Chapter 4:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan


"Sister, can you tell me what age it is now, and can you take me away from Star Vegeta?" Luo Lan hugged Sephylia's beautiful long legs.

Seferia's jewel-like beautiful eyes glanced at Roland and pressed the detector to test it. After the electronic sound of "beep beep", Sephylia saw Luo Lan's combat effectiveness clearly.

210 combat effectiveness, this age is considered very good for the qualifications of intermediate fighters, reaching 3000 combat effectiveness as an adult is not a problem.

After making a comparison with other fighters in his heart, Seferia's eyes turned pleasing to Luo Lan.

"With your strength, you can take on some simple tasks."


"Don't be proud!" Sefilia glanced at Luo Lan: "You don't even have identity information now, and you can't accept the task at all. First, you have to rearrange your identity... By the way, where have you been these days and why? Will my identity be cancelled?"

Luo Lan said depressed: "I was seriously injured during the training team, and then was not rescued, but was thrown out and buried. To be fair, I think I can be rescued..."

Most of what Luo Lan said were facts, only a little bit of content was hidden.

With a "pop", after listening to Luo Lan's remarks, Sefilia's air-conditioning became even stronger, "You will live in my house in the future, and I will solve the identity problem for you, so I will re-register in the name of my brother. ."

Sefilia and her parents left Vegeta for a large mission five years ago. Luo Lan’s new identity is Sefilia’s younger brother born outside. The name can be the same, anyway, the phenomenon of the same name of the Saiyan is not unavailable.

Actually, I think it is better not to register.

I only need one spaceship.

Luo Lan whispered in his heart, still thinking about leaving Vegeta.

Seferia’s home is located in a large gathering place, which is close to the capital. It is a more developed place in the Saiyan tribe. In the following days, Sefilia arranged a new identity for Roland, and also from Saiyan The management department received a brand new energy detector.

Playing with the energy detector in his hand, shining indiscriminately at the Saiyans around him, pointed at himself, Luo Lan got the 210 data and couldn't help but feel a little proud.

This is equivalent to the strength of the old Piccolo.

It seemed that his strength had indeed improved a lot after he was dying, and of course it was the result of his hard work for more than 100 days.

Aiming at Seferia.


This data directly brightened Luo Lan's eyes. The upper-level fighters are amazing, and they are so strong at the age of seventeen. If this is a few years later, I am afraid that it will not directly exceed 5,000, which is much more powerful than other upper-level fighters.

Following Seferia leisurely, Luo Lan considered the next thing.

Because of the past few days, Luo Lan has already understood Sephylia’s personality, high cold, cold personality, and cultivating madman. This is also in line with the personality of Saiyan. It’s no wonder that he has such a fighting ability at a young age. The result of hard work.

What surprised Luo Lan even more was that he found out about Vegeta, which is actually very easy to find out. Of course, when a genius like Vegeta was born, King Vegeta had to publicize it.

"Vegeta's age is the same as me, and she will be four in a few months, which means that there is only more than a year left before the destruction of Vegeta."

The time for the destruction of Vegeta star can be simply estimated. When Monkey King took the spacecraft and landed on the earth, Bulma was just five years old, and Vegeta was one year older than Bulma, minus the time Sun Wukong spent on his way to the earth. Vegeta was almost five years old when Geeta was destroyed.

There is only more than a year left.

Time is tight, Luo Lan's eyes are shining with beautiful light, and the secret path must quickly escape from Vegeta.

"Luo Lan, I applied for a relatively elementary task for you. It is not that difficult. I want to be competent with your strength." After coming out of the task planning office, Sefilia handed the task list to Luo Lan's hands. There is also an aircraft that is not particularly advanced.

Luo Lan held the task list tightly, and was already happy.


"But I think you'd better wait until you are four years old. There are still a few months to come. I need to strengthen your strength." Luo Lan's strength made her very dissatisfied, and Sephylia decided to take him training.

