Chapter 71:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan


Kailin Holy Land.

When he came here again, Luo Lan's mood had become completely different. When I came last time, I was just a small character with a little bit of strength, and I was thinking about Vegeta's side, so I didn't have time to appreciate the surrounding scenery.

Now that several years have passed, Luo Lan, who is proficient in strength, has no pressure on him, and when he looks around, he suddenly feels different.

I saw the huge basin where the Kailin Holy Land was sunken down and was protected by the surrounding mountains for hundreds of miles. The broad basin was covered with lush and towering trees, which were arranged in an orderly manner, dotted with dense branches and leaves. Intertwined with each other, the area of ​​more than 100 kilometers is like a wave of green ocean, full of vigor and spring.

Luo Lan speeded up against the strong wind. At this time, he did not use instant movement, but carefully savored the feeling of being integrated with nature.

At this moment, he realized that his mood had improved somewhat.

Soon, a line connecting heaven and earth appeared in the distance, and Kailinta appeared in front of him.

A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, Luo Lan squinted his eyes, his body straight up, and a few bitter whirlwinds blew up in the air. The white clouds were instantly rushed away, and that leaf soon disappeared into the blue sky. Among.

At the top of Kailin Tower, the cat fairy was lying on a bench sleeping, and a strong breath awakened it suddenly.

The cat fairy sprang up, and saw that a small figure appeared before his eyes.

"Oh, long time no see, you slept peacefully!" Luo Lan greeted the cat fairy.

The cat fairy raised his eyelids, and when he saw that it was Luo Lan, the hair all over his body instantly exploded, crying and crying: "It's you, why are you here again?"

Luo Lan said lightly: "Why, I'm not welcome."


The cat fairy opened his mouth and said nothing. It was already a little scared when he saw Luo Lan. Last time, it was this kid who robbed him of the fairy beans, which caused him to plant the fairy beans for a long time. This time he came again, and he won’t be attracted to him again. Something? !

Seeing the cat fairy panicked, Luo Lan secretly said that he was already on the opponent's blacklist. But it doesn't matter, he doesn't care about it at all.

"How many fairy beans have you planted in the past few years?" Luo Lan walked around, but couldn't find a place to grow fairy beans.

The cat fairy said with caution: "I won't give you fairy beans again."

Luo Lan chuckled and said seriously: "You will grow fairy beans willingly."

"Huh?" The cat fairy looked suspiciously.

Luo Lan didn't want to explain to the cat fairy, she pointed her finger to the sky: "The two people above have been observing me for a long time, and they should be able to determine the future direction of the earth."

When the cat fairy heard the words, he "cocked" in his heart, his face suddenly became nervous, "He really knows things about the gods."

The * of the sea is the pin of the sea on the entire earth, and it is related to the future peace of the earth. Once the * of heaven has an accident, the earth will lose the helm and fall into a chaotic situation where no one has the jurisdiction, so he must not have an accident.

As if seeing the tension in the cat fairy's heart, Luo Lan laughed, grabbed the cat fairy and jumped out of the Kailin Tower. Then a cyclone spurted from the bottom of her feet, Luo Lan led the cat fairy towards the Kailin Tower. Fly up.

"Hey, what are you going to do?" The cat fairy struggled.

"I don't mean anything else. I just want to cooperate with your gods. Of course, whether you can cooperate in the end depends on what you mean. I hope you are all smart people." Luo Lan squinted his eyes, and immediately picked up speed.

Pengpeng, passing through the thick thunder and lightning area, suddenly appeared in front of the blue sky.

In fact, the area where the gods live has been separated from the dimension of the earth and is in subspace.

Not far away, a magnificent hemispherical building with a bright red color floats leisurely in mid-air, and this color is particularly conspicuous in the vast and clear sky. The surface of the temple is engraved with complicated and strange patterns. There is a golden bump at the bottom, which is used to connect with the Kailin Tower below. Along the golden bump upwards, there is a narrow ladder for climbing. .

Of course, Luo Lan didn't need to climb a ladder. He jumped forward and led the cat fairy to the spacious temple square.

There, Tenjin had been waiting for a long time with a cane.

"Welcome, guests from afar, I have been waiting for you for a long time." The old voice of the ** of heaven sounded nearby.

The gods felt very helpless about Luo Lan's arrival. He originally thought that the other party would not come back after he left the earth. He didn't expect that in just four years, the child would come back.

"I know you, god."

Luo Lan glanced at the gods calmly. This Namek was already very old. The long years left deep marks on his cheeks, and at the same time, it wiped away the sharpness of his body. At this time, it looked like a withered tree. Old tree.

And standing next to the gods was the steward of the temple, Bobo, a strange guy who was so dark that he was indescribably dark, and he was dressed a bit like an Arab. At this time, he was staring ahead with copper coins.

"My child, who are you?" Tianjin couldn't help asking.

Luo Lan said: "Luo Lan, a member of the fighting ethnic Saiyan."

"Saiyan?" The ** repeated the name, his wrinkled forehead puckered deeply.

"The Saiyans are a well-known fighting nation in the universe. They used to sell planets to discourage all races. Of course, this is the same thing in the past. Now we don't do that."

"What the * did you come to earth for?" the * asked worriedly.

"Don't worry about my idea of ​​hitting the earth. To be honest, the earth is very inconspicuous in the universe. Even if you sell it, you can't sell it for a lot of money. In fact, the location of the earth has long been exposed by a universe overlord named Frieza. In my eyes, only because there is no use value, I have never started."

Luo Lan's expression was a bit disdainful, and he didn't know whether it was towards Frieza or the earth.

It was the first time that the gods had heard of such a thing. When they learned that the position of the earth had been exposed, his expression suddenly became dignified. This is definitely not good news for the earth.

The cat fairy and Bobo are the same, their faces changed.

"In that case, what has attracted you to come to the earth many times?" A hint of worry flashed in the eyes of the god, and there should be something on the earth that the other person would like.

"Because of fairy beans!"

Luo Lan didn’t mean anything, her eyes gleamed: “According to the division of the universe, the earth is just a small planet, plus there are no resources. Generally speaking, there will be no aliens. But there are accidents. Entering the earth, then with the defensive ability of the earth... it must be irresistible."

"And it just so happened that I found out that the fairy beans here are so magical that they can instantly recover from their injuries. It is a rare healing medicine. So we can make a deal. I will provide you with proper protection for the earth. In exchange, you will pay every year. A certain amount of fairy beans, what do you think?"

Having said this, Luo Lan paused, staring at the ** with piercing eyes, a majestic aura faintly exuding from his body.

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