stopped by Herz's eyes, so they showed disappointed expressions.

"Sister!" Influenced by an immature body, Luo Lan flew towards Sephylia.

He saw Luo Lan's figure all over the world, still about one meter tall a year ago, wearing clothes made of fine materials.

Seeing this, Seferia flashed a stream of jewel-black eyes, staring at Luo Lan, not as happily catching Luo Lan, who was leaping towards him, but raised her leg, full of Kicked him violently.

The fierce attack caught people by surprise, Luo Lan was stunned by this sudden scene, and hurriedly blocked in front with both hands.


The strength of the legs was transmitted through his arms, Luo Lan grinned, and his body flew out.

Halfway through the flight, the neck tightened and the collar was held by a slender jade hand.

"Sister, don't you just need to see each other?" Luo Lan smiled sadly, her arms still tingling.

"Why don't you contact me this year?" Seferia looked at him blankly, her cold eyes causing the surrounding temperature to drop by several degrees.

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