Chapter 64:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Cultivate human seeds

In the end, Qiu Yi still ignored the persuasion of his subordinates and decided to retaliate against the people of the Galaxy Patrol Organization who killed him. The ones he targeted were Luo Lan and Taisi who were located on the "Bani Planet". .

As a group of flying vehicles quickly passed through the void, Qiu Yi kept approaching Luo Lan and the others.

I just don't know if Qiu Yi finds Luo Lan and suddenly realizes that he is looking for a master whose strength is far surpassing the ordinary Saiyan, will he regret for the current arbitrariness and generosity.


Of course Luo Lan didn't know that someone had already targeted them and chased them. At this time, he was walking with Taisi on the planet. Planet Barney is a planet dominated by technology. All the buildings are full of futuristic sci-fi style. The small white building stands tall with a roof above it. Flat spherical platform.

Each platform is a parking bay, and it is convenient for the cosmic people to land the spacecraft. In this short period of time, I saw many aircraft taking off or landing, very busy.

In general, the technological level of Barney Planet is obviously higher than that of the Mapa Planet that Luo Lan has been to before.

Ta Yisi took the camera and kept shooting, her youthful face was filled with excitement and smile, "Luo Lan, quickly take a picture of me." Ta Yisi leaned over and shouted at Luo Lan, her body tilted slightly and white. His little hand pressed the loose soft hat on his head, and then gestured in an elegant posture.


Pressing the camera's shutter, Luo Lan took a good photo for Tays, and soon the photo was printed out from the camera exit. Tays smiled and stuffed his photo into Luo Lan's arms, saying it was a memorial for him .

Luo Lan took the photo and looked at it. In the photo, the girl leaned slightly, with fluttering blonde hair and a very sweet smile, which is indeed pleasing to the eye as a collection.

"After I go back, let Sephylia take some photos too!" Luo Lan thought in his heart, and took another set of photos of Taisi, and then put these photos into the different dimension space.

Tays fluttered with big eyes and looked at Luo Lan in amazement, obviously shocked by his ability again. Luo Lan smiled and waved in front of her, floating to the same height as her, "Don’t make a fuss," These are basic operations, let’s go, let’s buy some energy detectors!"

"Don't you already have a detector? Why buy it, and with your abilities, it seems that you don't need it at all." Taisi asked strangely.

Luo Lan said: "I don't use it myself, but I can give it to my people. I plan to rebuild the Saiyan clan..."

Then I said the Saiyan thing on Kasha Star again, and Taisi admired: "It's amazing, the Saiyan will definitely be able to grow back in your hands."

Luo Lan shook her head: "I have no interest in leading them. When the time comes, my sister will take care of them. She is more suitable than me."

Tays was very curious about Luo Lan’s sister. When she knew that Sefilia was even stronger than Luo Lan, she couldn’t help but widen her eyes, looking back at her poor “7” combat power, no matter which planet she was on. All are pitifully weak. But to be reasonable, if it weren't because Taisi had learned some boxing skills, maybe he wouldn't even have 7 combat effectiveness.

Her strength is already stronger than that of ordinary adult earthlings.

The two of them talked and laughed and went to a store selling energy detectors and bought more than a hundred sets of detectors in one go. One of them was given to Taisi to play with.

When Luo Lan generously took out Xijin to settle the settlement, the store owner saw Luo Lan's prowess, and mysteriously pulled him into the interior of the store.

Luo Lan had enough strength, and he was not afraid that others would be disadvantageous to him, so he quickly followed in.

In the inner room, the boss took out a small bottle soaked in green solution, and whispered: "This is the seed to cultivate human beings. It is a special life on a rare planet. There are a total of three seeds here. If the little brother likes it, I It can be transferred to you at the price of 3 Xijin."

Cultivate people? !

Is it the green vegetable creatures that were planted in the soil when Vegeta and Napa entered the earth?

The kind of fighting power that cultivates people is pretty good. Luo Lan looked at the bottle in the boss's hand in surprise, and there were three seeds in the green solution.

"Isn't the cultivator supposed to drip the growth liquid before use?" Luo Lan asked calmly.

The boss said: "This is an inhibitor. It is used to prevent the cultivator from growing in advance. Since the little brother knows the cultivator, he must know its preciousness. As long as the seeds are planted, you will soon get a combat power close to 1,000. The bodyguard of 3 Xijin in exchange for this kind of combat power is absolutely high quality and low price."

Luo Lan nodded silently.

Cultivating humans is a peculiar life in the universe. It is hard to say whether it is a natural life or a man-made artificial life. It is a convenient prop to cultivate humans to fight by themselves, but it is difficult to pick the seeds for cultivation, so the number is very small. Valuable, not everyone can use it.

Cultivators will soon have more than 1,000 combat power as long as they are planted, and for low-level planets, they are ceiling-level masters.

But to be honest, the exchange of 3 Hijin for three seeds of nurturing humans is no longer affordable for ordinary people.

It is necessary to know that 1 Xijin is equivalent to 10 million empty gold, which is enough for a cosmic person to live in the universe for a year, which shows that Xijin's purchasing power is strong. Even when Seferia was on Vegeta, it took several years to save 4 Hijin.

Although Luo Lan is not short of money now, there is no need to waste money, let alone with Luo Lan's strength, there is no need to cultivate people...

"The boss is cheaper, so I bought 2 Xijin."

After hesitating, Luo Lan looked at Taisi beside her, and finally decided to buy the Cultivator.

The boss hesitated for a while, gritted his teeth and said: "Okay, just treat me as a loss."

In the end, the money was paid in one hand and the goods were delivered. The bottles containing the three seeds of the cultivation were handed over to Luo Lan, and there was also a small bottle of growth liquid, which was used to promote the growth of the cultivation.

Leaving the store, Luo Lan handed the two bottles to Taisi: "Here you are, put it away!"

Taisi was helpless to catch the bottle, "Luo Lan, this thing is too precious." With the value of 20 million empty gold, Taisi, as the eldest daughter of the richest man on earth, does not have so much private money.

"This is for your self-defense. Next time you meet Frieza's army, this thing can save your life."

Luo Lan’s unquestionable tone taught Taisi to be very moved. She bowed her head in a daze and twisted her toes, and finally accepted Luo Lan’s gift with a reddish cheek, and carefully put the seeds in the bag and stored them. .

"Luo Lan, you are so kind to me."

"Aren't we friends!" Luo Lan didn't care.

"Yeah." Tays nodded vigorously, then turned to a bright smile on her face.

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