Chapter 3:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan


In the following days, Luo Lan explored the potential of the body while thinking about the way to leave Vegeta, but after deliberation, she finally felt that she should restore her identity first, and then casually accept a mission away from Vegeta. The most convenient.

After leaving Vegeta, disconnect the communicator again. Who cares about Vegeta's situation?

Whether the Saiyan is alive or dead, it has nothing to do with him.

At that time, traveling in the universe unrestrainedly, having nothing to do, killing a few cosmic people, and finding a planet rich in resources for a good pastime when tired, wouldn't it be extremely enjoyable.

By the way, you can also go to the earth, where you are absolutely invincible, maybe you can even flirt with the heroines in the original, and something like this happens.

Luo Lan thought about it, feeling that the future is full of bright...

Sure enough, life on the other side of the earth is more suitable for you.

Wait, he suddenly woke up and remembered a very important thing. What if there are still many years left before the plot begins, or when he arrives on Earth and finds that it is still in ancient times, what can he do?

This is not impossible.

The cold sweat broke out all at once, and Luo Lan suddenly realized that she seemed to have been ignoring a certain possibility. Who can guarantee that he will pass through the time period close to the beginning of the plot, in case it is decades or hundreds of years earlier, when the plot begins, he will not even have ashes left.

Your luck will never be so bad...

"No, shouldn't all the traversers fit the plot? This is the basic operation!"

He smiled and wiped his head, Luo Lan himself became unsure, after all, even crossing this kind of thing happened, who else can say with certainty.

I remember a novel that was written like this, about an indigenous protagonist who had not lived well since he was a child, but accidentally took the risk of getting a note left by the predecessors of the ancient traverser, discovering different prospects from it and starting to rise to the top. It can be seen that the senior traverser is not necessarily the protagonist, but may also be a golden finger arranged for the protagonist.

Thinking of this, Luo Lan's heart was even more unreliable.

This wave seems a bit unstable.

Ma Dan, why are you still nesting here? Go back to the gathering place to confirm! If you don't go, the protagonist's status will be lost.

Luo Lan’s immature face appeared entangled, he had to go back anyway, frowning and thinking for a while, but fortunately there were memories of his predecessor in his brain. After determining the position, Luo Lan’s small body began to float. , And then flew towards the nearby Saiyan gathering place.

Although Saiyans can't sense breath, their qigong wave and flying skills are readily available.

A blast of cold wind blew on his face, Luo Lan shuddered, and a secret cry was so cold that his body couldn't stand it. Just thinking about whether to slow down a little bit, the energy in the body reacted, fiery energy. It started to boil, forming a protective film on the surface of his body, and the cold feeling disappeared without a trace.

In other words, they can already fly, there is no reason to resist the cold.

Although the life forms in the universe do not understand what Qi is and cannot perceive Qi, the use of energy is definitely more comprehensive. When Luo Lan covered the body with energy, the ears, eyes, and other five senses became particularly sensitive. It seems that energy does help improve the body's senses.

Perhaps it is precisely because of this that people in the universe have developed the habit of watching with the naked eye and exploring with energy detectors.

Only the terrible “low martial arts” environment of the earth, due to the pitiful low energy value, has developed martial arts skills that use qi to sense.

Because for the people on earth, the energy of every trace of qi comes from hardship, and it may take decades to cultivate for a trace of qi, and it is impossible to spend it, so a very rigorous system has naturally formed.

Like Monkey King and Klin, when they first learned qigong waves in the early days, they just knew the way of releasing qigong waves, but they didn't know the specific content. For people on earth with only more than 100 combat power, qigong wave is more like an identity sign of a senior martial artist. It is not well used in actual combat, because the loss of the enemy is large, the preparation time is long, and the effect is far inferior to using fists It is effective, so warriors are used to fighting with fists and feet more often.

This is true of Monkey King and Guixian.

Only after the cultivation of the temple, the level of improvement, the superiority of the earth's "qi" will gradually manifest.

Luo Lan doesn't know this yet, he just uses energy waves habitually based on memory.

This practice must be changed, otherwise you will develop a habit, and if you want to learn the use of "qi", then there will be more obstacles out of thin air, and learning will only get half the result with half the effort.


The night was faint, like a pair of giant hands clasped down.

The nearest Saiyan gathering place for Luo Lan is only over a hundred kilometers away. At this distance, based on Luo Lan's flying speed, it can be reached in ten minutes.

A dim light appeared before his eyes.

