Chapter 87:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Great Ape Avatar

After spending an afternoon peacefully with Seferia, the body relaxed for a while, and then quickly plunged into hard training. The increase in combat effectiveness is the result of perseverance. If you do not exercise for a period of time, your body will become slack and combat effectiveness will naturally decrease.

The lessons learned from the original Bifan Nakano are right in front of him, and Luo Lan has no reason to look at him.



The silvery white moonlight shines on Luo Lan's body and dyes him with a light silver gray. Luo Lan found that it is more suitable for spiritual practice at night, and the vitality in the air is more easily captured by him...The brown hair on the tail is slightly erected. , There was a tingling feeling like an electric shock.

During this time, Luo Lan had already combed his body once.

The mind controls the vitality and nourishes the cells in the body. When it is strengthened to the tail, an accident happens—


A loud roar suddenly appeared in his mind, and the deafening loud noise trembled his mind, almost dizzying.

Luo Lan was shocked, and at the same time looking terrified, he realized that the energy in his body had actually begun to lose control. An angry roaring giant ape suddenly appeared in the deep consciousness of the brain. The giant ape is above the vast starry sky, like a towering and huge ** looking down on sentient beings. The brown hair is clearly visible, and the hideous face covers the sky. , As big as a planet.

In the vast and mighty world of consciousness, the surroundings were lifeless, dense dark clouds were close to the ground, and the thunder ** was endless.

I saw that great ape slapped his chest and yelled at Luo Lan. The awe- inspiring and domineering figure looked down from a height, arbitrarily releasing an endless tyrannical momentum.

Only that glance made Luo Lan feel a shiver.

The pupils suddenly tightened, and then slowly enlarged.

However, such a frightening scene came and went quickly. In about a second, the giant ape disappeared, and Luo Lan's mental consciousness was restored to peace. But the shocking scene lingered deeply in his mind.

"What the ** was going on just now, and the huge incarnation of the giant ape..." A trace of horror flashed in his eyes. Thinking of the scene just now, Luo Lan only felt a tremor in the spirit, pulling up his tail, and calming down a bit. .

"Is it because of this tail? The power of the great ape is hidden in the blood of the Saiyan. That power is far beyond my imagination."

Luo Lan has a feeling that the giant apes he transforms into a great ape during the full moon only exerts a very small part of the power of the giant apes.

That kind of majestic, terrifying, and invincible aura, even if it becomes the legendary Super Saiyan, it is nothing more than that! Luo Lan first realized that the Saiyan tail still had a lot to dig.

Huo Ran, he remembered the final battle between Monkey King and Big Devil in the original book. At that time, Monkey King was injured in his hands and feet and was dying. Finally, at the moment of punching and attacking, the energy of a giant ape appeared...

"Great apeization is only a Saiyan's use of the power of the tail, but based on the experience of the previous few years, the upper limit of the apeization should be only a hundred thousand combat power. If it becomes stronger, other methods need to be adopted."

"If I can make use of the power of the great ape incarnation I just saw, my strength will definitely achieve a qualitative leap."

But how can we use the utility of the tail?

Luo Lan frowned and fell into thought. The reason why he saw the incarnation of the great ape in his consciousness just now was because he stimulated his tail with the vitality of the planet Sarada... Gradually, he began to think, maybe he It is really possible to use the spiritual skills of the Star of Adrat, the cultivation of consciousness of the Earth Temple, and the vitality contained in the planet Sharada to refine or transform the power of the great ape as I said before to Seferia.

Once mastered this brand-new power, even if the Great Ape Transformation fails, even if he fails to become a Super Saiyan, his strength will change drastically.

Of course, this is a very long process.

The corners of her mouth rose slightly, Luo Lan's eyes became firm, and she immediately devoted herself to serious research.

Luo Lan has a very good savvy, this is the biggest gain he found after crossing into the Dragon Ball world. This understanding is not only reflected in the learning of martial arts. Innovating through the old and refining what you need is the best use to show your understanding.

As time passed a little bit, the white moonlight was spreading down, and the emerald treetops were glowing in the moonlight, and the grass on the ground was shining brightly, as if it was stained with mist.

The night time passed, Luo Lan stood up and scratched his head, the gain was not great.

"...It's really not that easy to master the power of the giant ape. Well, flat ground and high buildings need to be horizontal and vertical, brick by brick, and I should concentrate on repairing. Then...I should change the angle, First control the power of the giant ape, and then gradually guide the power of the giant ape into the body, and then touch the majestic power hidden in the blood..."

Thinking of this, Luo Lan suddenly paused, "Uh, isn't this approach the route of Super Saiyan 4?"

Luo Lan couldn't help but smile.

Of course, the so-called Super Saiyan 4 is not its real name, and Super Saiyan 4 is not the successor to Super Saiyan 3. Luo Lan prefers to call that state ape-shaped Saiyan, a form that is different from the super Saiyan transformation.

Super Saiyans, Ape-shaped Saiyans, and even Super God Saiyans, all go to the same goal, all in order to become stronger.

For the Saiyans of Universe Seven, ape-forming Saiyans may also be a good way to become stronger.

Luo Lan is determined to tap the potential of the ape-shaped Saiyan, and the first step is to control the giant ape-shaped transformation. This is what he has tried on the star of Yadrat, but unfortunately, Ya Star Dratt's mental skills were not very effective at controlling his sanity, so Luo Lan still avoided the appearance of the full moon during this period.


The Arctic glacier polar region of Sharada planet, the cold wind is cold, like a knife, it hurts the face.

On this extremely cold land, a crazy great ape banged his chest with a deafening roar.

The rumbling, blood-colored eyes scanned the square, a burst of energy burst out along with the roar, and the area of ​​tens of kilometers was destroyed, the glaciers melted, the sea water spread, and the extremely cold environment became hot and dry.

After a madness, the giant ape exhausted a lot of energy, and fatigue began to appear in his eyes.

"Thanks to the artificial moon technology taught by Sephylia, I finally managed to control the violent force caused by the great ape transformation." The great ape Luo Lan sat quietly on the melting glacier.

Luo Lan's combat power in the giant ape state reached 110,000 combat power, which is definitely not a small value, but according to his normal 15,000 combat power, the power after the giant ape transformation should be far more than this combat power. Sure enough, ordinary giant apeization has an upper limit, which greatly limits the power of the giant ape. In addition, although the giant apeization can also increase the strength, it will bring about a reduction in speed. Effectively attack the opponent in the battle, so the huge body will become the target of the opponent's attack, it is better not to transform.

The Great Ape Transformation is similar to the muscle shape transformation of Super Saiyan, with obvious shortcomings.

With this recognition, Luo Lan certainly knew that this state was not suitable for fighting, and would only use it to give it a go when he was dying and there was no other way.

Luo Lan fought with Seferia with great ape transformation, but the actual effect was not very good.

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