"Really, thank you so much."

A Saiyan with a combat power of more than four thousand is willing to train himself, Luo Lan naturally cannot ask for it, but he doesn’t know, and soon he will be annoyed by this idea, because Sephylia’s training really cannot be called training. Tortured.


In the wilderness.

Luo Lan's skin was swollen and fell to the ground. There are not a few pieces of skin on his body. You must know that Luo Lan is still very immature now. If he was in a previous life, he was still in kindergarten, but here he is. Suffered from inhuman torture all day long, and the initiator of all this was a woman named "Seferia".

Seferia is his cousin.

I really believed in her before and thought she would be very gentle. It turns out that the woman is a madman with a tendency to abuse others.

"That crazy woman, sooner or later I will be tortured to death by her."

"It hurts!"

Luo Lan touched her red and swollen jaw, and her words were so painful.

This is training, it's just being beaten. The Sefilia woman doesn't know what mercy is under her. No matter what you are, she will be beaten up and will not give targeted guidance at all. In her words, the first step for a Saiyan to fight is to learn to be beaten. Luo Lan's innate nutritional status is not better than that of other Saiyans, so she has to work harder to develop a thick-skinned body.

A ghost with a thick skin, so trained to see people like that?

Luo Lan couldn't help shivering with Napa's penetrating appearance, that bright and big bald head, and he might not become stronger even if he was bald, so he shouldn't become like that.

It can't go on like this.

"Get up!" With an unceremonious rebuke, Sefilia looked at him coldly, a daunting blue ball of light condensed in his hand.

Do you think I will obey this way?


"Oh." Luo Lan drooped his eyelids and carefully glanced at the other party. He sighed silently. In front of her, he was as weak as an ant. In order not to be beaten, he should be honest and obedient.

This is not from the heart!

During this period of time, his combat effectiveness has not risen much, but his ability to resist attacks has improved a lot.

"Although I haven't soaked enough nutrient solution, my physical fitness is no worse than other children. Next, you have to learn Saiyan fighting skills. When you perform tasks, the computer will directly infuse your brain. ."

Sefilia looked at Luo Lan, which was why she only trained Luo Lan's physique, and did not teach him fighting skills.

Luo Lan looked at Seferia's indifferent face, a face collapsed directly.

It can also be seen from this that the Saiyans do not pay much attention to fighting skills. The strong grind their claws and the weak fight for wisdom. Only the “low martial” environment like the earth will put the fist and kung fu in the first place. For those born For cosmic people who will release energy waves, the amount of energy is directly related to the final outcome.

Kung fu, there is a bird!

This view is biased, but it reflects a concept in the universe.

But Luo Lan knows that when skills and qi are applied to advanced levels, they are far more effective than pure energy competition.

Therefore, during training, Luo Lan’s hands and feet would be tied with a few hundred kilograms of heavy objects. Sephylia looked at it lightly, did not say much, smiled slightly, and an energy wave was thrown over.


Finally, months of hard training finally passed. Luo Lan, who is nearly four years old, has a height of close to one meter. Because of Saiyan’s physical condition, he will not be too tall for many years. A big change.

However, long-term meat shield training has not only improved Luo Lan's ability to resist attacks, but also slowly increased his physical fitness and strength.

At this time, Luo Lan’s power has reached 300 combat effectiveness. You must know that this is the strength of the original Monkey King when he defeated the second-generation Bick Demon King when he participated in the 23rd World's No. 1 Martial Arts Fair. The four-year-old Luo Lan Already done.

This was due to his qualifications as an intermediate fighter, and of course it was inseparable from Sephylia's training and his own hard work.

On this day, the cursing Luo Lan finally finished training, and then dressed neatly and put on a brand-new combat uniform, Luo Lan lay down in the milky white spherical flying vehicle.

The target is a remote planet located in the southern part of the Northern Galaxy-Planet Mapa.

Finally leaving the ** planet Vegeta.

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