The front is the gathering place where Luo Lan used to live. The scale of that gathering place is not very large, so the living conditions are not very good. It is incomparable with the big Saiyan city and the king. This kind of gathering place was initially established by some Saiyan squads to facilitate the execution of tasks. Later, after development, with the increase of personnel, it gradually formed a scale similar to the market.

After slowing down, Luo Lan landed on the ground.

The gathering place at night is very quiet, and the buildings that look like stone hollowed out from the center are neatly arranged in rows.

There was a square in the center of the gathering place. It was the place where the Saiyan temporarily parked the aircraft. Even at night, there were adult Saiyan handles. So even if he was very greedy for those aircraft, Luo Lan's reason told him not to approach.

"My home should be in the southeast of the gathering place." According to the memory in his mind, Luo Lan avoided the pedestrians on the street and walked in front of a low stone house.

That is the house left by Luo Lan's parents.

"Huh?" Suddenly the dim light in front attracted his attention, and the lights in his house were actually lit.

Being thief was the first reaction in Luo Lan's mind, and then shook his head. Saiyans are not so vulgar.

Those gangs of Zhou peeling, won't recycle my house!

All kinds of thoughts kept flashing in his mind, Luo Lan cursed, tiptoed close to her house, head leaning on the window to look inside.

The window is open, so you can easily see the furnishings inside. The inner door is tightly closed. The furnishings in the room have not been moved, but there seems to be someone walking inside.

When Luo Lan was about to find out, the people inside had already found him.

"Who?" A clear female voice, very cold but nice.

Luo Lan's heart tightened and reflexively wanted to escape, but at this moment, a cold wind blew, and a faint fragrance entered his nostrils, Luo Lan's feet lightened, and the young body was picked up.

The other party was a very beautiful girl who looked sixteen or seventeen years old. She was tall and well-proportioned, with inner spiritual energy, silky hair and shawl down her shoulders, her skin was fair and smooth, but the expression on her face was very cold.

Luo Lan and the girl stared at each other with big eyes.

"Who are you, why are you in my house?" Luo Lan was held by the neck, struggling on all fours, but the opponent's strength was great, and Luo Lan was not his opponent.

"Your home?"

The girl stared at Luo Lan, "You are Luo Lan, aren't you dead?"

Luo Lan stared black eyes: "Of course I am not dead."

The girl threw Luo Lan to the ground, and quickly reacted, her face was cold and said: "Assholes in the treatment center, they told me that you are dead."

"Who are you?" Luo Lan rubbed his ** and stood up. Judging from the scene in front of him, the other party seemed to be innocent.

The ** the opposite side was silent for a while, and said coldly: "My name is Seferia, which is your sister."


Luo Lan blurted out a surprised voice, and his dark eyes stared at the girl in front of him. How could he never know that he still had a sister.

"What are you talking about?" Seferia frowned.

"Oh, I'm surprised at your identity." Luo Lan carefully looked at the girl who claimed to be her sister, she was really beautiful.

In order to better utilize the advantages of the fighting nation, Saiyans tend to have a very long adolescence. Relatively speaking, in order to make a disguise, the infant state will continue until adulthood, and then grow up quickly when they are almost adult. The girl in front of her was beautiful and charming, and she was probably not far from adulthood.

But beautiful, beautiful, and his personality seems very cold.

"I am your sister, there is no doubt about this identity."

So Sefilia began to tell her origins. It turned out that Sefilia’s mother and Luo Lan’s mother were relatives. In other words, she was Luo Lan’s cousin. She was fourteen years older than Luo Lan and was Saiya. A rare superior fighter. Five years ago, she followed her parents and the army to carry out large-scale missions, and only recently returned to Vegeta. As for the specific mission, Sefilia didn’t talk much about it. It seemed that the final mission was completed. But the damage is serious.

"So you really are my sister?" Luo Lan confirmed again.


"Advanced fighter?"

"Yes." Seferia didn't say much, she looked cold.

"What is your combat power?" Luo Lan asked very concerned.

Sefilia glanced at Luo Lan lightly, "4200 combat power!"

Hiss, Luo Lan didn't catch his breath, clutching his chest and couldn't breathe. He felt his heart hurt so much! Compared with the chick in front of him, he felt a deep sense of frustration.

This girl is definitely a genius.

"Are you okay?" Putting her hand on Luo Lan's forehead, Sefilia faintly compared the temperature.

"It's okay, it hurts a bit."

Your hands are so cold.

Luo Lan slowly took a breath, slowly spit it out, adjusted her emotions, and a look of worship appeared on the young face.

Seferia's beautiful thighs, he is holding on.

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