Chapter 59:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

13,000 combat power

Time flies, spring passes and autumn comes, time seems to possess an invisible magic power, quietly changing everything in the world.

In the blink of an eye, it has been three years since Luo Lan and Sefilia entered the Star of Adrat.

In the past three years, Luo Lan’s strength has improved by leaps and bounds. Not only did she learn secret techniques such as "teleportation", "void replacement", "spiritual", and "storage space", she also broke the body several times. The intensity of his battle power has now reached 13,000.

You must know that Luo Lan was just nine years old at this time, even when Vegeta Star still existed, there were only a handful of Saiyans with such combat power. It can be said that his strength at a young age has reached the high-level stage of the seventh universe Saiyan.

Especially now that Luo Lan has not yet entered the golden period of strength growth, it is conceivable that when he enters adolescence, his strength will increase significantly.

However, the increase in strength will not bring much pride to Luo Lan, because he knows that there are many powerful masters in the universe. Some can pierce a planet with one finger, and some even just take a breath. Large galaxies will collapse instantly. Compared with such a master, what is his strength?

Maybe a person from a certain corner can defeat him.

Of course, there is always a little happiness, at least he can stand straight in front of Seferia, facing this beautiful and withdrawn sister, he has a feeling that he is about to take off.

It’s just a little bit regretful. I thought he would be able to fully control his giant ape form after he mastered the spirit technique, but it turned out that he still thought too easily, although the spirit technique largely restrained the giant ape’s body. The raging force, but still unable to achieve complete control.

On this day, on the top of a plateau.

Luo Lan is studying a secret technique called "Wanxiangquan". This secret technique is a bit like the "Jiewangquan" of the North Realm King. It can also increase the strength of the attack, but compared with the "Jiewangquan", " The level of "Vientiane Boxing" is much lower, probably only about 30% of attack power.

But don't underestimate the trivial 30% attack power. In evenly matched battles, any slight increase in power can play a vital role.

"Vientiane Boxing" and "Void Replacement", one offense and one defense, complement each other.

"Puff!" "Puff!"

Luo Lan's body exudes an aura that seems like nothing.


The air pressure on the plateau shook suddenly, and the violent turbulence continued to spread in all directions with Luo Lan as the center, and then an area that looked like a "vacuum" was instantly formed. With a huff, the swelling air began to collapse, and then a violent violent blast lit up.

"Vientiane Boxing!"

With a soft drink, Luo Lan's coercion suddenly increased. The original combat power of more than 10,000 became much stronger, and the increase in combat power was not great, but the same tricks were used, and the power continued to increase.

With a bang, the distant mountain peaks collapsed, and thick smoke rushed into the sky, connecting with the clouds on the horizon. After a while, the shock wave of the mountains and the sea swept across with a piece of dust...Luo Lan's eyes condensed, Ling The vigorous momentum rolled up a wall of gas to block all the dust out.

"13500 combat power!"

Thirteen thousand and five hundred combat power, this is definitely a shocking data.

Luo Lan slowly took a breath, and then slowly spit it out, raising a smile at the corner of her mouth. Unlike the "explosive air" method, which strongly enhances combat effectiveness, the starting point of "Vanxiang Boxing" is to explode stronger attack power under the same combat effectiveness, but the pressure on the body is not strengthened.

Floating leisurely in the air, I looked at the huge circular pit that I had punched in the distance. The hot smoke rose in the circular pit, connecting with the horizon.

The breeze blows, the smoke and dust are flying, Huo Ran gives birth to a kind of grandeur of vastness and freedom.

"With my current strength, I can be regarded as a rare master in the universe. As long as I don't provoke some monsters, basically no one is my opponent. As long as I practice step by step, it won't take long, Frieza's Kinout. The team will not be my opponent."

Luo Lan thought expectantly.

At this moment, a fierce attack struck him suddenly, Luo Lan turned his head and saw a beautiful figure, with a slight grin at the corner of his mouth, his body leaned back, and the soles of his feet suddenly released a cyclone, a huge rebound force instantly Let his body fly back.

"Air strike!"

The air trembled, and Sephylia struck Luo Lan through the air.

Luo Lan drew a circle in the void, offsetting Seferia's attack, and then shot a burst of energy backhand.

"Star Cannon!!"

A pair of bright eyes flashed with a stream of light, and she clenched her fists to knock out Luo Lan's attack. With a bang, a large wave of air rolled violently, and the dull piercing sound stung the eardrum. Sefilia's graceful figure flashed quickly, and soon came to Luo Lan's side.

The palm of the hand was pressed on Luo Lan's shoulder, suddenly exerting force.

With a bang, a figure fell straight towards the ground.

Luo Lan grinned, and suddenly performed Vientiane Fist when he was about to hit the ground! Immediately after launching an instant movement, he quickly came to Seferia's face and punched her in the chest.

"You're too early to attack me."

The delicate lips were pursed slightly, and a stream of light flashed in his eyes.

He turned his hand and slapped him lightly. Sefilia's palm grabbed Luo Lan's fist, and a burst of secret energy spouted from the palm of his palm, and he fell to the ground.


There was a sense of vibration from the mountain and the ground cracking. Luo Lan's body stood upright on an impact crater. The winding cracks were cracked in the surrounding area of ​​several tens of meters, and the scope of damage extended to a long distance.

The fierce wind disappeared, and Luo Lan lay in the broken pit, staring at the clouds in the sky floating there.

At this time a shadow appeared in the line of sight, and Seferia leaned down, her light hair hanging from her shoulders: "Hey, it's time to get up."

Luo Lan smiled and said, "It's also nice to lie down and look at the sky."

Seferia snorted: "Your brain is out of practice."

After talking about a leap, the whole person disappeared from sight.

"She came here to beat me specifically?" Luo Lan sat up, looked at the place where Sefilia disappeared, and couldn't help laughing.

In the past three years, the appearance of Luo Lan and Sephylia has not changed much. Luo Lan is still a meter and a half, and Sephylia is still so young and beautiful. The longest stages of a Saiyan’s life are childhood and youth, which account for almost half of their entire lives.

To be reasonable, Luo Lan really hopes that her body can grow up faster.

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