Chapter 55:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Mami Tsukiiro!

On the plain covered with verdant grass.

A young figure floats more than three meters above the ground. Luo Lan closed his eyes tightly, his body suddenly shining with a faint white light, an upward force dragged the gravel on the ground to float up, and the biting whirlwind whizzed out, curling layers of ripples like waves.

Huo Ran, Luo Lan opened his eyes, and glittering electric light flashed through his eyes.

"After a period of painstaking practice, I finally merged'teleportation' and'transfer technique'." A smile was raised on his lips, his figure suddenly became blurred, and he appeared again on a hill that was already 10,000 meters away.

Grabbing his fingers on the steep rock wall, looking down at the distant scenery, the delicate soft wind blows on his face, and a refreshing feeling of coldness with moisture emerges spontaneously.

This is one year after Luo Lan entered the star of Yadrat. After this year of practice, Luo Lan has perfectly integrated "teleportation" and "transfer technique". Now as long as his mind arrives, any distance in space It is no longer an obstacle to trap him.

Moreover, the combination of the advantages of the two makes him completely unnecessary to worry about energy consumption when performing "teleport", which can be said to come and go freely.

"It took Sun Wukong a year to learn Teleportation. Although I also spent a year, my Teleportation is much more practical than his. Even if it is compared with Jiebet, it is not much worse." Luo Lan thought. Comparing Monkey King and Jebit, the conclusions obtained satisfy him.

Gazed at the distant scenery, smiled slightly, and disappeared from the hill.

"Seferia, how are you doing?"

Coming to Seferia, this beautiful woman was thinking hard about learning a secret technique called "Void Replacement". This secret technique can transfer most of the attack power to a different dimension when the body is attacked. It is a secret technique that weakens the opponent’s attack and avoids the user’s body from being injured. It can be said to be the only way to strengthen the actual defense ability. select.

Of course, for too many attacks beyond the body's ability to withstand, the "Void Replacement Art" cannot transfer too much.

Seferia stood up, her beautiful black hair fluttering in the wind, her eyebrows frowned slightly like smoke: "I haven't practiced yet, I always feel something is wrong."

"You will always feel it when you calm down." Sometimes the practice of the secret technique depends on your own comprehension, and no one else can help.

"Have you studied your'telemotion'?"


Luo Lan let out a "huh", "I plan to get in touch with secret techniques such as storage. Although the universal capsule is very convenient to use, if it is lost, the loss will be great."

Whether it is Xiandou or Xijin, Luo Lan is stored in a universal capsule, but it is not very safe to carry it with him.

Taisi once had the experience of losing the universal capsule.

Regarding Luo Lan's concerns, Sefilia felt that he was making a fuss. You must know that this happened before when there was no universal capsule. Now that there is a universal capsule, he is worried about losing it. In Seferia's words, it is "hypocritical". If you eat too much delicacies, the delicacies of the mountains and the sea are unpalatable.

"If you want to learn, just go and learn, don't disturb me." Sefilia didn't care about other things, and after sending him a sentence, she continued to comprehend "Void Replacement Art".

Luo Lan laughed, approaching Seferia, curling her fingers around the opponent's black hair, and quickly teleporting away when Sefilia was about to get angry.


With a cold snort in anger, Sephylia glanced at the place where Luo Lan disappeared, suddenly smiled, and then closed her eyes, the whole figure was as quiet and natural as a cluster of orchids.

On the other side, Luo Lan went to consult the nearby Yadrat people after leaving Seferia, and she obtained a secret technique for special storage from them.

Luo Lan, if he had obtained the most precious treasure, began to study patiently, and it took about four months to learn this secret technique.

The finger drew a circle against the void, the glittering flashes lighted up with sparks produced by the metal impact, and an extra-dimensional space dedicated to storage was opened. After Luo Lan repeatedly opened and closed to confirm that they were correct, he removed most of the fairy beans and Xi The gold is deposited in the different dimension space, leaving only a small amount of it for temporary use.

at night.

The hazy night is extraordinarily quiet, like a calm deep ocean that cannot make any waves.

Luo Lan and Sefilia live on the planet Yadrat, but in order to facilitate their usual practice, they moved out of the city of the Yadrat people and came to a valley on the other side of the planet.

The sound of "buzzing" vibrations, the dark gravity training room made a sound of running...At this time, the night was quiet, and this kind of sound was particularly obvious. Even at this night, Sefilia was still practicing in the gravity room, like her diligent race Demi people are rare.

Luo Lan was preparing supper in the kitchen of the mobile cabin, thinking that Sefilia was so diligent and prepared something delicious for her in the evening.

The silver-gray moonlight shone through the glass, but it was not obvious under the light. Getting ready for supper, Luo Lan smiled and wanted to call Seferia over to eat together. As soon as he left the door, he found that the outside was very bright, the dense leaves were clearly visible, and even some small insects could be seen clearly.

"Today's moonlight is so beautiful!"

Sighing inside, Luo Lan suddenly felt something was wrong.


Eyebrows frowned slightly, and an inexplicable feeling of unreliability rose in his heart. Sure enough, when he raised his head, he saw a bright round moon hanging in the night, like a jade plate, especially beautiful.

Full moon! !

Today was actually a full moon, no, it should be said that there was a full moon on the star of Yadrat, Luo Lan's heart trembled suddenly, and his expression gradually became stiff.

"Plop! Plop!"

The speed of the heart beat suddenly increased, and the blood all over his body seemed to boil in an instant, Luo Lan's eyes flashed red, and his body began to tremble unconsciously.

The tail behind the Saiyan will be stimulated by the moonlight at the full moon, which will cause the cells to mutate and transform into a great ape. Except for a few advanced warriors and royal families, once the Saiyans become great apes, they will lose their minds and change. Become a monster that can only destroy. Therefore, all Saiyans avoid becoming a great ape except when they save their lives.

"It's over, I'm going to lose my mind."

Luo Lan gritted her teeth and suppressed herself strongly, but the Saiyan's animality gradually took the upper hand, his expression became dull, his body began to grow thick, and his whole body began to grow brown hair.


Finally, in an angry roar, Luo Lan turned into a huge ape more than 20 meters high and lost his mind. He slammed his chest vigorously in place, and the earth shook violently. The huge destructive force penetrated into the ground, immediately destroying everything around a radius of 100 meters.

Boom, boom! !

An energy shock wave spouted from the mouth, and a huge mushroom cloud rose in the distance. The flaming mushroom cloud rushed into the sky, and the dense smoke covered the sky.

At this time Luo Lan had become a crazy monster who only knew about destruction.

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