Chapter 53:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan


The planet Stuno is Guweisha’s private vacation planet. It’s normal for a wealthy man like Guweisha to own a few private planets. Guweisha doesn’t understand how Luo Lan brought him there all at once. Here, I just feel that the young Saiyan is becoming more mysterious and powerful.

When he came to Guweisha's private castle, Guweisha immediately asked his servants to prepare rich food to entertain Luo Lan and the others. The magnificent castle is richly decorated, the walls are inlaid with various colorful gems, and the utensils are made of the most precious materials, all revealing the atmosphere of the local tyrants.

At the banquet, Gu Weisha held a glass of wine and savored it, his face full of comfort.

Only after surviving the dead can we appreciate the preciousness of peace.

There was a crackling, and the clash of dishes and chopsticks, Luo Lan and Sefilia let go of their stomachs and ate a lot of food. The food in front of them disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the dishes continued to pile up and piled up like a mountain in the blink of an eye. Guweisha had heard early on that Saiyans were particularly edible, but was still frightened by their appetite, and quickly asked the servants to continue preparing food.

As a tycoon, Guweisha possesses all the resources of this private planet, and a few meals are simply inconspicuous.

"Little brother Luo Lan, thanks to you, I can escape from the hands of cosmic robbers." Gu Weisha expressed his heartfelt thanks.

"Nothing, we just accepted your request." Luo Lan couldn't speak clearly, his mouth was full of food.

Gu Weisha smiled pleasedly and patted his palms. An intelligent robot took a metal box and opened it to see that it was full of Xijin.

"There are a total of 850 Hijin here. It is your reward for escorting me."

"Really don't consider being my bodyguard?" Gu Weisha looked at Luo Lan hopefully.

Luo Lan wiped his greasy hands, put away the box of Xijin, and shook his head: "You are so rich and lack bodyguards? There are so many masters in the universe, or please ask another."

"There are many masters in the universe, but there are very few strong people like you and your sister." Guweisha is a little regretful, but he has also heard of the character of the fighting nation Saiyan, so he no longer entangles in this matter. .

"If you have any entrustment, you can contact me. I still have some people here." Luo Lan left his contact information.

"Of course, a great honor."

Gu Weisha quickly saved Luo Lan's contact information. He was scared by the danger outside this time. Now that he can form a friendship with a powerful Saiyan, he is naturally very happy, maybe it will be able to play a role in the future. .

After a banquet for both the host and the guest, after the two parties exchanged contact information, Gu Weisha politely sent Luo Lan and the others out of the castle.

After watching them disappear out of thin air in front of his eyes, Gu Weisha said with emotion: "It's really a pair of siblings who are as strong as monsters. The elder sister is so strong and the younger brother is not bad. I can establish contact with them, and I will have safety in the future. Guaranteed."

A confident smile appeared on his face, and Gu Weisha smiled heartily, becoming very comfortable in his heart.

On the other side, Luo Lan, who had left the "Planet of Stuno", carried a box of Hijin for transfer. This feeling was really inconvenient. He frowned slightly, and stopped to divide the Hijin into two and put it into the blank universal capsule. in.

"Sister, you take this well." Handed a universal capsule to Seferia's hand.

Seferia took the capsule to look at it, carefully put it in her arms, and smiled: "If it was before, I would have to work in the Frieza Army for a hundred years to get these salaries."

"Your capsule is so convenient, so many things can be received in a small capsule."

Luo Lan said: "This is called a universal capsule, invented by Taisi's father."

Luo Lan told her about Dr. Brives, but apart from fighting, Sefilia didn’t care about science and technology. She raised her head, her bright eyes were smiling, "That Taisi How old are you older than you?"

"A lot bigger!" Luo Lan replied.

"Oh." Seferia said "Oh", "you should consider leaving a good blood for the continuation of Saiyans in the future."

"Your topic is turning a little fast, I'm only six years old now."

Luo Lan couldn't help being a little bit ridiculous. He smiled and said that he was only a child now, but Sephylia disapproved, saying that Saiyan's mind has always been precocious, even if the body does not grow up, he can consider future things.

Luo Lan waved her hand, not knowing what Seferia meant, so she didn't answer this question at all.

He hugged Sephylia and started the transfer again, a faint fragrance came from her, and she glanced at Sephylia's beautiful face, even her face was so elegant and vulgar, and annoying.

Luo Lan couldn't help but wonder: "What did she mean by what she said just now? Is she talking about Taisi or herself? Could it be a hint?"

"Why don't you transfer?" Sefilia impatiently urged after Luo Lan hugged him for a long time without seeing the change in the surrounding scene.

"Oh, transfer right away."

Luo Lan came back to his senses, threw the thoughts in his mind behind his head, and activated the "transfer technique" with a squeak.


Yadrat is a mysterious planet located on the edge of the northern galaxy. On it lives a weird race called "Yadrats". This race has a gentle temperament and is rich in extraordinary wisdom. Expansion, and invented countless magical secrets that people dream of.

Because the Stars of Yadrat are hidden from the world, their reputation in the North Galaxy is not particularly great.

But in fact, the Yadrats are a powerful race comparable to the Nameks. In the original work, the Kinuite team was needed to be wiped out. In the end, by mistake, Sun Wukong got on the spaceship and came here.

On this day, two guests were welcomed on the planet that never asked about outsiders.

"This is the Star of Adrat you mentioned, there is a magical secret technique on it?" Sefilia looked around curiously, her breath spread out, but she didn't find any particularly powerful aura.

Luo Lan said: "The secret arts of the Yadrat people, the magic of the Namek people, and the martial arts of the Medamore people are all very rare abilities in the universe. If you can learn one or two, you will definitely benefit a lot. ."

Seferia didn't doubt Luo Lan's words, and couldn't help but look forward to this planet even more.

"Contain your breath. Although the Yadrats are a gentle-tempered nation, if they are too provocative, they may be punished."

I don't know how the individual strengths of the Yadrats are, but all kinds of secret techniques are not defensible. It is better to maintain a humble heart when you first arrive at your home with Seferia.

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