Chapter 70:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Back to earth

In a blink of an eye, Luo Lan took Tays around several planets and witnessed the appearance of different planets. This series of trips finally satisfied the blonde beauty's curiosity about the outside world.

On this day, Luo Lan returned to Earth with Taisi.

"I have already visited the outer planet. I will stay on the earth in the future. Don't think about going outside as a whole." After Luo Lan let go of Taisi, he gave her some education.

Taysi "pushed" a laugh, stretched out her hand to lift her hair, and bent down and said, "Little brother Luo Lan, I'm older than you. Don't mess with you like my brother."

"It's really big." Luo Lan raised his head and glanced at Taisi's body somewhere, thoughtfully.

Taysi slapped Luo Lan on the head with a "slap", shielding her chest with her hands, and said in a huff: "I didn't expect you to be like Luo Lan. It seems that I will be more careful with you in the future." Although he is only a nine-year-old child and his body is very young, but I don't know why Taisi feels he is not like a child at all.

Is it because Saiyans are so precocious?

This may be the case. According to Gak, Saiyans will be sent out to conquer the planet when they are young, which is definitely different from ordinary Earth children.

From now on, Luo Lan cannot be regarded as a child.

Feeling embarrassed to speculate on Luo Lan's thoughts, Taysi invited Luo Lan to be a guest at her home. Luo Lan thought about it a little, then nodded and agreed. So they set off towards the Western Capital and soon arrived at their destination.

In front of Taisi's house, this lively woman was chattering like a lark again.

"Luo Lan, you must stay in my house for a few more days. My parents will be very happy to see you."

Luo Lan smiled and nodded, and the two walked into the villa compound together.

"Ah, Tays is back with a little boy next to him. It seems that you really like young boys." Dr. Brives, who was disrespectful, took a hose and watered his yard and saw Taisi and Luo Lan came in and couldn't help joking.

"Dad, he is Luo Lan!" Taisi yelled at Dr. Brives.

"Hey, it's really Luo Lan. After so many years, there has been no change at all. I thought you came back with other boys!" Dr. Brives lowered his glasses and was surprised to find that Luo Lan was four years old. Time hasn't grown up at all.

Taisi snorted coldly. What does it mean to bring other boys back? Is she such a casual person? Glancing at Luo Lan, seeing that he didn't feel uncomfortable, he nodded slightly and took his hand, "Luo Lan, ignore my father, I will take you to the villa."

Luo Lan nodded, gestured to Dr. Brives, and then walked in with Taisi.

"Tais is twenty years old and hasn't made a boyfriend yet. Should I urge it? Forget it, if she really likes little boys, let her choose!" Brives looked at The eldest daughter and Luo Lan smiled, holding the hose to continue watering the plants in the yard.

If Taisi knew that her father had arranged her like this behind her back, she would not know what she would feel, and she might be so angry that she would pick up a hammer and smash her father's laboratory.

This is the second time Luo Lan has come to Taisi’s home. Because of the previous living experience, Luo Lan is quite familiar with the program here. Under the leadership of Taisi, he went through all the venues. She was taken into her studio to visit.

"This is where I write specifically, and I don't usually let people come in."

"I should feel honored." Luo Lan smiled.

"Of course, after all, you are going to be the actor in my next book." Taisi smiled, her golden hair fell down onto the crimson coat.

As soon as she entered the studio, Taisi talked about her creative ideas for the next book without a break. Luo Lan listened with a smile, and from time to time made some comments on her settings. Several hours passed quickly. At this time, the outside world was falling, the city lights began to light up, and the prosperous West Capital soon fell into the colorful neon.

At dinner, Luo Lan met Taisi's mother, Mrs. Brives, and sister Bulma.

The Taisi family's appearance is very high, and the eight-year-old Bulma has the potential to be beautiful. At this time, this cute little girl is flashing her eyes to look at Luo Lan, as if she has forgotten who he is.

Mrs. Brives was even more enchanting. She asked Luo Lan which daughter she fell in love with. She also said that as long as she was dating her, she would marry her daughter, and even more so, Dr. Brives They weren't angry at all, and even joked together. In the end, it was Taisi's dissatisfied roar that the farce was considered to be over.

Dr. Brives and Mrs. Brives are really funny, maybe this is their way of life!

Thinking silently in his heart, Luo Lan smiled and said to Taisi: "What do you think of their proposal?"


"Marry me later!" Luo Lan said half-jokingly.

Taysi's expression was startled, she didn't expect Luo Lan to ask her like this. For a while, she fell into thinking. When she reacted, she saw Luo Lan's playful eyes and knew that she had been tricked, so she pinched his arm. , Exclaimed: "You also followed them to booze!"

"Just talk about it." Luo Lan said with a shrug.

At this moment, Tays’ younger sister Bulma cast a wary look at Luo Lan, "Hey~~ I want to stay away from you." After finishing speaking, she jumped out of her seat and ran towards the research room.

"Look, Bulma looks down on you."

Luo Lan said indifferently: "I'm not interested in little kids."

"..." Taisi suddenly widened her eyes.


Early the next morning.

The sky is clear and there is no cloud in all.

After Luo Lan got up, he exercised in the yard for a while, and then after talking to Taisi and the others, he headed towards Kailinta. After four years, there should have been several batches of fairy beans grown there.

When returning to Earth this time, Luo Lan certainly would not let go of the fairy beans there.

Frankly speaking, in recent years, Luo Lan's consumption of celestial beans has been violent. The more than 10,000 celestial beans that he snatched from the cat immortal were used up to find the Saiyan who was living outside. A little bit has been consumed in the gravity room, and now there are only four thousand fairy beans in his hand.

These numbers seem to be a lot, but in fact they can't stand his massive consumption!

Of course, simply grabbing fairy beans from the cat fairy is not enough. There is not enough motivation to promote it. The cat fairy cannot grow many fairy beans in a year, so Luo Lan plans to go to see the cat fairy. The gods in the temple.

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