Chapter 45:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Galactic Patrol

"The front is the earth, huh, that low-level planet should thank this patrolman. This patrolman came over a long distance to save you." Jake drove the aircraft close to the earth, but at this moment, his spacecraft broke down.

"Oops, what kind of spacecraft the people at headquarters gave me is so easy to malfunction."

Jake was a little panicked when he discovered that the spacecraft was malfunctioning, and hurriedly controlled the spacecraft to land on an island. Looking at the endless and magnificent sea, Gak was depressed: "It's over, the technology on this side of the earth is so low, how can I get back to the headquarters! I blame the Saiyan, if it wasn't him, neither would this patrol Will come to earth."

"Hey, who are you?" An old man with a white beard came over with a bucket.

"My name is Jake, a police officer of the Galaxy Patrol Organization." Jake conditioned a pose and introduced himself proudly.

"The actors in the crew?"

"certainly not."

Jake retorted loudly, and the old man smiled when he saw it and invited Jake to where he lived.

Later in the conversation, Jake learned about the old man's situation. His name was Dasheng. He was also a doctor a long time ago, doing research on the island with his wife. After his wife died in a scientific research accident, Dr. Dasheng changed his research direction and began to study the time machine alone, with some results.

After knowing that the other party was a scientist, Jake asked Dr. Dasheng to help repair his spacecraft, but because of the lack of important materials to repair the spacecraft, Dr. Dasheng was unable to do anything. In desperation, Jake could only go with Dr. Dasheng. Large cities look for materials.

In a nearby big city, Jake met Taisi who was out looking for literary materials, and after some exchanges, they quickly became friends.

When it was learned that Gak’s mission was to kill Saiyans who were about to arrive on Earth, Taisi realized that the Saiyans were actually an alien race. Fortunately, she always thought that the Saiyans were from remote parts of the earth. A certain minority!

"Saiyans are not all evil, I know a little brother, he is interesting."

"What, there are other Saiyans on Earth?" Jake screamed when he heard it.

Taisi lightly pulled her hair, picked up a drink and drank: "Yes, but he has left a year ago."

Jake breathed a sigh of relief: "Oh, that should be returning to Vegeta. That planet has been destroyed, and the Saiyans are almost annihilated. Taisi, let me tell you that Saiyans are the most in the universe. Overbearing races have destroyed countless planets. Such dangerous guys must not be involved with them."

"Oh." Taisi looked straight at Jake, but did not say that she had been in contact with Luo Lan recently, drinking a drink while thinking: "It turns out that Saiyans are such a powerful race..."

"When will the Saiyan you are waiting for arrive on Earth?"

"It's almost here, I will wait in the most open place."

As he said, Jake climbed up to the highest island in the nearby sea, and his two golden eggs scanned the entire sky, but then he accidentally said that his urine was ejected from a small hole in his head and accidentally splashed. With Taisi alone, she was pushed down from the reef by Taisi...

At the moment it fell into the water, the flying vehicle carrying Monkey King crossed the sky and happened to face Gak with its back, and thus escaped.

Otherwise, the protagonist of Dragon Ball World will probably die prematurely.

"Hey, Taisi, what are you doing? If I didn't complete the task, it must be your cause."

Taisi: "You really shirk responsibility."

"Huh." Jake flew out of the water, but didn't find a spacecraft landing on the earth for a long time. "It's strange, the time has come, but there is no spacecraft yet!"

"Oops, I shouldn't have missed it." Sweat dripped from Gak's head, and he had imagined the Galaxy King cursing at him.

At the same time, the boundary of Baozi Mountain.

A fireball glowing with red light hit the mountain forest, and a large area of ​​the forest was destroyed as a result. Such a violent movement alarmed the reclusive Sun Gohan.

When Monkey King came to the collision point of the spacecraft, he saw a child wearing a strange battle uniform.

"Hey, this child has a tail..." Noting the tail behind the child, Sun Wufan's kindly face showed a trace of surprise, and he couldn't help but think of the incredibly strong child he met more than a year ago.

After some thinking, Sun Wufan decided to adopt the child and named the child Sun Wukong. Because he didn't know the age of the child, he took the time when he found Sun Wukong as his birth time. Anyway, he doesn't look much bigger.

In fact, Monkey King was four years old now, counting the time he soaked in the nutrient solution.

The subsequent development is as described in the plot. The young Monkey King accidentally fell off the cliff and crashed his brain, forgetting all the memories of Saiyan people, and a ignorant Monkey King appeared...


Luo Lan, who was far away on the planet Frye, naturally didn't know what was happening on the earth. At this time, he was discussing with Sephylia. Since obtaining the martial arts knowledge of the earth gods, Luo Lan has absorbed this knowledge at a rapid speed and integrated it into his own battle.

Although his combat effectiveness has not improved much this year, his essential strength has already undergone earth-shaking changes.

If Luo Lan, who had a combat power of 3,600 a year ago, was a fat man weighing 180 kilograms and a little puffy, and he leaked with a single poke like a balloon, then he is now a strong young man. The combat effectiveness has not changed, but there is a down-to-earth feeling. Luo Lan thinks that he can crush the previous self now.

This is the self-confidence after mastering the power thoroughly.

Into the night.

The stars flickered in the night sky, and the dark night fell like a giant hand.

Luo Lan sat on the bed to meditate, just as the wristwatch-type communicator next to him rang, and he took it to see the message from Taisi.

Very naturally connected to the contactor, Taisi's clear voice rang in her ear: "Luo Lan, you didn't tell me, it turns out that the Saiyans are an alien race, but my sister thought you were from a certain tribe. It."

Luo Lan said: "I said it a long time ago, you didn't believe it."

Taisi: "Eh, have you ever said that, you didn't explain it clearly."

Luo Lan rolled her eyes speechlessly, and Taysi played like other women. At this time, just listen to her quietly.

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