Chapter 77:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Monkey King

A few days later, on an overseas island, the surroundings were sparkling, the sea breeze was lingering, and the beautiful seascape was in view... On the sea near the land, sand gulls swept across the water at low altitude, spreading their wings and flying, a vivid and harmonious scene.

On this sea-surrounded island, Luo Lan and the others found the last dragon ball. When the seven dragon ** gathered together, the buzzing low groan continued to sound, accompanied by a sound like a dragon groan, the dragon ball Shine with dazzling golden light.

"Now you can summon Shenlong?" Sefilia looked at Luo Lan with both eyes.

Luo Lan nodded towards Sephylia, and when he was about to pile up seven dragon balls, he pulled Sephylia back a few steps and shouted at the dragon balls:

"Come out, Shenlong!"

As soon as the voice fell, a large black cloud floated in the sky, and the bright blue sky became pitch black in a flash. boom! The seven dragon ** burst into brilliant golden light, and at this moment, the fierce thunder sounded. The majestic thunder became more and more dense, and it was as magnificent as a galloping army.

Rumble! !

The golden flash of light is linked with the lightning in the sky, and the rich light is ejected from the dragon ball, gradually converging into the appearance of a dragon at high altitude.

It was the first time that Seferia summoned the Shenlong, and was shocked by the scene of the Shenlong appearance, and asked: "This is how the Shenlong appeared?"

"Yes, it's like the end of the world." Luo Lan looked calm, and he had not been astonished by the magnificent scene of the Shenlong appearance like Seferia had once experienced in a dragon ball summoning experience.

"Yeah." Seferia looked at her eyes earnestly, and there was some excitement between her brows. This kind of apocalyptic sight is really rare.

After a while, accompanied by a high-pitched dragon roar, the golden light turned into a green slender dragon, and its hundreds of meters long body was suspended in the sky, giving people a strong sense of oppression. Shenlong hovered high in the sky, looking down at the siblings below.

"Those who have collected Dragon Ball, speak your wishes!"

"Sister, go make a wish!" Luo Lan chuckled lightly, and asked Sefilia to come to Shenlong.

Sefilia nodded, and then took a deep breath, and said to the dragon, "Shenlong, please restore the planet Sarada in the distant starry sky to a form suitable for life." After that, Sefilia looked forward to it. Watching closely, she rarely felt nervous at this time.

"Restore the planet Salada, right? That's a very remote place!" Shenlong's blood-red eyes looked down, and the majestic voice was deafening.

"Can't it be achieved?" Seferia frowned.

Shenlong said: "No, this wish can be realized, but it will take some time, please wait..."

After all, the power of the earth's dragon is not comparable to that of Namek's dragon, Borunga. It will take a while for the dragon god's will power to be transmitted to restore the planet Sarada on the other side of the starry sky.

Om, with the blood-red light shining in the eyes of the dragon, the wish of the dragon contained in the dragon ball acts beyond the distant starry sky...

At this time, if someone stayed at the original site of Sharada, one could see that the asteroids floating in the deep space seemed to have been pushed by some kind of force and began to converge toward the center. Based on the planet Luo Lan and the others had encountered Guweisha, the size of the planet continued to expand, and then miraculously restored to life under the action of the Dragon God's wish.

I saw a strong breath of life spreading, forests and oceans continued to appear, vegetation grew wildly, and soon covered the barren mudflats... The yellow sand Gobi was replaced by rich grasslands, and various wild animals and plants began to evolve every second. It seems that a long time has passed. When the Dragon God's Will Power completed the transformation, a blue planet full of life and vitality appeared.

"Well, your wish has been fulfilled."

"Planet Salada has recovered?" Seferia asked in amazement.

"Yes." Shenlong's deafening voice echoed, "Human, your wish has been fulfilled, then goodbye!"

The dragon came fast and went fast. After fulfilling his wish, the dragon turned into seven dragon balls. The shining light hovered in the sky for a while, ready to fly to the world.

At this moment, Luo Lan's falcon-like sharp eyes glanced briefly, aiming at the four planet in the sky, and his body suddenly jumped up, catching it before the dragon ball was about to fly away.

After opening it, the dragon ball has turned into a fist-sized stone, waiting for the one-year recovery period to end before it can return to the dragon ball.

After seeing Luo Lan's actions, Sefilia asked in surprise: "What are you doing?"

Luo Lan said, "This dragon ball originally belonged to an old man. I plan to return it to him. By the way, he adopted a Saiyan who was living on the earth."

Now Sefilia was a little surprised, "There are other Saiyans on earth?"

Luo Lan nodded and said: "Yes, that is a low-level fighter, but the environment of the earth will forge him into a powerful fighter."

After Sun Wukong was adopted by Sun Wufan, he broke his head and became a simple and innocent child. In the future, he will continue to grow under the guidance of a series of martial arts masters such as Monkey King, Tortoise Immortal, Cat Immortal, Celestial God, and Northern Realm King, and eventually become the super master of Megatron Universe.

The reason why Monkey King is able to continue to grow stronger is that in addition to the help provided by the Saiyan bloodline, the guidance of the famous master and his innocent heart dedicated to martial arts also played a vital role.

Seferia believed that Luo Lan had the ability to predict the future, and thought that these were the futures he saw through abilities, so he asked with interest: "How strong can a lower-level fighter become, and will it surpass us?"

No matter how strong they are, can they be powerful? You must know that their siblings have the deepest martial arts on earth, and Sephylia has sufficient confidence in their own strength.

Luo Lan stared at her, saying word by word: "If there is no accident, that person will become a Super Saiyan."

When Seferia heard this, her face suddenly changed, "What you said is true?"

Luo Lan: "Of course, that was a Saiyan warrior who grew more and more frustrated. The earth is the most suitable environment for him to grow up."

Seferia smiled: "I am starting to be interested in him, what is his name?"

"The Saiyan's name is Kakarot, the earth's name is... Monkey King!"

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