Chapter 68:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

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The gunpowder on the battlefield gradually dissipated, and the vast ground still exudes hot heat. Looking around, shocking ring-shaped explosion pits are clearly visible. Except for some scattered pieces of battle uniforms, Qiu Yi is nowhere to be found. ——He was completely killed by Luo Lan with Qigong Wave in the explosion just now.

Luo Lan continued to observe the surroundings, and only after confirming that the other's breath had completely disappeared, did his spirit relax.

"Huh, although I haven't completely let go, it's still an addiction."

In fact, Qiu Yi's strength was still a bit weaker than Luo Lan's, so the battle just now didn't actually put much pressure on Luo Lan. Eyes swept across the environment that was completely destroyed by the battle, Luo Lan gave a chuckle, and found Taisi and their location teleported over.

In the small woods hundreds of kilometers away, the wind was still blowing, and Taisi held the big tree tightly with her hands, and her body was almost blown away.

"Jake, how are you looking at the situation over there?"

Jake swallowed and said in disbelief, "God, the energy of that Frieza army cadre has disappeared."

Taisi said excitedly: "That means Luo Lan won?"

Gak nodded stiffly: "Yes, he won. It is unbelievable. There is such a powerful guy among the Saiyans. If it is publicized, it will definitely cause a sensation."

Saiyans have always been known in the universe as a fighting nation. That is the reputation of the Saiyans over the years with their overall strength. After all, in the universe, most of them are weak lives, like the Saiyans. It is very rare for a nation to have a good fighting capacity.

But to say that the masters who are truly particularly powerful and shock the universe, Saiyans have never existed.

But now, Jake believes that the real master of the Saiyans is about to appear. Luo Lan possesses such a strong fighting power at the age of nine. If he grows up, it will definitely shock the entire galaxy.

"Wow, it's amazing." Taisi's thinking was very simple. When she heard the news of Luo Lan's victory, she immediately shouted happily.

It’s just that she had obviously forgotten her current situation, and she saw Taisi loose her hands a little, and the constant wind blew her delicate body into the air. Taisi yelled, and she cried sharply. Sounded in the sky.

"Ah, help, I was scraped away, come and save me."

Just then Luo Lan appeared, his figure flashed, and he came to Taisi's side like a bolt of lightning, then stretched out his hand, hugged Taisi's body and brought her back to the ground.

"Luo Lan, you can let me go." Taisi's expression showed some unnaturalness. It turned out that during the rescue process just now, Luo Lan's two hands inadvertently pressed her concealment. It was Taisi. Such a nervous woman also felt shame.

"Oh." Luo Lan responded, letting go of her hand holding Taisi's body.

"This can't be done in the future." Ta Yisi preached to Luo Lan with her arms folded, her white cheeks still with a faint blush.

"This is just an accident."

Luo Lan nodded repeatedly, saying so, but her heart was amused. You know that Taisi dared to have a video chat with him when she was in the shower, thinking how bold she was, but she didn't expect that she would be faster than anyone else when she came to the lotus gun. Sure enough, Taisi is the kind of flowery mouth, in fact, she has a special heart. Pure people.

But Taisi's figure is pretty good, comparable to that of his sister Seferia.

Looking at Taisi's soft figure, Luo Lan said: "Taisi, the universe outside is too dangerous. It is better not to come out with your strength."

"That's it, coming out will only cause trouble. You should return to Earth as soon as possible. This patrolman is very busy."

Gak also hurriedly helped out. Taking Taysi out to travel or something, I only agreed to him when his brain got in the water. Now seeing Luo Lan persuade Taysi to go back, Jake quickly nodded in agreement.

When Taysi heard this, she immediately looked at Jake upset: "Who is going to follow you? Now that Luo Lan is here, I don't need you anymore, useless Galaxy Patrol."

Gak opened his mouth and just wanted to refute, but after thinking about it, this is also a good opportunity to get rid of the woman Taisi, so he put his head aside and stood silently.

"Luo Lan, I still want to travel in the universe for a while, how about you protecting me?" Taysi looked at Luo Lan sincerely.

Luo Lan thought a little, and nodded: "I'm fine anyway, I'll accompany you to stroll around first." Turning his eyes to stern, "But say yes, you will return to Earth after you have finished shopping! In case you are in the universe What happened, Dr. Brives will be sad."

Listening to Luo Lanken's concession, Tays nodded hurriedly, a happy smile appeared on her delicate face.

"Huh, I didn't see you so happy when this patrol took you out." Gak muttered quietly beside him.

"Jake, what are you whispering?"

"Haha, I didn't say anything." Gak said convincingly.

"Well, since there is such a powerful Saiyan with you, Taisi, your safety is definitely not a problem, then I also want to return to the Galaxy Patrol Headquarters. Uh, I don’t know how long it will take to rely on this spacecraft. Only then can I return to the headquarters, I must let them equip me with a good spaceship next time."

Waved to Luo Lan and Taisi, Jake jumped onto the drop-shaped spacecraft and prepared to take off.

At this moment, Luo Lan looked at him profoundly and warned: "Don't tell me who I am in front of other police officers, otherwise the consequences will be serious!"

"Uh...I see."

Jake thought for a moment, anyway, exposing Luo Lan's identity would not do him any good, but it would make the Galaxy King feel that his previous mission was not done cleanly, so he simply agreed to Luo Lan's request.

The drop-shaped spacecraft slowly lifted into the sky, and a messy whirlwind was blowing around. Only a sharp sound was heard. The spacecraft suddenly accelerated into a flash and flew out of the atmosphere of the planet Barney and embarked on a journey to the center of the Milky Way.

After Gak left with the drop-shaped spacecraft, Luo Lan was also preparing to take Taisi to leave the planet Barney.

"Let's go too, here will soon attract some people's attention."

"Yes." Taisi hummed, struggling a little, "Can you put your hand down a little bit and put it on my waist."

"Of course." Luo Lan moved her hand, showing a bright smile.

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