Chapter 82:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Cenozoic (2)

"The once powerful Saiyan clan, now there are only a few hundred clan members left. If it weren’t for Lord Sefilia and Lord Luo Lan to transfer us to Kasha Xing at a critical time, perhaps the Saiyan clan would have been destroyed. ."

Naris closed the survey notebook that recorded the growth of the young Saiyan and said quietly.

Today is different from the past. The surviving Saiyans on Kasha Star are far from being as good as the Vegeta Star in terms of potential. In order to ensure the strength and prosperity of the Saiyans, they can only target the life of each Saiyan. And grow carefully.

Naris and the "Kom" mentioned in her mouth are the only Saiyans among the Saiyans transferred from Luo Lan who have the potential to be evaluated as intermediate fighters. They are also the first batch selected in Hertz. Receive the "breath" training, and first master the "breath" use fighters.

Naris, who has just grown up, now has a combat power of 2,400 and is a rare master among the younger generation.

Because he is relatively attentive, he is now assisting Herz to take care of the Saiyan fighters of Kasha Star.

The place where the ethnic group lives.

Rows of buildings full of Saiyan characteristics are lined up in a patchwork manner. From a distance, these buildings look like a block of large stones directly built, hollowed out in the middle, and windows on both sides, full of ancient primitive flavor.

In fact, the Saiyans have not always had much demand for housing, because when the fighting nations are performing their tasks, it is common for them to live and sleep. As long as they have fun fighting and adequate food, Saiyans will not care too much about other living conditions.

At this time, in the open space not far from where they lived, a dozen or so young Saiyans were under the leadership of Hertz, sweating and receiving training in new martial arts. They were ** with ringing bells, and when they moved, the bells would jingle, and then Hertz's stern humming would sound.

"Calm down your mind, relax your breathing, and feel the energy in your body seriously. Only by fully mastering the movement of energy can you exert stronger strength in battle."

"Pay attention to the changes in the airflow around you, and don't be fooled by your eyes. When you shoot, you must act steadily. The moment you shoot, you must predict the enemy's next move."

"Well, today's training ends here."

With Hertz's soft drink, the tense faces of a dozen Saiyans in the audience relaxed all at once, and then they whispered to discuss the effects of today's practice.

Herz squinted and nodded slightly. With his knowledge of Tianshen martial arts, he is extremely rich in "theoretical knowledge", and after several years of mastering it, he has been able to control his strength well. Now as an instructor, working hard to train the new generation of Saiyans. Although there are not many Saiyans who master the use of breath, these boys and girls in front of them are the most promising group of Saiyans.

"Evelivi, Uffia, you two enter the gravity room to practice, temporarily set it to 20 times the gravity, and the time limit is 3 hours."

Hertz said to the two Saiyan warriors who looked like girls in a kind tone, this is the treatment only for the students who perform best every day. But considering that super gravity is a great test for the body, Hertz strictly controls the time of practice for these new generations.

"Yes, Lord Hertz."

Saiyan girls named Evelivi and Uffia immediately smiled, and they knew they were about to reach adulthood by looking at their appearance.

Hertz's arrangement immediately attracted the envy of the surrounding teenagers.

"I'm so envious, after Eve Liwei and the others practice in the gravity room, their strength will definitely improve a lot."

"Their combat power is already close to 1,000!"

"Yes, it's already a lot ahead of us, and you can still accept the temper of the gravity chamber."

"If you are not convinced, go beyond them. As long as you excel in martial arts practice, you will be the one who enters the gravity room next time." Hertz condensed a face and said flatly. He was very happy to see Sai The demihumans compete with each other.


"Never give them any more opportunities."

Many Saiyan fighters clenched their fists to cheer themselves up.

Originally, in terms of their potential, reaching 1,000 combat effectiveness when they were adults was already very good-after all, during the Vegeta Star period, many lower-level fighters probably only reached more than 1,000 combat effectiveness in their lifetime. But after accepting the magical "breath" practice, they broke the limits of their bodies one after another, and their strength continued to rise. Three hundred, five hundred, six hundred, seven hundred, and a feeling of "the original 1000 combat power is nothing more than that" came into their hearts. .

The limit of combat power is no longer limited by the quality level, which was unimaginable before. The continuous breakthroughs of each soldier also gave these lower-level fighters great confidence.

"Master Hertz!"

At this moment, Naris appeared beside Hertz.

Seeing Naris coming, Hertz smiled and said, "How is the assessment of those children?"

Naris said: "All have passed the assessment."

Hertz said: "Then then we can teach them the practice of qi."

"I have asked Kerm to arrange it." Naris arranged for Herz in an orderly manner. Herz nodded in satisfaction, and Naris said again: "Master Herz, I think we should establish ourselves The team, after all, one day we will leave Kaxiaxing."

Saiyans are innately advocating fighting, so it is obviously impossible for them to live on a small planet.

Hertz also has this plan, but because Sefilia and Luo Lan have not yet returned, they can’t make up their minds: "You can start to form the team first. As for when to leave Kaxiaxing, you have to wait for Saifi. Leah, they will come back to talk."

"Yes." Naris nodded in response.

At this moment, the space in front of them suddenly appeared some distortions. After a while, two beautiful figures stepped out of the distorted space, it was Sefilia and Luo Lan!

"Master Sephiria, Master Luo Lan!"

Naris opened her eyes wide and shouted in surprise.

Luo Lan looked at the slender female Saiyan in surprise, he did not remember such a person among the Saiyans he had rescued.

"Luo Lan, you are back." Hertz smiled heartily when he saw Seferia and Luo Lan, and pointed to Naris and introduced: "Her name is Naris... you transferred from another planet. One of the tribe."

Naris said excitedly: "Hello, Lord Luo Lan, I'm glad to meet you."

"Oh, you are a girl at the beginning, and you have grown up after a few years." Seferia said indifferently, Saiyan will be in a childish state for a long time before he reaches adulthood. This Naris in front of her is saving her. She is still a little girl who has only grown up quickly in recent years.

Seferia had this kind of growth experience herself, so she quickly recognized Naris.

"Yes, Master Seferia." Naris looked at Seferia in reverence.

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