Chapter 75:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

No. 1 killer in the world

Luo Lan looked at the somewhat stubborn girl in front of him and couldn't help but smile. After asking the girl to take the food out of the basket, he let the other person leave. The girl bent towards Luo Lan and the others, then turned around politely, and exited with the big basket.

"People help the family at a young age, and they must be very virtuous when they grow up."

"Does your sentence imply that I am not virtuous enough?" Sephylia took a large bowl of food and placed it in front of him, and took a look at Luo Lan with bright eyes.

"Where, you think too much." Luo Lan quickly explained that if Sefilia misunderstands that she is not virtuous enough, then he will have to suffer. Fortunately, Sefilia does not mean that. Yaren is such a character, it is impossible for you to make me virtuous."

As he said, tasting the food in his hand beautifully, a drunken smile appeared on his face.

"Yes, the fighting nation can have a few virtuous people." Luo Lan shook his head and looked at his beautiful and moving sister, and ate as much as he wanted together...


In July, the clear blue sky, wispy clouds are not stained, among the rugged mountains, the greenery is verdant, and the distant mountains contain Dai.

As the morning sun gradually rises, the gentle sunlight penetrates the clouds, dyeing the white clouds with a beautiful cherry red, which looks full of life's brilliance.

On a winding mountain road, a car speeds wildly along the rugged mountain road. The driver of the car is wearing a hat on his head. At this time, he is holding the steering wheel tightly with his hands, and while driving the car, he looks back from time to time.

"Boss, we escaped here, maybe that person won't chase him?" In the back seat of the car, a masked man with a gun in his arms asked the driver.

The driver, called the boss, looked nervously in the rearview mirror: "Shut up, you know that this man is the number one killer in the world, and the person he targets has never escaped. We must stay away from crowded places. Going to live in seclusion in a remote town for a period of time, I don't believe that the other party can still find us."

"Oh huh!" The masked man nodded.

But at this moment, a stone pillar suddenly fell from the sky and hit the middle of the highway. The thick smoke suddenly aroused. The driver of the car saw it and slammed the steering wheel and slammed on the brake. With a bang, the car slammed into the rock wall on the side of the road under the effect of huge inertia, and suddenly turned the sky on its feet.

The driver and the masked man climbed out of the car, and when they were swearing, a thin-faced man came out from the smoke, with a sharp, dry cheek.

When the two saw this man, their faces turned pale, and their lips kept trembling.

"The number one killer in the world...peach white!!"

"Since you know that it is me, then you should know that there is no prey that I am looking at that can escape."

The icy voice of the thin man was chilling, he twisted his neck, and immediately made a crisp sound of "clicking".

This person is wearing a very representative costume, black tight trousers and top, a pink gown on the upper body, a big "kill" written on the left chest, the bright red color seems to be dyed with blood , It is chilling.

He is Tao Baibai who is called "the world's number one killer".

One of the best masters on earth!

Those who were targeted by him could not escape the fate of death.

"My lord, please let us go, we really don't want to die!" The voice trembling, the two didn't even have the courage to resist Tao Bai. Tao Baibai's face drooped coldly, "No, this is the employer's request. You two must die."

"In this case, I have no choice but to fight with you." Seeing that the hated boss and the masked man could not beg for mercy, he simply took out his pistol and aimed it at Peach.

Tuk tuk!

The half-inch fire snake continuously shot out from the barrel of the black hole, the smoke spread, and the bullets shot in white.

Tao Baibai saw this, a trace of disdain flashed in her eyes, her body flashed rapidly, and her swift figure avoided the bullet trail, and suddenly came to the two of them. Gently tapped a finger and touched them on their foreheads, and blood spattered suddenly, and ** holes appeared on their foreheads.

Looking at the two men killed by him, Tao Baibai said indifferently: "Trash, in front of me Tao Baibai is thinking of resisting, it's just wishful thinking."

If he was so easy to defeat, he would not be the number one killer in the world.

After sorting out the objects on the two of them, Tao Baibai took out the chase list and crossed out the heads of the two of them, then came to the side of the stone pillar in the middle of the highway, and picked up the stone pillar to prepare to project to the next destination. To Tao Baibai, no means of transportation can compare to a stone pillar he throws at will. It can be described as a pillar traveling the world.

At this moment, affected by the impact of the car just now, the steep rock was a little loose, and an orange-red glass ball rolled down from the crevice of the stone, and it happened to come to Tao Baibai.

"What is this?"

Picking up the glass ball and looking at it, Tao Baibai saw four bright red stars inside the glass ball, so she curiously received it in her arms.


The 30-centimeter-thick stone pillar soared into the sky, and Taobaibai's toes used her toes to catch up with the fast-moving stone pillar with the help of the "dancing technique".

But Tao Baibai didn't know, just as he was heading towards the next goal, the two most terrifying people on earth had already aimed at the bead he had just picked up and approached at an extremely fast speed.

"The dragon ball is still moving at high speed." Seferia glanced at the display on the dragon ball radar, but saw that a dragon ball was moving fast.

"Maybe someone has already got that dragon ball."

"Huh, then we have to speed up." In Seferia's eyes, Dragon Ball is already hers, and anyone else who dares to criticize it will be impossible for her. For this soldier who has been fighting blood on the battlefield since childhood, killing the opponent is the easiest way to deal with it.

"Let's go!"

Luo Lan glanced at Sephylia's slightly cold face, and said lightly.

He and Seferia didn't fly fast, but they still caught up quickly.

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