Chapter 31:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan


Luo Lan took a deep breath and smelled the faint scent of the other person. Without obliviousness, he said bluntly: "I'm really here to save you. Vegeta will be destroyed by Frieza soon. He called this time. All Saiyans came back to catch them all at once, and now it’s too late if they don’t escape."

"You lied to me just now that the contactor was broken," Sefilia said.

"It's really broken. The calling order was only known after returning to Vegeta, but I know that Frieza has absolutely no good intentions."

Luo Lan looked at Seferia seriously and said, "I was already ready to transfer you to the earth, but who knew that you refused, so I had no choice but to come personally."

When Sefilia heard this, her face suddenly changed, and she stared at Luo Lan: "The voice in my mind at that time was your ghost."

"Yes, if you agreed then, you won't be in Vegeta now."

"You'd better tell what you know."

Seferia looked at Luo Lan seriously, and felt that her brother seemed to hide a lot of things from her. But she already believed Luo Lan's words in her heart, because on the way back to Vegeta, she did hear a voice asking her whether she would like to go to Earth, and all of these could match what Luo Lan said.

"Actually, I have the ability to predict the future, and I foresee that Vegeta Star will be destroyed very early..." Luo Lan naturally did not tell the details of herself, but compiled an ability to predict the future.

Seferia listened to Luo Lan's narration, thinking that after meeting him, the other party had been thinking about leaving Vegeta, and couldn't help but nodded.

As a warrior's instinct, Sefilia also sensitively felt that the atmosphere on Vegeta was somewhat different.

Frieza’s spacecraft has been staying outside Vegeta, and it is said that it has been a long time. A boss who leads a huge army, inexplicably pays attention to a high-level planet where his army lives, and said that he cares about his soldiers. I'm afraid no one will believe it.

There is only one answer, Frieza is plotting something.

Is it true that, as Luo Lan said, Frieza summoned all Saiyans for a single blow?

The relationship between the upper class of Saiyans and Frieza has not been as harmonious as expected, and conflicts will erupt sooner or later. In such a situation, if you change to be Frieza, you won't have the hidden danger of Saiyan, and it is the right choice to eliminate it as soon as possible.

Seferia thought a little, and soon figured out the joints, a cold face even more icy.

"So after you got to the planet Mapa, you secretly went to the planet called ‘Earth’, and then used the magical power there to take me away?" The cold tone became soft.

"That's right, but unfortunately you didn't agree, so I came to pick you up."

"Thank you for remembering me." Sefilia touched Luo Lan's head and thanked him softly.

If everything is as Luo Lan said, then he doesn't have to risk returning to Vegeta. And he came back, in order to take away himself, even if Seferia's usual personality is relatively cold, at this time there is a warmth in his heart.

Luo Lan was taken aback and smiled: "You are my sister, of course you will not forget you! Don't say anything, I will take you away from Vegeta Star now, it is too dangerous here, Frieza today or at the latest I will do it tomorrow."

"No, I won't escape. As a warrior, since Frieza wants to destroy Vegeta, I will kill him ahead of time." Sefilia shook her head and spoke of Frieza. Full of evil spirits.

"You don't know Frieza's horror at all. The Saiyan on Vegeta is definitely not his opponent." Luo Lan quickly stopped Seferia's crazy idea.

"Frieza will indeed be very strong, but I can also perform great ape transformation. The higher-level warrior’s great ape transformation will not lose his mind. With my combat power, the energy of the great ape transformation can be increased to 50,000 combat power at once, even if I move. The speed is affected. As long as the attack is launched with full force, few people can withstand it."

Seferia was full of confidence when she spoke. In the cosmic environment where even 1,000 combat power fighters are rare, 50,000 combat power is already unimaginable.

This is also the source of confidence for Saiyans to ramp up the universe.

Luo Lan poured cold water on her at this moment: "The unknown is fearless. If you think that you can defeat Frieza by becoming a great ape, you are very wrong. You know what, Frieza is too A cosmic person who can transform, no, his transformation is precisely the release of energy, because his own strength is too strong, Frieza usually puts three shackles on himself."

"Don't look at him sitting on the aircraft harmlessly all day long. In fact, his normal strength has reached an astonishing 530,000 combat power! And once he unlocks and unlocks, his strength will be greatly increased."


Seferia's expression became stunned, her pupils shrank suddenly, and she was silent for a while, still stubbornly saying: "Even if he is really that powerful, I will not back down, Saiyan will never give in. !"

"This madman, why would he make senseless sacrifices when he knows he will fail?" Luo Lan was speechless, really wanting to pry open her head to see what's inside.

"Mad? Maybe, we Saiyans work for Frieza and do the task of cleaning up other planets. Even if one day we are destroyed, it is natural." Sefilia smiled slightly, her face close to Luo Lan, "You have If you have the ability to leave Vegeta, you should leave quickly. There is no need to stay to take risks. Take care."

After finishing speaking, Sephylia gave Luo Lan a strong hug, then lifted the energy to break the air, flew towards the palace, and disappeared from sight in a blink of an eye.

Luo Lan looked at Sephylia's back and said angrily: "Damn it, don't I come here for nothing when you are dead?"

Shaking his arm vigorously, Luo Lan gritted his teeth and chased towards Seferia.


In the Frieza spacecraft in outer space, the yellow-skinned cosmic man Kikono came to Frieza's front: "Master Frieza, the time you set has come."

"Oh oh oh, I should say goodbye to those pesky Saiyan monkeys. To be honest, I'm still a little reluctant." Frieza chuckled, suddenly opened his scarlet eyes, his tail swayed slightly, and his body The small aircraft floated upwards and gradually came to outer space from the spacecraft control cabin.

In the deep and cold outer space, the dark red color reveals a dull and dead silence, and only a few meteors occasionally quickly pass by.

Frieza floated on the top of the spacecraft in the aircraft, facing Vegeta star, showing a chilling smile...

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