Chapter 72:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Protection agreement

Feeling the pressure from Luo Lan's body, the face of the gods could not help becoming complicated. This was a choice with no choice, and the gods had no choice but to promise. Let alone a cosmic person who is far away in the universe and doesn't know when he will come, the child in front of him can't be easily dismissed.

Moreover, the majestic momentum that the other party radiated intentionally or unintentionally was telling him that he had better agree to it.

"How is the division of the planets you just mentioned determined?" With a helpless sigh, the gods took this opportunity to fill up the common sense in the universe.

"According to the division of the energy of life bodies on the planet, the planets with the highest combat power below 1000 are low-level planets, those with combat power between 1000 and 5000 are intermediate-level planets, and those with combat power above 5000 are high-level planets. There are very few high-level planets in the universe. There are not many mid-level planets, and most of them are low-level planets."

"So fighting power..." is another unfamiliar word.

Before the god’s words were finished, Luo Lan took out an energy detector from the other-dimensional space and threw it out. “This is an energy detector. It can detect the energy contained in a living body. Just press the button above to automatically Identify combat effectiveness."

Glancing at the lens-type energy detector in his hand, the ** hesitantly pressed the upper button, and suddenly a "beep beep" sounded, and numbers began to appear on the lens.

Point the detector at yourself, and the words "280" immediately appeared on it.

Luo Lan said: "Your combat power is 280. Of course, this is a normal situation. The detector can only detect the energy released by the creature, and based on intelligent analysis, supplement the state when holding the weapon. The hidden power cannot be detected. "

What Luo Lan said is not difficult to understand. After hearing this, the ** nodded and slightly strengthened his energy, and as expected, the data on the detector also changed. But no matter how it changes, there are still only a few hundred combat effectiveness.

According to the division method described by the Saiyan, the earth is just a low-level planet.

There was a sudden increase in tension in the heart of the gods, in case the earth was really discovered by, the location of the earth has actually been exposed, but because of insufficient resources, it did not attract the prying eyes of the universe. But it is definitely a stupid idea to pin one's own safety on the cosmic people's inattention to oneself.

There was silence for a while, as if weighing the gains and losses in his heart. After all, it is related to the life and death of the entire earth, and the gods must be cautious.

"You just said that as long as we take out the fairy beans, we can exchange for your protection, but do you have the strength to protect us?" The turbid eyes of the gods lit up.

Luo Lan froze for a moment, and glanced at the gods with cold eyes. The dark and cold eyes made the gods creepy, and he suddenly felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

"Of course, Saiyans are a natural fighting nation, and I alone can protect you." Luo Lan looked proud and confident.

Suddenly, a burst of exciting energy poured out like a dam bursting, and the overwhelming energy centered on Luo Lan, quickly swept the entire temple, a wall of air crushed, and the calm sky suddenly burst, the temple It began to shake violently.

At the same time, the energy detector in the god's hand was beating frantically, and the value continued to rise.

The value quickly froze at 13,700.

Feeling the overwhelming sky and the earth up close, as if it was transformed into a real aura in an instant. Whether it was the gods, the cats and immortals, and Bobo around him, they felt cold all over, as if a giant mountain was pressed against his body, and the blood in his blood vessels stopped flowing. , His face suddenly turned pale.

"Enough...enough, quickly converge your breath!" Tianshen's face was stiff, and he was able to stand firm by supporting his body with a wooden staff.

Seeing this, Luo Lan nodded in satisfaction, and then reduced her momentum.

"How, do you believe in my strength?"

"It's horrible, obviously not so good four years ago." Could it be that four years have allowed him to grow so much? The more they thought about it, the more shocked they became. The gods and the cat fairy looked at Luo Lan as if they were looking at a monster.

"The masters in the universe are like you?" Tianshen was bitter.

"No, the vast majority of life in the universe is still dominated by the weak. After all, there are billions of life on a planet like the earth, but there are only a handful of masters who can really be regarded as the whole universe. Naturally, the number of strong people is not very large. My strength should be considered passable in the universe, but it is not the top batch. You must know that a truly terrifying master, a breath and a sneeze are enough to destroy a planet, I It’s not even close."

Luo Lan shook her head very modestly, acting quite self-effacing. However, the information revealed in the words caused the gods and others to take a breath, and their eyes were filled with awe.

"The universe is too dangerous... It's better for the earth to have less contact with those people." The ** felt melancholy.

"Okay, let's get back to the subject, how many fairy beans you can provide in a year, according to the number of fairy beans, our Saiyans will determine the intensity of protection."

After hearing this, the gods turned their eyes to the cat fairy, and only the cat fairy could plant the fairy beans.

The cat fairy swallowed: "The output of fairy beans is only a few dozen per year. Even if I plant it with all my strength, it can only increase to 50 at most."

"This number is indeed a bit less." The god's old brow furrowed.

"Bobo can help plant it together. If the planting of fairy beans is transferred from Kailin Tower to the temple, the yield can be increased a lot." Bobo said.

"Together with both sides, the output can be increased to 150," said the cat fairy.

Although the quantity is still very low, this is the maximum capacity they can provide. It is necessary to know that every plant of fairy beans will produce four or five beans, and the yield is very low. If you can harvest 150 sen beans every year, minus some of them used as seeds, you can probably keep about 120.

"I don't know if so many fairy beans are enough?" Tianjin asked.

Luo Lan thought for a while, and said: "The number is really small. So, as long as you can provide 100 fairy beans every year, then I promise you that in the future, as long as enemies with combat power below 2500 enter the earth, I will be responsible for helping you eliminate them. ."

"2500 combat power?" The ** frowned and hesitated.

Originally, he thought that if his party provided fairy beans, the other party would fully protect the safety of the earth.

"Why is that not enough? You have to know that a cosmic person with 1,000 combat power can level the entire earth, and 2500 combat power is also a big master in the universe. Of course, if you have other resources, you can also exchange it with me." Luo Lan looked indifferent and said lightly.

The gods gritted their teeth and regarded it as paying the protection fee. Compared to before, the fairy bean had not played a big role. At this time, it was used as a "waste" use.

So the ** nodded and agreed: "I see, we will provide 100 fairy beans every year from now on, please protect the earth when the earth is in crisis."

"Of course." Luo Lan smiled heartily.

Immediately after signing the agreement, Luo Lan did not forget to search the fairy beans from the cat fairy again.

At this moment, there was a sudden distortion in the void of the temple, followed by a flash of brilliant light, and a girl with graceful charm and restrained aura came to Luo Lan's side.

It's Seferia.

"Where is this place?" After Seferia appeared, her eyes fell on Luo Lan. The thin air in the temple made her feel a little uncomfortable.

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